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A Definite Guide To Build Contactless Delivery App Development

A Definite Guide To Build Contactless Delivery App Development

Imagine coming home after an entire day of work, you are hungry, and there is no food; you are too tired to go out or make your food. What if you could have your food ready without doing anything at all within an hour so? Just by clicking that app which you might have on your smartphone to order food. Have you ever wondered how much does it cost to build a contactless delivery mobile app?

We love to stay in our house’s comfort and order our choicest things from the leading e-commerce website; whenever the order is placed, we have two options.T he first option being that we could pay for the product on the day of its arrival through cash on delivery, and the other option is to go for instant payment online. The former option was in operation for the longest time, while the latter eventually became a more favourable option for many people.

Especially in the face of the devastating time, when the Corona pandemic outbreak destroyed most countries’ economic and social infrastructure, pickup and delivery service apps proved to be one of the things that helped the people immensely.

Mobile App Development Services Company India were highly responsive to any query or assistance to help the people or industry-specific professionals. They wanted to do something to alleviate the grievances of the people. In such a situation, the demand for contactless delivery apps also increased. Particularly, the contactless delivery apps’ demand grew exponentially, as the countries’ government declared a Lockdown for an indefinite amount of time.

Food, groceries, medical supplies, household supplies are the necessary items, which at that time couldn’t be availed anywhere except via e-commerce websites. A leading technology company, Apple has a modern operating system called the iOS operating system for its mobile devices. If there were any requirements to hire iPhone app developers in India, the brand or company had plenty of options to choose from to better suit their projects.

Speaking of brands or companies, due to the lockdown, they suffered an inescapable economic crisis, which could have continued unless there was no other option. But fortunately for them, opting for a non-contact delivery service became a necessity for the e-commerce companies to follow the instructions declared by the government wherein zero touching for safe product delivery was implemented.

What is Contactless or No-contact Delivery?

No-contact Delivery

The name itself indicates the meaning of the words; contact delivery signifies that there is no direct contact with the customers, employees, delivery partners, etc. Contactless delivery is also known as “non-contact delivery” or “zero contact delivery”. When the social distancing norm was announced, the companies followed the norm by delivering the supplies and products directly to the customer’s house without necessarily having to come face to face with the customers for the payment.

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In What Way does the Contactless Delivery App Work?

Contactless Delivery App

To maintain the revenue ratio and not incur any unprecedented loss, it is wise to streamline the business operations as per the demands and situation of the current time. All the delivery business owners began using the contactless delivery system to ensure the consumers’ health and safety. In this app’s account, the consumers don’t require to call someplace, they need to browse through the products, order them, pay for them online, and the products will be on the way to their destination. Step by step run-through of the process would be:-

You need to visit the website or open the app.

Look through the items as per your desire; this is just like when you go shopping in any store; choose what you want to order.

Upon selection, click on the contactless delivery option.

Now proceed to pay for your products using a card or any other third party system of payment.

You will be able to track your order’s delivery progress; opt to receive the notification or calls from the delivery executive.

Lastly, receive the order at your doorstep.


Features of the Contactless Delivery App

To be able to use the app properly, it is helpful to understand the essential features of the contactless delivery app, which are:-

  • User Registration and Login:

This is the first and foremost step in a contactless delivery app. A new user needs to register in the app, while the old user can log in. Some users like to register, but If someone doesn’t like that, then they can opt to add social media links. Choosing to sign up via one of the social media accounts is very common.

  • Geolocation Integration:

Geolocation Integration

Many companies want to hire mobile app developers in India; they know that geolocation integration is an essential feature of the contactless delivery app.This feature enables the customers to check the delivery location while they are waiting for the delivery.

  • Multiple Payment Gateway Integrations:

There are several options to pay for your purchase; it is both secure and hassle-free; additionally, this option lets the customer make the payment and helps the client determine the desired operating system and desired payment options for a timely delivery.

  • Discount and Gift Cards Coupon:

Gift Cards Coupon

This is a feature that provides discount and gift card coupons to the customers, additionally helping to attract the customers towards their business.

  • Custom Features:

Above mentioned are the significant features, apart from those you can add custom features. You can develop your applications by using different APIs to function more smoothly. You can also add few other features such as notifications to inform the clients about the orders, process, delivery etc.

How Much does it Cost to Build a Contactless Delivery App?

If you have wondered about how much it cost to build a contactless delivery app, then you will get your answer here. There are several kinds of contactless delivery mobile apps, depending on the specific type of contactless delivery app, its complexity, number of features to be included, the necessary integration with other smart devices along with the platform. These are a few of the deciding factors to create a contactless delivery app.

The estimated cost of building a contactless delivery app is fifty thousand to sixty thousand roughly. Ultimately the amount will be decided based on the complexity of the features that you would like to add in the mobile app along with the interface of the app. With time the cost of contactless delivery apps has increased or decreased.

Final Takeaway

The contactless delivery app is going to get more eminent with time; it will serve to provide uninterrupted customer service, maintaining hassle-free accessibility, convenience and affordability. The potential to grow its customer base without compromising on its service delivery. So if you are looking to hire mobile app developers in India, there are many with their respective expertise to carry out your vision.

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