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Strategic Partnership Between Smart Shuttle and CMARIX: Revolutionizing Children's Transportation

Smart Shuttle, a visionary in children's transportation, partnered with CMARIX to transform and optimize their transportation tracking apps. Recognizing the need for a safe, efficient, and user-friendly solution, Smart Shuttle entrusted CMARIX with the design and development of their mobile and web platforms. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies like Flutter, CMARIX crafted an ecosystem that prioritizes the safety and convenience of children's rides to and from school. This collaboration has not only elevated Smart Shuttle's services but also reinforced CMARIX's reputation as a leading technology innovator in the Transport & Logistics industry.

Steering Innovation: CMARIX's Tailored Approach to Smart Shuttle's System Design & Development

Comprehensive Consultation Process

  • Understanding the Needs:

    CMARIX began with an in-depth analysis of Smart Shuttle's requirements, understanding the unique challenges in Doha, and aligning with the vision of the project.

  • Stakeholder Engagement:

    Engaging with all stakeholders, including school administrators, parents, and local authorities, to ensure that the system would meet their needs.

  • Strategic Planning:

    Crafting a strategic plan that considered both immediate needs and long-term scalability.

Agile Development Approach

  • Iterative Development:

    Utilizing an Agile methodology to allow for continuous feedback and improvements throughout the development process.

  • Quality Assurance:

    Rigorous testing and quality checks to ensure the system's reliability and performance.

  • Collaboration with Smart Shuttle:

    Regular collaboration and communication with the Smart Shuttle team to ensure alignment with the project's goals.

Post-Implementation Support

  • Training and Education:

    Providing comprehensive training to users and administrators to ensure smooth adoption.

  • Ongoing Support and Maintenance:

    Offering continuous support and maintenance to ensure the system's long-term success.

Customized System Design

  • User-Centric Design:

    CMARIX focused on creating a user-friendly interface that would be accessible to parents, school staff, and drivers.

  • Integration with Existing Systems:

    Ensuring seamless integration with existing school management systems and other relevant platforms.

  • Compliance with Local Regulations:

    Designing the system to comply with Doha's specific regulatory requirements, including safety standards.

Solutions to Specific Challenges

  • Real-time Tracking Solution:

    Developing a robust real-time tracking feature that provides accurate location information.

  • Affordability and Sustainability:

    Implementing cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions to address economic and sustainability concerns.

  • Cultural Sensitivity:

    Considering cultural aspects unique to Doha in the design and communication strategies.

Leveraging Technology and Innovation

  • Utilizing Cutting-Edge Technologies:

    Employing the latest technologies to ensure a state-of-the-art system.

  • Innovation in Solutions:

    Bringing innovative solutions to address the unique challenges of implementing shuttle services in Doha's educational sector.

Engineering Excellence: CMARIX's Technical Approach to Smart Shuttle's System Design & Development

Mobile and Web Platform Development

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility:

    Utilizing Flutter to ensure seamless performance across Android and iOS devices.

  • Responsive Web Design:

    Crafting a web platform that adapts to various screen sizes and devices.

Payment Integration

  • Secure Payment Gateway:

    Integrating Amazon Payfront to facilitate secure and convenient transactions.

  • Subscription Management:

    Creating a system for purchasing and managing subscription plans.

Database Management

  • Data Migration to MongoDB:

    Ensuring a smooth transition of all data to a MongoDB database.

  • Robust Data Security:

    Implementing stringent security measures to protect user data.

Integration with Third-Party APIs

  • Chat Communication Integration:

    Integrating third-party APIs for chat communication within the app.

  • External System Compatibility:

    Ensuring seamless integration with existing school management systems and other platforms.

Scalability and Performance Optimization

  • Load Balancing:

    Implementing load balancing techniques to handle increased user traffic.

  • Performance Tuning:

    Regularly monitoring and optimizing the system for peak performance.

Real-time Tracking and Mapping

  • Custom Algorithm for Ride Routing:

    Developing a unique algorithm to display ride routes on maps.

  • Integration with GPS Services:

    Implementing real-time GPS tracking for accurate location monitoring.

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design

  • Intuitive User Interface:

    Designing a user-friendly interface with clear navigation and accessibility features.

  • Personalized User Experience:

    Implementing user profiles and customization options to enhance user engagement.

Multilingual Support

  • Language Selection System:

    Enabling support for both English and French to cater to diverse user preferences.

Quality Assurance and Testing

  • Manual Testing:

    Conducting thorough testing using manual checks to ensure functionality and performance.

  • Compliance Testing:

    Verifying adherence to local regulations and safety standards.

Post-Deployment Support

  • Continuous Monitoring and Updates:

    Providing ongoing support, monitoring, and updates to ensure the system's reliability.

  • User Training and Documentation:

    Offering comprehensive training and detailed documentation to facilitate user adoption.

