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How To Choose The Best Web Development Framework? 7 Choices to Consider In 2019

How To Choose The Best Web Development Framework? 7 Choices to Consider In 2019

A website structure basically consists of frontend or client-side and backend or see-side components. While the first basically takes care of the interface and the look and feel of the website, the backend takes care of all the server-side elements from behind suppose frontend elements. In the web development both the Backend & Front End Development Services play elementary role.

Upon the backend, website performance depends a lot. It is the server-side performance that the interface depends upon. Naturally, no website development company do away with the importance of backend development tools and skills. For backend development, there are several useful frameworks among which a few are immensely popular for their performance.

Some of the crucial considerations for choosing frameworks for backend development include ease of use, speed and performance, documentation and availability of community help. Here throughout this post, we are going to explain some of the most effective backend development frameworks that are used by web developers worldwide.


This flexible web development framework which is built using the core features of Node.JS along with a few of the principal web app development features. When web developers need a dynamic framework with a solid performance, Express.js comes as an ideal choice. The framework also offers a plethora of preset HTTP utility methods. Let us have a look at some of the key features of Express.js framework.

  • Express.js comes loaded with very powerful routing API that takes care of all the routing tasks in web apps.
  • The framework comes with expressive documentation to help to build advanced applications without any difficulties.
  • It is a highly matured framework offering great stability compared to other frameworks.
  • It is backed by a large supportive community of developers and offers a lot of helpful tutorials and guides from expert web developers.


Laravel is an open source, PHP based web development framework which follows MVC architecture convention. Used for thousands of successful websites for their server-side it enjoys great popularity among the web developers. Laravel comes loaded with a whole array of useful effective command line tools and functional help that make it very developer friendly. Let us have a look at the key features of the Laravel framework.

  • Laravel comes with a robust and well-equipped ecosystem offering an array of paid services for different web development activities including deployment, provisioning, and learning.
  • Laravel comes equipped with a whole array of packages that are either paid or comes with free support. There are several resources available including blogs, videos and different types of resources.
  • Laravel comes with a really equipped template system that by compiling raw PHP code can process the same quickly as soon as a server request is made.
  • Laravel comes with a large developer community with a lot of active help available online.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular and developer friendly web development frameworks which is built using Ruby programming language and is deployed on Linux. Ruby on Rails is particularly well known for offering a perfect coding environment allowing easy code compilation and testing. It also supports the MVC architecture enabling the developers concurrently adding code for both views and models.

Let us have a look at the key features of Ruby on Rails.

  • The framework follows the MVC convention which has become a standard for modern web development.
  • The framework comes loaded with a number of useful plugins and third-party add-ons that continuously add value to the development process.
  • The framework offers very detailed documentation to help developers with ready-in-hand guidance.
  • This web development framework works well with the vast majority of cloud hosting services and offers optimum compatibility.
  • With millions of developers all over the globe using the framework it enjoys huge support from a large community of developers.


It is a web development framework based on Python. It is particularly known for clean and practical design that can help users navigating and using a content-rich website. The framework is open source and thanks to its Model-View-Template (MVT) architecture it allows reusing the components in the development process. Let us have a look at the key features of this web development framework.

  • Django is a truly customizable framework allowing users to use different templates for a website dealing with a rich database.
  • The framework comes with comprehensive and thorough documentation which explains everything for the developers.
  • Django as a popular tool has the support of an extensive community of experienced developers.
  • Django follows a clear MVC convention to help developers following a clear path through the middleware, view and context processors.


Flask is an extremely lightweight framework built with Python language. The framework without using tools or libraries is capable to run web apps by getting integrated with the device platforms. It offers extensive documentation and support based on Unicode to help developers and project analysts. Flask is already used across several leading community websites and apps including Pinterest and LinkedIn. Flask also comes with the current framework state that allows modifying with the extended code for adding the required features. Flask comes as a very flexible framework with robust performance.

  • Flask comes with RESTful request dispatch which is capable to allow inter-network interoperability.
  • Flask is a very flexible framework allowing developers a lot of freedom of choice in performing their tasks.
  • As one of the most popular python based web development frameworks, Flask offers a lot of resources for the developers including libraries, guides and tutorials.
  • Flask comes with comprehensive and detailed documentation and tutorials to guide developers through various challenging projects.
  • Flask allows quick development of prototypes using all the available tools just after the installation is complete.


Phoenix is a backend development framework that works with Virtual Machine (VM). By utilising the resources more effectively the framework can support a lot of users simultaneously. It is a performance-savvy framework that follows the MVC convention. Let us have a look at the key features of the framework.

  • Phoenix is a good framework for building aesthetically appealing and cool looking websites.
  • Phoenix is a fast-paced web development framework that is capable to process requests within just millisecond of response time.
  • Phoenix offers comprehensive documentation and all round help for the developers including community forums, GitHub community and help from the official website.
  • Phoenix also comes equipped real-time API to allow real-time media streaming across the mobile, web and all other embedded devices.
  • Phoenix is also a very reliable framework thanks to its process supervisor capable to restart any process after the failure or crash.


Pyramid is a web app development framework which is unique for its pay-per-use model. While the framework is available with some free common basic tools it allows a lot of value additions with extra cost. The framework is lean, performance savvy and built for high-speed rendering. Let us have a look at some of the key features of Pyramid framework.

  • Pyramid is equally a great framework for small and large web development projects across the niches.
  • High-speed rendering and performance is a key strength of the framework.
  • Pyramid is a very flexible framework that allows building small apps with ease and at a rapid pace. Pyramid has also been used for tremendously popular and enterprise-grade apps like Dropbox.
  • Thanks to its default template engine developers can easily build templates suitable for a variety of backend priorities.
  • The framework comes with extensive documentation to help developers with guidance all through their projects.
  • A large community of developers is always reachable for any help during the project.


In the above description, we have come across many of the most popular and extensively used frameworks for backend web development. You can utilise them to the benefit of your development project whenever you wish. These frameworks are increasingly becoming popular because of the tremendous performance boost and agility they ensure in development projects. In this respect, it is to be noted that all the above-mentioned frameworks are not equally effective and efficient for all sorts of projects. An experienced developer always can take a call as what framework to use and what not to use.

Are you really feeling confused about choosing the right backend framework for your web development project? You need experts to tell you what technology stack and frameworks can be ideal for your web development needs? Feel free to drop us a message and let us respond to your queries at the earliest.

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