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Benefits of Amazon DynamoDB

Benefits of Amazon DynamoDB

For handling Data storage requirements in the IT World, you need to depend upon the Database management systems (DBMS). Huge amounts of data are created every day on the World Wide Web via web and business applications and a large section of this data is handled by relational databases. This makes unavoidable, the need to deal with unstructured data which is non-relational and schema-less in nature. For DBMS it turns into a genuine matter of concern to provide the cost effectively and fast Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) operation as it needs to manage the overhead of joins and maintaining relationships amongst different data. Therefore a new structure is required to deal with such data in an easy and effective way. And NoSQL is one such Solution to handle unstructured BIG data in an efficient way to provide maximum business value and customer satisfaction.

NoSQL( Not Only SQL) database provides a technique for data store and retrieves other than the tabular relations used in relational databases.NoSQL technology was used by such websites like Facebook, Google, Amazon, and others who required database management systems that could write and read data anywhere in the world, while scaling and delivering performance across massive data sets and millions of users.There are many NoSQL services, all with their own benefits and features. Amazon DynamoDB is one of the topmost NoSQL Database.

Amazon DynamoDB is the most prominent NoSQL cloud database provided by Amazon AWS Web Development Services. It is a completely managed NoSQL cloud database platform to store, process and access data to support high performance and scale-driven applications. Amazon DynamoDB is a fast and flexible NoSQL database service for all applications that need consistent, single-digit millisecond latency at any scale. It supports both document and key-value store models. Amazon DynamoDB has an ability to scale and have a flexible schema, which means users can easily change how data is structured and run multiple queries against it.

Modern web-based applications often face database scaling challenges with the growth of customers, data as well as an increase in traffic. With the help of Amazon DynamoDB NoSQL Database Service, developers scaling cloud-based applications can store data on Solid State Drives and reproduce it over various AWS accessibility zones for offering integrated accessibility and durability. Enterprises use DynamoDB to support a variety of use cases, including advertising campaigns, social media applications, tracking gaming information, collecting and analyzing log data, and online business.

Here Are Various Key Benefits That Helped Make Amazon Dynamodb into a Giant

  • Scalability and Performance

Using Amazon DynamoDB, Developers can combine incremental scalability and high performance with the ease of cloud administration, reliability and table data model and thus can meet the customer demand. It can scale the table assets to a large number of servers on various Availability Zones for addressing storage need. In addition, there is no specific limit to the quantity of data that a table can store. As a result, any amount of data can be stored and retrieved and Dynamo DB shared data across more servers with the increase of data stored in a table.

  • Cross-region Replication

It enables you to maintain identical copies as replicas of a DynamoDB master table in one or more AWS regions. Once you enable cross-region replication for a table, identical copies of the table are created in other AWS areas. Any mode of changes in the table will be consequently propagated to all replicas.

  • TTL (Time to Live)

TTL is a process that gives you an opportunity to set a specific timestamp to delete expired data from your tables. Once the timestamp expires, the relating item is marked as expired and is subsequently deleted from the table. By using this functionality, you don’t need to track expired data and delete it manually. TTL can help you reduce storage usage and reduce the cost of storing data that is no longer important.

NoSQL database service

  • Fine-grained Access Control

Fine-Grained Access Control gives a DynamoDB table owner a high level of control over data in the table. In particular, the table owner can specify who can access which data or attributes of the table and perform what actions such as read-write or update. Fine-Grained Access Control is used in combination with AWS Identity and Access Management, which manages the security credentials and the related permissions.

  • Stream

Using the DynamoDB Streams, developers can update and receive the item-level data before and after data are changed. DynamoDB Streams provides a time-ordered sequence of data changes made in a table in the last 24 hours. You can access a stream with a simple API call and use it to keep other data stores updated with the latest changes and take actions based on it.

  • Data Model

DynamoDB uses three essential data model units, Tables, Items, and Attributes. Tables are collections of Items, and Items are collections of Attributes. Attributes are basic elements of information, such as key-value pairs. In DynamoDB, tables do not have fixed schemas associated with them. An item in DynamoDB requires a Primary Key. If you want to find the exact data on the table than the Primary Key must be unique.

Amazon DynamoDB is a managed NoSQL service with strong consistency and predictable performance that shields users from the complexities of manual setup. Amazon DynamoDB maintains high performance and cost efficiency for every kind of Web application ranging from small or large. You can save users from the complexities of a distributed system with the strong consistency and predictable performance of DynamoDB. With a strong ecosystem, Amazon DynamoDB has become an always thought about the option when considering building your Web-based application.

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Written by Atman Rathod

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