The Process & Timeline

The website design process typically involves several stages and can vary in duration depending on the complexity of the project. Here is a general timeline of the website design process

  • Requirement and Documentation (Week 1 - Week 4)

    Product Backlog Creation

    Stakeholder Meetings

    Mindmap Creation

    Epics and Themes Definition

    Sprint Planning (for subsequent phases)

    Definition of Done (DoD) Criteria

  • Design and Prototyping (Week 5 - Week 10)

    Sprint 1:System Architecture Design

    Sprint 2:UI/UX Design and Prototyping

    Sprint 3:Technical Design and Security Planning

    Daily Standups

    Sprint Reviews

    Sprint Retrospectives

  • Development and Implementation (Week 11 - Week 22)

    Sprint 4 to 8: Incremental Development (Frontend, Backend, Integration)

    Code Review

    Code Refactoring

    Pair Programming

    Test-Driven Development (TDD)

    Burndown Charts

  • Testing and Quality Assurance (Week 23 - Week 26)

    Sprint 9: Unit and Integration Testing Sprint 10: UAT, Performance,

    Security Testing

    Manual Testing

    Regression Testing

    Acceptance Criteria Validation

    Definition of Ready (DoR) for Deployment

  • Deployment and Maintenance (Week 27 - Week 28)

    Sprint 11: Staging Environment Testing and Deployment Planning

    Sprint 12: Production Deployment and Post-Deployment Review

    Continuous Deployment

    Monitoring and Support

    Ongoing Maintenance (Kanban approach)


Wireframe Design

  • wireframe-one
  • wireframe-two
  • wireframe-three
  • wireframe-four

Architectural Excellence and Core Technical Innovations: Unveiling the Backbone of Smart Shuttle's Platform

Core Architecture Design

Three-Tier Architecture

  • Presentation Layer:

    Utilizing Flutter for cross-platform mobile development, this layer focuses on the user interface and user experience, ensuring responsiveness and accessibility.

  • Business Logic Layer:

    This layer contains the core algorithms and logic for ride routing, tracking, payment processing, and user management. It's developed using Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS, ensuring optimal performance.

  • Data Access Layer:

    Leveraging MongoDB as the primary database, this layer handles data storage, retrieval, and security. It ensures seamless data flow between the application and the database.

Microservices Architecture

  • Modular Design:

    The system is designed as a collection of loosely coupled, independently deployable services. Each service corresponds to a specific functionality, such as tracking, payment, or user management.

  • Scalability and Flexibility:

    This architecture allows for easy scaling and modification of individual services without affecting the entire system.

Integration with External Systems

  • API Integration:

    Utilizing RESTful APIs to enable communication between different parts of the system and integration with third-party services like Amazon Payfront and chat communication APIs.

  • External System Compatibility:

    Ensuring seamless integration with existing school management systems and other platforms through custom APIs.


Core Technical Features and Functionalities

Real-time Tracking and Mapping

  • GPS Integration:

    Implementing real-time GPS tracking for accurate location monitoring of school buses.

  • Custom Mapping Algorithm:

    Developing a unique algorithm to display ride routes on maps, providing parents and administrators with real-time visibility.

Security and Compliance

  • Data Encryption:

    Implementing robust encryption techniques to protect user data and payment information.

  • Regulatory Compliance:

    Ensuring that the system adheres to local regulations and safety standards, particularly concerning children's transportation.

Payment and Subscription Management

  • Secure Payment Processing:

    Integrating secure payment gateways for handling transactions.

  • Subscription Plans:

    Creating and managing various subscription options for users, including individual and company admin plans.

User Profile and Customization

  • User Profiles:

    Allowing users to create and manage profiles, including personal information, ride preferences, and payment methods.

  • Customizable User Experience:

    Providing options for users to customize their experience, such as language selection and notification preferences.

Performance Optimization

  • Load Balancing:

    Utilizing load balancing techniques to distribute traffic and ensure smooth performance during peak usage times.

  • Caching Mechanisms:

    Implementing caching to reduce latency and enhance the responsiveness of the application.

Multilingual Support

  • Language Localization:

    Enabling support for multiple languages, including English and Arab, to cater to diverse user preferences.

Visual Design

  • visual-one
  • visual-two
  • visual-three
  • visual-four

Empowering Mobility: CMARIX's Development of Key Features for Smart Shuttle's Multi-Faceted System

Key Features and Workflow

Registration Screen

  • Functionality:

    Allows users to create profiles by providing email, password, and other personal information.

  • Workflow:

    User input validation, data encryption, and integration with the backend database.

Checkout Screen

  • Functionality:

    Facilitates secure payment transactions through card information.

  • Workflow:

    Integration with Amazon Payfront for secure payment processing, transaction confirmation, and receipt generation.

Track Screen

  • Functionality:

    Allows users to track their child's rides on a map, view pick-up/drop details, and status.

