AngularJS is a leading JavaScript framework which has a very rapid adoption in the development community globally. The initial release was back in 2009, but it gained traction towards the end of 2012 when there was a rise in MVC based JS implementation. AngularJS is created by Google which is one of the essential reason for its popularity.

Software development fundamentals include developing solutions in a systematic manner which are scale-able, clean, performance-centric and secure. With MVC advantage, Angular development provides a very systematic approach to implement your web application. Development community across the globe is focusing more and more on tailoring applications with sanity. In other words, developing every piece of software with the future in mind makes the process of enhancement, upgradation and changes much easier and not complex.

Following are a few of the many benefits which you can avail by using AngularJS for your business:

1. MVVM Architecture:

AngularJS is having MVVM Architecture which stands for Model-View-ViewModel. It is a robust foundation to design applications, whereby Model is the data in the application. ViewModel helps to maintain specific views & View is basically the HTML code that is available once the AngularJS has parsed and compiled HTML to include markups and bindings.

2. Declarative User Interface:

HTML is being used to define user interface while implementing AngularJS. HTML being declarative language is very intuitive & structured as compared to defining the design using standard JavaScript. Few of the imminent benefits are:

Comparatively less likely to break as compared to JavaScript Special attributes, as it provides the selection of related elements, provides overall simplification in an approach to implementation.

3. Two-way Data Binding

Two-way data binding is among the most prominent feature of AngularJS. In other words, any changes to View it updates the model and vice versa. Moreover, any changes to the user interface are immediately reflected in the underlying data model and vice versa. Hence, Data model can function as a core unit based on which view of the application can rely. Two-way data binding is possible in other data frameworks but with AngularJS the implementation is made seamless.

4. Leverage By Writing Less Code

AngularJS provides an overall benefit whereby you can do more with less. With the declarative user interface, two-way data binding, POJO data models and filters you need to write less code which brings about more productivity & reduces the overall complexity of the project implementation.

5. Unit Testing Ready

AngularJS is all for Test Driven Development (TDD). Quality is the biggest challenge of the software industry which is being overcome by effective manual & automated testing processes. In AngularJS, the code that is written in JavaScript is verified with a number of tests. With AngularJS the code written in JavaScript comes through a series of tests. By following testing best practices, you ensure that the overall performance of the software is improved.

In the fast-changing technology times, your business should benefit from the latest technologies. Your choice for technology should always consider the latest advancements and keep the future perspective of the system. AngularJS is among the technologies which should definitely be explored and implemented for your business needs.