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How Can “Agile” Approach Really Revolutionize Customer Experience?

How Can “Agile” Approach Really Revolutionize Customer Experience?

Agile development has become the most commonly adopted methodology for the vast majority of developers now. But Agile refers to an approach that is not limited to software or app development. It is increasingly becoming part of building superior customer experience as targeted by any eCommerce development company and business websites.

Let’s understand a few basic things before explaining the role of agile web development or agile eCommerce development approach to make the customer experience better. While customer experience is central to the success of any business organization, agility endures fast responsiveness, delivering quick services and ensuring effortless and faster access to the information through a reliable interface. Meeting customer expectations at a faster pace is what an agile approach for the customer experience is all about.

5 Key Attributes of Agile Customer Experience

Agile customer experience can be best described with the following 5 attributes.

  • Listening to customers continuously, in-depth customer analysis and utilizing and sharing relevant insights for better customer service
  • Concurrent and continuous improvement in small and frequent steps
  • Undertaking initiatives that ensure real business value for customers
  • Ensuring collaboration and teamwork among professionals to create value and remain accountable to customers
  • Encouraging constant quest and curiosity to ensure innovation through questioning and learning.

Explaining Various Aspects of Agile Customer Experience

Let us now explain how companies utilize the Agile approach to make the customer experience better.

  • Agile Customer Listening

Getting customer feedback and getting insights about customer perception is key to satisfy customers. All sources of getting feedback and customer opinion ranging from the market research to getting feedback should be integrated into a holistic system of analysis to draw relevant insights about customer’s opinions.

  • Agile Decision-Making

An agile approach to governance and decision making should take into consideration all functionaries of a business and the business should convene a decision-making apparatus and environment that goes beyond the functional boundary to process all relevant customer data and insights into a fast-paced and responsive system of decision making.

  • Agile Prioritization

Based n the continuous feedback from customer data and insights a business should prioritize areas that matter most to customers. Based on these priority areas companies can take focused decisions to address certain concerns and meet customer demands. This approach helps a business stay well-grounded in customer feedback while taking decisions.

  • Agile Planning and Evaluation

Agile business planning takes a very flexible and scalable roadmap comprising various initiatives that can add value to the customer experience while always remaining open to change. Agile planning continues going through evaluation and can be changed as the demands of customer experience demands. Continuous improvement and quick adaptability to changes are two crucial parameters of agile planning.

  • Agile Execution

The agile approach to execution remains always open to iteration and changes besides being customer-focused, fast-paced and simple. By remaining open to continuous and fast iteration agile execution actually enjoys a higher degree of perfection and performance output.

The agile approach continuously brings forth the responsibility of remaining open to improvement through constant adaptability and iteration. An agile approach for the customer experience is actually about staying continuously alert and proactive to make things better for the customers.

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Written by Atman Rathod

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