  • Workflow:

    Real-time GPS tracking, map rendering, and status updates through custom algorithms and data synchronization.

Ride Creation Screen

  • Functionality:

    Enables users to create rides, including start and end points, package selection, repeating rides, and preferred drop-off time.

  • Workflow:

    Integration with Google Maps for route selection, custom algorithms for ride path derivation, and real-time updates on estimated drop-off time.

Pick-up/Drop Screen

  • Functionality:

    Enables users to confirm delivery receipt and provide feedback.

  • Workflow:

    Integration with the tracking system, feedback collection, and storage in the database.

Profile Screen

  • Functionality:

    Allows users to edit personal information.

  • Workflow:

    User data retrieval, editing options, validation, and update in the database.

Ride Management

  • Functionality:

    Enables school administrators to manage and monitor all rides, including scheduling, tracking, and reporting.

  • Workflow:

    Integration with the ride creation system, real-time tracking, reporting tools, and data analytics.

User Management

  • Functionality:

    Allows administrators to manage user profiles, including parents, children, and drivers.

  • Workflow:

    User data retrieval, editing options, validation, and update in the database.

Payment and Subscription Management

  • Functionality:

    Manages payment transactions and subscription plans for individual and company admin plans.

  • Workflow:

    Integration with payment gateways, subscription plan creation, management, and reporting.

System Oversight

  • Functionality:

    Provides a comprehensive view of the entire system, including users, rides, payments, and feedback.

  • Workflow:

    Real-time data synchronization, reporting tools, and analytics.

Performance Monitoring

  • Functionality:

    Monitors system performance, including load balancing and caching mechanisms.

  • Workflow:

    Continuous monitoring, performance tuning, and optimization.

Security and Compliance

  • Functionality:

    Ensures data security, encryption, and compliance with local regulations.

  • Workflow:

    Implementation of security protocols, encryption techniques, and regular compliance checks.

Backend Development

Technology Stack

  • Framework:

    Codeigniter Version 3.1.10

  • Database:


  • Database:


API Development

  • RESTful APIs:

    Developed to enable communication between the frontend and backend, as well as integration with third-party services like Amazon Payfront and Google Maps.

  • Custom APIs:

    Created for specific functionalities, such as ride tracking algorithms and payment processing.

Real-time Tracking Integration

  • GPS and Mapping Algorithms:

    Backend support for real-time tracking, including GPS data handling, custom mapping algorithms, and synchronization with the frontend.

Security and Compliance

  • Data Encryption:

    Robust encryption techniques to protect user data and payment information.

  • Regulatory Compliance:

    Backend measures to ensure adherence to local regulations and safety standards.

Database Management

  • Data Structure:

    Organized to handle user profiles, rides, payments, subscriptions, feedback, and other essential information.

  • Security:

    Implementation of robust encryption and security measures to protect sensitive user data.

  • Scalability:

    Designed for scalability to handle growing numbers of users and data volume.

Payment Integration

  • Amazon Payfront Integration:

    Ensures secure and reliable payment transactions, including card information handling and transaction confirmation.

Performance Optimization

  • Load Balancing:

    Backend configuration to distribute traffic and ensure smooth performance.

  • Caching Mechanisms:

    Implementation of caching to reduce latency and enhance responsiveness.

Monitoring and Support

  • Continuous Monitoring:

    Regular monitoring of system performance, security, and compliance.

  • Ongoing Support and Maintenance:

    Providing ongoing backend support, updates, and maintenance to ensure long- term reliability and success.




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Main Color

  • #50C7E7
  • #F6861F
  • #000000
  • #2F3541

Tech Stack


  • Mobile Development: Flutter (for cross-platform compatibility)

  • Web Development: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

  • UI/UX Design Tools: Adobe XD, Sketch

Quality Assurance and Testing

  • Manual Testing Tools: Postman, Swagger


  • Framework: Codeigniter Version 3.1.10

  • Programming Languages: PHP, Kotlin (Android), Swift (iOS)

  • Database Management: MySQL

  • Server Configuration: Apache, Nginx

Third-Party APIs

  • Payment Integration

    Amazon PayfrontFor secure payment processing and transaction handling.

  • Language Localization

    Google Translate APITo enable support for multiple languages, including English and Arabic.

  • Mapping and Location Services

    Google Maps APIFor route selection, ride path derivation, and real-time location tracking.

  • Cloud Services

    Amazon Web Services (AWS): For cloud hosting, storage, and scalability.

  • Security

    OAuth 2.0: For secure authentication and authorization.

  • Communication

    Twilio: For SMS notifications and alerts.

    Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM): For push notifications on Android and iOS devices.

  • Analytics and Reporting

    Google Analytics: For tracking user behavior and generating insights.

    Mixpanel: For advanced user analytics and segmentation.

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