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Boost Your Business Conversion With A Redesigned Mobile App

Boost Your Business Conversion With A Redesigned Mobile App

As per the current statistics derived from Statista, the mobile phone users volume will reach a staggering figure of 4.9 billion by 2018.More than half of these users will use smartphones by next year. Naturally, the competition in the app market is experiencing an all-time high. Stiffening competition among the apps became the order of the day. So, it is no longer enough to roll out a feature-rich and sophisticated app with smooth performance. To stay ahead of the competition, you need to deliver more and better. As every Mobile App Development Services India is striving for perfection, you need to think out of the box to ensure a competitive edge. The simple conventional standard of performance and design is no longer enough.

While the importance of UI/UX stands out to ensure steady success and traction, you cannot stay in your comfort zone by relishing on the merit of your app design for a long time. When the design fails to garner traction as it did before, you need to give the app a fresh breath with a new design. This is precisely why most strategists and app makers give so much importance on app redesign to ensure steady business conversion.

When asked about the role of the redesign, the UX designer at StumbleUpon Asher Blumberg said

Adopting cutting edge technology is no longer enough. To deliver a real breakthrough experience, you need to take the evolving experience into consideration

What he possibly meant is that a UX design can only be refreshingly new when the changing user experience is taken into account.

Why Redesigning is A Necessity For Successful Mobile App?

You have designed your mobile app UI right. You have followed all conventional standards and benchmarks. And it was doing quite well when you launched the app. But down the line in a few months, the conversion rate became sloppy and you are worried about what really went wrong. That’s when you realised probably users have developed a fatigue with your app UX. It is no longer alluring anyone with something fresh and new. So, you are considering a complete redesign. But wait, there can be other reasons for redesigning as well. With a redesign, you may want to jump on the ladder of growth. Let’s look at some key reasons for opting for an app redesign.

  • Your Competitor Gained Through It

    Competition is also about learning from the competitors. When you have known that one of your competitor apps really hacked the growth and visibly experienced great conversion rate, you may not want to stay behind with a design that already looks outdated.

  • A Whole Breed Of New Products On Offer

    Are you launching a new product or service? Do you think it can garner a higher traction and user engagement if you just come with a refreshingly new UI? There is no better time for the launch of a new product to coincide with an app redesign.

  • Declining Or Stagnant Rating And Bad Reviews

    If you declining to rate for your app or just see the rating to remain stagnant, you need to be on high alert about your app. In the same way, if the majority of reviews shows your app in a bad light, you must look for things that went wrong. Sometimes, it is just a fresh new design that can bring your app back on track.

  • Give A Fresh Boost To New User Acquisition Drive

    In spite of having a steady user base, the business is continuously experiencing a steady downturn. This is the experience of too many mobile apps. Don’t you need in such times a fresh user acquisition drive? Well, a fresh UI/UX design tuned to the design taste of the time can make your app more appealing for new users.

Some Bright Examples Of Apps That Gained Through The Redesign

Over the years, the redesign has contributed to the app success of many brands. These examples can really be inspiring for your new app redesign initiative. Let us have a look at a few of these examples.

The USA Today Network with a fresh redesign of their website not only ensured a faster download time, but they also made the overall user experience more uniform.

One of the brightest examples is the popular social platform for image sharing Instagram. With a new look and feel Instagram experienced huge growth in the user volume for the past few years.

The leading ride-sharing app Uber also made the user experience faster and more effortless with a fresh new UI design. It takes less effort now to book a ride through Uber.

WhatsApp also incorporated few design changes in the manner of emoji inputs and few UI elements that apart from making it look more appealing, made it funnier to interact.

How Redesign Can Boost The Conversion Rate?

While there is a widespread perception that redesigning can significantly boost business conversion, it is always advisable to understand the way it can really do so. Let us explain in brief some of the key ways redesign can really boost the conversion rates for the apps.

  • Better Usability

    When the app is redesigned as per the latest UI standards and trends, besides improving the aesthetics and appealing look of the app it positively affects the usability of the app as well.

  • A Refreshing Look

    After all, a refreshing look is what can quickly attract new users long before they actually try to evaluate and measure the aspects of usability. With a beautiful UI, the app can generate quicker traction and engagement.

  • More Personalized User Experience

    Like most apps these days are capable to gather more specific and precise user information, they can tweak the user experience with more personalized elements. From using themes as per user preference, making available tools that user needs to personalized notifications, in multiple ways the UX redesign can be more user-centric and personalized.

  • Performance Enhancement

    Most users these days like effortless performance and lightning-fast loading speed. A slim and minimalist design devoid of unnecessary visual as well as cognitive overload can boost the speed significantly and intuitive design elements can push for more effortless traction.

How to Make Your Redesigned App Shine Through?

Finally, after the redesigning your app must shine through in the terms of higher user engagement, increased new user acquisition, better rating and reviews, and enhanced business conversion. Do you have any clue about how to make this happen? Well, let us explain here.

1. Focus on Ease of Use

These days you no longer refer to a gamut of advanced or complicated features as sophistication. In most cases, it is actually just the opposite. The simplicity actually remains the key to the sophisticated user experience. This is why a simple UI focused on ease of use is more effective than a design full of grandeur and least usability.

2. Deliver a Personalized Experience

To enhance user engagement there is no better way than to deliver a personalized experience for each individual user. Just by knowing your user’s preferences and specific demographic data, you can cater to every individual user with personalized UI and UX elements. You can allow users to choose themes as per their preference and allow them to choose preferred timing and frequency for the notifications they receive.

3. Focus On Usability As Per Latest Standard and Trend

Finally, the biggest focus area for any Mobile App UI/UX Design Services is the usability of the app. You need to ensure they can quickly start using the features and can access contents and functions contextually when they need them.

4. Boosting The Call-to-Action (CTA)

Finally, it is the Call to Action (CTA) elements that help any app to convert business. Your redesign initiative should focus on making the CTA buttons larger for easier finger-tap and more eye-catchy for grabbing quick attention. By boosting the CTA design in look, size and feel an app can easily enhance traction and engagement.

5. Boosting The Performance

As the app continues to get heavier with new contents and an increase in traffic, it tends to get slower over time. From the slower loading speed to longer waiting time to access a content or function, the performance of an app suffers over a period of time. This is why a new redesign of the app looks really promising for boosting performance. Finally, a thorough app testing will reveal the performance boost that your redesign initiative helped to achieve.

Do you want to give a fresh look and feel to your old app? We can guide you regarding your redesigning needs and how to plan it. Just let us know your query and we will engage with you at the earliest.

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