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Frontend Development Trends That You Must Try in 2021

Frontend Development Trends That You Must Try in 2021

The Frontend of a website deals with the color and design of the webpage. It also includes the written contents and the consecutive images placed in them. The front end of a website is also called the client-side as it interacts with the user directly. But, designing and maintaining the front-end side is quite challenging. A Front-end Development Company deals with the client-side or user-side portion of a website. The constantly changing needs of society demand continuous developments and alterations. Therefore, some of the common front-end development trends of 2021 have been discussed below.

Popular Front End Development Trends for 2021

  • Active Micro Frontends
  • The micro frontend design delivers concise coding patterns for better bases, accessible projects, and autonomous utilization. The micro frontends follow a pattern like “division of labor” that segregates complex workloads into simple pieces. The individual micro frontends contain a one-of-a-kind specialty that collectively contributes toward end-to-end development.

  • Potential in ReactJS
  • Corporate giants like Facebook and Airbnb tackle interface problems with the help of ReactJS. Most developers from around the world prefer to use the software to design web applications. The ReactJS is simple to use as it requires fewer coding designs and operates with adequate speed. On the contrary, JavaScripts like AngularJS and Vue.js have also gained prominence. The former carries strong community support from Google, offers simple prototyping options, and has two-way data binding techniques. The latter provides a simple and swift user interface with reduced entry barriers.

  • The Power of JavaScript

The Power of JavaScript

JavaScript is gradually gaining public recognition and was identified as a renowned language in 2020. The program received new additional features and several software updates in the same year. Therefore, these upgrades have made JavaScript useful for different applications replacing CSS and HTML languages. However, one of its competitors, the Blazer, is gradually drawing the spotlight as it uses C# for the development of apps that run on browsers. Therefore, program developers can opt from a variety of alternatives to JavaScript for the purpose of client and server-side utilities.

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  • Avoid Getting Stuck with Jamstack

Jamstack offers secure protection, fast request responses, pricing optimization, and scalability. The program involves APIs including Markup and Javascript as a static-first web approach. The Jamstack application improves the dynamic request cycle of websites. Front-end developers can operate freely without being worried about backend operations.

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  • The Gorgeous Great Gatsby

The Gorgeous Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is a static generator of websites that support the development and optimization of PWAs. The Great Gatsby can enhance crawler visibility, security, and speed of the website. The program was the fastest developing framework and the majority on-demand static site generator for the year 2020. The Great Gatsby seamlessly combats against potential obstacles of search engines like SPAs or Single Page Apps.

The Importance of Front-End Development Services

The Importance of Front-End Development Services

There are a lot of similar front-end development services available in the market today. But the ones mentioned above stand out from the rest in terms of their performance. The front end of a website is important as it lets the user interact with the system and the site. Proper front-end designs can make a website appear more attractive and invoke general interests. Therefore, front-end developers have to focus on the design and the content of the website.

Artificial intelligence systems have had their presence for the past two decades. They have shown remarkable advancements over these years. The consequent developments in artificial intelligence enable applications to automatically evolve. For such purposes, algorithms or QA functions take on the hassle as the developers improve the design. For instance, chatbots can deliver wonderful customer experiences and improve the reputation of the company. These artificial intelligence systems offer round-the-clock services to customers. The firm gets to establish a better and healthy relationship with their new buyers through these chatbots. The lack of manpower behind these chatbots enables organizations to save their additional expenditure. These applications help firms to build and develop customer relationships.

Importance Toward Website Responsiveness

Almost every person in the world uses the internet to fetch or upload information. Hence, it is essential to focus on website responsiveness to ensure better functionality. Websites that respond to users faster generally attract public attention and preference. Front-end developers need to manage the response time of the website.

Website responsiveness is another important issue for front-end developers. A website that takes time to load itself and appears often ends up disappointing viewers. These people end up rejecting such websites thereby decreasing their popularity. Frontend developers can ensure swift website responses with reduced coding designs. Firms can hire full-time developers with their specialization over the client-side front end.

Sometimes software cookies might cause problems to customers. These applications can pose a difficult problem against the protection of user privacy. Some websites make use of cookies without the users’ awareness of them. CSS Animations or Web Animations API does not hinder the speed of the website. These applications play an important role in invoking users to divulge further to the site.

Program Add-ins that Can Improve Website Quality

According to the WAI-ARIA standard, the writing procedures for the patterns of accessible markups are gaining public prominence. The WAI-ARIA stands for Web Accessibility Initiative – Accessible Rich Internet Applications enhances access with semantics with added HTML characteristics. They affect only the data and information which comes by the access API of the browser. The present front-end development company makes use of the WAI-ARIA to ensure smooth user mobility functions.

The Lighthouse is a web page test from Google which helps to identify the speed of the website. Google’s Lighthouse test indicates the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking in Google. Websites made with the programming languages like CMS, Agility CMS and Jamstack, can generate better and higher score points in Lighthouse.

These add-ins can make the website run faster requiring less loading times along with swift responses. Users prefer to use these websites that save them a whole lot of their valuable time.


The front-end development trends in 2021 aim to deliver the best website designs. Appearance, dynamic animations, response-time, user privacy, artificial intelligence chatbots, etc, can contribute to a decent website design. Web developers need to remember that customers or viewers like to use an attractive-yet-efficient website. They need to use tools that improve the website’s responsiveness. Chatbots can also contribute to the quality of a website. Replying to reader or customer queries and problems can help to generate more traffic to the site. Developers need to keep such issues in mind when they design a website so that more people can visit them.

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