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App Development Using iBeacon Technology

App Development Using iBeacon Technology

Have you heard of iBeacons? It’s not part of the coffee-table discussion yet, though it will be in some an opportunity to come. There are a lot of stuff Apple works upon and a significant number of these are under-the-implementation, affecting how the technology works.

iBeacon technology, trademarked by Apple for an indoor positioning system which runs on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). This innovation was known as a new class of low-powered, minimal effort transmitters that can inform nearby devices of their presence. They can likewise be utilized by the Android operating system as well. This enables the device to send push notifications in close accessibility. Bluetooth Low Energy matters to individuals who utilize iBeacon devices in their stores.  Mobile apps on compatible devices are able to recognize for signals from beacons placed in the physical world and then trigger an experience via the application. For example things like sending a notification, coupon, video, form, URL or other forms of media that are relevant to a person’s exact location.

Usage of IBeacons

There are two main elements in every iBeacon system: the transmitter which is altered in a place and your iPhone with its Bluetooth ON which behave as the recipient

  • iBeacons do not track your area like, a GPS application. iBeacons just distinguish when you get into a specific zone where the iBeacon transmitter exists. For instance, if you’re going to any store, iBeacon would work only if you have the iBeacon-compatible app of that store installed. Note that you don’t need to have the application running in the background. Regardless of the fact that you quit the application totally, iBeacons will still work and trigger the activity. The alternative solution for stop getting a notification is that you can turn off Bluetooth of your phone or delete the corresponding app.
  • For instance, you are in a mall, with every other store using iBeacon and transmitting promotional offers, coupons or other notifications of discounts and your smartphone is continuously barraged with push notifications and alerts. It sounds exceptionally irritating, isn’t that so? The best guess is that Apple may utilize an application which will enable you to get notifications from a list of your favorite
  • It might be simple for you to understand what else can be accomplished through iBeacon. A dress store equipped with iBeacon will have the capacity to read your device’s presence before a specific dress. The store might trigger a notification welcoming you to use the device to perceive how that specific dress might look on you. Eventually, the system which gives you different limited-time offers and guides you through a store can also be used for payments of the purchases.

Scope of iBeacons:

iBeacon devices along with iBeacon Mobile App development have opened up the vast scope of opportunities.

  • Providing information when users are near accessible points. The data/information can also be customized based on date, time, weather and location
  • iBeacon can be utilized as a standalone or in the group to gather numerical data and flow. For instance Number of cars entering a car park
  • A teacher’s device can also transmit the content to student’s devices automatically when inaccessibility area.
  • iBeacons could be used to automate mechanical processes, like manage lights on & off, auto check-in while entering the airport or station.
  • iBeacons helps in gathering information on end of session or review after a visit to a historical place
  • iBeacon devices offer seamless on the spot payments to customers in restaurants, hotels or anywhere
  • iBeacon can also be used to schedule instant meetings and sharing the details with other peoples in the conference room

With mobile app-based start-ups growing at unprecedented speed iBeacon might just be the element required to provide a competitive advantage to your mobile application. iBeacon is a promising step towards an essential and productive industry, it is exciting to know how this new innovation will shape the way custom applications improve our daily experiences.

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Written by Atman Rathod

Atman Rathod is the Founding Director at CMARIX InfoTech, a leading web and mobile app development company with 17+ years of experience. Having travelled to 38+ countries globally and provided more than $40m USD of software services, he is actively working with Startups, SMEs and Corporations utilizing technology to provide business transformation.

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