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A Complete Guide to Flutter App Development Cost in 2024

A Complete Guide to Flutter App Development Cost in 2024

Flutter, an open-source framework for developing mobile applications, has revolutionized how companies build mobile apps. To make the most of their app development, many companies are turning to Flutter. According to Statista, over 42% of developers intend to use Flutter for cross-platform development by 2021, making it one of the most popular development technology in use today.

Its rapid development process and flexible user interface are the main factors contributing to its success. As Flutter becomes more popular, a question arises: how much is a Flutter app development cost?

To help you decide whether to budget your project, we will cover everything you need to know about the development team and project complexity.

This blog will analyze the factors influencing the cost of developing a Flutter application.

Whether you’re an expert techie or just getting started, keep reading to learn the Flutter app cost.

Key Factors Contributing to the Cost of Flutter App Development

Key Factors Contributing to the Cost of Flutter App Development

While Flutter boasts a low development cost as one of its primary advantages, many other factors must be considered. The cost of developing a Flutter application is dependent on several factors.

Here is the list of key factors that influence the cost of a Flutter app development project:

Native versus Flutter App Development

It is necessary to consider each platform’s development time separately, which results in an estimation of total project costs. In this respect, Flutter’s single codebase reduces development time and costs.

The only limitation of Flutter is its inability to support all wearable devices and smart television platforms. Flutter, for example, does not support the remote control features of smart TV platforms partly because it operates only with mouse cursor movements or touchscreens.

Features Complexity

The complex features that you want to include in your mobile app will impact the total cost of development a lot. As the complexity of the features increases, the longer the development process will be. A mobile application’s features are a fundamental component, and their cost is directly related to their quality.

Developing a simple feature takes 4-5 days. However, it might take as much as a month or two on features like chat, video calls, payment integrations, and others. Depending on your features, you’ll need more or fewer developers. This results in increasing the cost of app development.

The Location of the Developers

The cost of developing a Flutter app and the overall development cost varies based on the developer’s location. Choosing to hire developers from Kuwait usually charge minimal or higher depending on your development needs compared to Australian and Western European developers.

Flutter developer hourly rates are usually lower in Eastern European countries. The reason for this is not so much because the quality of the work could be better but rather because there are not enough programmers available in those regions.

Developers you choose for the project

Flutter app cost is also affected by the type of hire you make when finding specialists:

  • Freelancers. This option has a lot of interest since you can cut development costs. As a result, with respect to Flutter app development services, there needs to be an assurance of the quality and proficiency of freelancers. Furthermore, they are disadvantageous to the support, updating, and maintenance business, as they frequently change projects and make it difficult to establish long-term relationships.
  • In-house teams. In House team are a most common team that works on the development project, depending on the skills. With this team at your access, you are responsible for coordinating the project development, searching for prospective employers, and verifying their qualifications. Coordinating with an in-house team entails additional expenses, such as hardware purchases, office rentals, sick leave, salaries, etc. Therefore, such conditions result in a significant increase in costs.
  • Outsourcing companies. Outsourcing a project involves handling it by a third party team of experts already assembled with proven qualifications. Using this option will allow you to save development investments and avoid compromising your product’s quality.

UI/UX Design

UI/UX design are the next crucial element that determines the cost of Flutter app development services. An important step for designers is to enhance the wireframes prepared during the disclosure phase with additional details or screens. Despite this, they keep doing mockups.

When using wireframes, you can examine the client flow and determine whether there are any potential enhancements. An essential objective of mockups is to show the complete visual design.

App Category

The app category in which your app will best fit is another critical consideration when determining your Flutter app development cost. Some app categories are highly competitive, containing thousands of applications in their niche, whereas others are less competitive and more accessible.

Those interested in learning more about the categories of apps in the iOS app store can check the Apple Category Page, and those interested in learning more about Android apps can check the Android App Category Page.

Developing certain app categories requires complex skills, such as gaming, watchOS apps, augmented reality, and so on, whereas others don’t require complex skills, such as Tools, Weather, and Productivity.

