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Top Features of Mobile Apps for Foldable and Large Screen Devices

Top Features of Mobile Apps for Foldable and Large Screen Devices

In 2019, after Samsung released the Galaxy Z Fold, everyone understood that a new trend had come about in the marketplace. Searching for a mobile app development company like CMARIX?

In the upcoming years, foldable devices will push modern smartphones, tablets, and even laptops out of the game, as believed by the experts.

It is a huge time to begin exploring the latest technology standing behind the Android foldable if you need to keep up with the latest trends and innovations. We are about to explore the process of building applications for foldable in this entire article.

About Foldable Devices

About Foldable Devices

Devices that come with either a fold in the display or a hinge that separates two portions or typically halves of the display are widely known as foldable devices. The devices which have a hinge might have the ability to span content behind the hinge. The Microsoft Surface Duo in its spanned mode is a great example.

Dating back to the year 2008, the term foldable devices was in the marketplace when Nokia introduced the Morph concept. There is a huge availability of flexible OLED displays which can be folded into a double-size full-screen display. This is one of the distinctive characteristics.

The users are provided with a far better and more immersive experience with foldable devices. Samsung Galaxy Fold is the most vivid example of these devices. By the way, the Samsung Galaxy Fold is now available for purchase. The technology is however predicted to be more popular amongst the manufacturers of smartphones and tablets.

According to Statista, over fifty-five million foldable smartphone displays will be shipped in 2025, in fact. We are here to discuss some of the basics of building applications for foldable devices. Searching for a mobile app development company in Los Angeles like CMARIX?

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App development

How Are Foldable Impacting Application Development?

Impacting Application Development

The foldable technology seems really exciting from the point of view of the users. However, there is no clear understanding of how it will impact mobile application development. Already quite a notable impact has been put forward by the technology. Already a lot of companies are exploring the latest technology.

Here we discuss some of the changes and the benefits that foldable devices bring to the application development process.

Estate Is Extra For The Screen

– there is always the main idea behind the foldable devices. All of these are providing the users with a really immersive experience. Thanks to the availability of a large screen, all of this is highly possible. The foldable technology turns two screens into a single and big one.

The Size Is Small

– users are always required to make a choice between a compact form factor and a big screen. This is the news today. However, they get all of these in a folded device. The foldable smartphones can always provide double the screen size of the traditional device.

The Content Types Are New

– there is always the availability of additional screen estate. The creators should be able to release new formations of content that will take full usage of the added screen size, thanks to this.

Extravagant Features

– limited screen size is present in modern smartphones. This does not allow to fit all of the needed features. It will certainly be possible to create multi-screen applications that will provide the users with a lot of features on a single screen with foldable devices.

There will be foldable tablets and smartphones that will take over the world of such devices one day. Also, they will obviously bring about loads of opportunities.

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Building Apps For The Foldable Have Their Own Challenges

Make sure we should know about the several challenges in the way before ultimately diving into the development of an application for foldable smartphones. The following factors need to be rightfully considered in order to build a high-quality and absolutely user-friendly foldable application.

Primary Quality

The development of apps for foldable devices is not a walk in the park and nobody is saying that. You will always need to keep in mind that foldable phones must provide several different orientations. From traditional smartphones, they have a different aspect ratio.

The user expectations always remain the same anyway. When using the app, they need to have a glitch-free experience all the time. You are required to know how exactly to develop applications for foldable smartphones. Otherwise, the application might be doomed.

Several Types of Testing

Solutions that are foldable are provided with a bigger number of several usage cases as well as scenarios. There will not be any bugs that are hiding in the background. To make sure of this, you are required to need to test every single feature and also the possible usages scenario. This will ultimately result in more hours and also the costs that are spent on QA or the quality analysis.

There is the testing of the multi-window applications as well.

Time And Cost For The Higher Developments

Suppose, someone decides to build an application for foldable devices. They can also wish to make an existing application compatible. Definitely, you will be taking the solution into a totally new space. You will be required to design, develop as well as test the app for a great number of modes and also multiple use cases.

You shall also be working with higher expenses and the required time for the developments.

Tweaks and Changes

Hire full time developers from CMARIX. Next, the application is launched to the market. You shall be required to make a whole number of changes that are based on received user feedback. Ultimately, this is essential if you already have an app and need to make it compatible with foldable devices.

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