Additional Costs for Flutter app development

Third-Party Integrations

Integrations with third parties consist of tools and APIs that provide external functionality. There are several digital payment gateways, auto-filled forms, biometric verification options, and two-factor authentications.

In most cases, these integrations are based on subscriptions or pay-per-use. As a result, your use frequency will determine your cost. With time, increasing your target audience will result in higher costs.

Post-launch Maintenance and Updates

In most cases, you will be provided with free maintenance services for a limited period after app development. This is most often offered by reputable development. However, it is always best to hire a dedicated full-stack developer to get round-the-clock support.

Services such as these cost between 22% of the total development budget, so you must allocate money from your cash flow for them.

Average Flutter App Development Cost

Today, the average cost of creating a cross-platform mobile app ranges from $40,000 to $175,000 and can even exceed $400,000, keeping developers at $25 per hour. The cost of a flutter-based mobile application is considerably less than the estimates of a native app because it is possible to hire a flutter app developer for as little as $25 to $50 per hour.

Relatively simple apps, such as a fitness app containing exercise tips, meal plans, personal profiles, a weight diary, and a fitness profile, may cost anything from $30,000 to $50,800.

The price for developing a middle-complexity app, such as a messenger that can handle voice calls, in the Flutter environment ranges from $37,000 to $55,000. Apps with complex features like Instagram can cost between $50,500 and $65,000 to develop.

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What are the possible ways to Calculate Flutter App Development Cost?

The features of Flutter apps have the greatest impact on the cost of Flutter app development. When a project does not include native functionality, Flutter is a good choice. To integrate Maps, streaming, augmented reality, and background processes into Flutter, separate builds must be performed on iOS and Android.

Here is a breakdown of two crucial steps to calculate the cost of Flutter app development:


You need to plan the Analyze phase better otherwise this may result in the collapse of the entire project. With this step, you can establish the right vision for the future project, identify potential risks, and specify the business goals and scope you intend to accomplish.

With this step, you will gain a glimpse of the cost to develop a flutter app.


The estimation basically happens between the client and the software development team.

It is intended to give a rough idea of the duration and cost of Apps Built with Flutter Framework. In response to this, you will get an idea of the cost required for the development.

Additionally, this estimate includes all stages of the development process.

Ways to Cut on Flutter App Development Cost

If you rush into the mobile app development process without having the proper understanding of people ane cost, you may end up spending more.

Since no one likes to spend more than necessary, we will cover some tips on optimizing your Flutter app development costs:

1. Outsourcing Company

Flutter developers vary significantly depending on the developer’s location in different parts of the world, as you already saw. If you decide to outsource your flutter for web development to a remote location, you will get many benefits from that. The cost of developing a Flutter app can be reduced by outsourcing it to a development company.

2. Reducing Unnecessary Features

If you incorporate as many features and functionalities as you wish into your Flutter app, the development cost will multiply accordingly. Flutter app development costs can be reduced by beginning with the minimum necessary features of your app and adding features as the requirement or user demand dictates.

3. Agile Development

After your software development partners have begun working on your project idea, you may need to realize that the project cost has exceeded your expectations.

Agile software development is a sane way to maintain constant control over your project’s progress. During the development stage of Agile, you will be provided with feedback and reviews following each iteration. Using Agile development will allow you to control your costs and save the time and energy of your resources.

4. Flutter App Maintenance and Support

The advantages and disadvantages of the application can be evaluated after it has been launched. The deployment of a Flutter application on the Play Store is insufficient to satisfy the purpose because the application requires continuous maintenance based on user feedback.

build a flutter app for your startup


It can be a challenging process to determine the appropriate cost for your Flutter application development project. However, it plays a crucial role in ensuring your project’s success.

Several factors mentioned in the blog can affect the development cost of a Flutter application. Before contacting an agency for flutter app development, you should plan your concept, and identifying what you want and establishing a timeline will make the process much smoother.

An evaluation of your project will assist you in ensuring that it is completed within budget. By doing so, you will be able to maximize the value of your investment.

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