RoadSpace Mobile & Web platform is specifically designed as a booking management product for space on highway where roadworks are taking place. This platform is integral part of highway construction facilitating complete co-ordination between highway workers, project managers and control room across different projects. Client wanted to have a easy to use Android mobile application for highway workers, a robust admin panel for control room and enterprise architecture – designed to scale.

UI/UX was one of the most important aspect of this project since we have to ensure that the end users have minimal learning curve on how to use this software as they would be mostly non-tech savvy users.

CMARIX has designed and developed the Microsoft DotNet core based web application for control room admin, super admin and Native Android mobile application for road workers from where they can manage their bookings for construction services according to their requirement and timeline. Road worker and control room admin can have a real time chat using the mobile and web application respectively. Control room admin and super admin can see the real time location of the road worker which have been assigned to particular bookings.

Client's Requirement

Our client, who is from United Kingdom is domain expert in managing Highway construction projects and saw a huge gap of co-ordinating the process and people execution. That’s where the idea of RoadSpace platform originated and together with CMARIX it’s a successful launch

The company wanted to establish a platform which can help control room admin and road workers to manage their bookings, have real time chat, get real time location of the road workers, issue reporting and resolving, managing users, graph analytics, content management and much more. Our client wanted to create a simple and elegant user interface where control room admins can register and manage their road workers, project managers, sub admins, bookings, road worker assignment to the bookings.


  • User Management

    Super Admin can manage all the users of the portal and mobile application. Control room admin can also manage their project managers, sub-admins, road workers after approving the user account by the super admin. Full user management capabilities and control.

  • Organization Management

    Super Admin can manage the organizations to which road workers are associated.

  • Booking Management

    Super Admin can manage all the bookings and have full access to modify the booking details if required. Control Room Admin and Road Workers can manage their bookings and assigned bookings respectively and also have a real time chatting if anything while booking is on-going.

  • Analytics

    Super Admin can check and export the several analytics from the portal.

  • Real-time Chatting

    Control room Admin and Road workers can have real time chatting from web and mobile platforms respectively.

  • Real-time Road Worker Locations

    Super Admin and Control Room Admin can see the real time location of the Road Workers while booking is on-going in Google map section.

  • Issue reporting and resolution

    Road workers can report an issue from their mobile and Super Admin can resolve and update the status from the Super Admin portal.


The fonts were chosen with an eye to readability and classNameic elegance. The typefaces complement each other while providing a clear visual hierarchy.
















Four core brand colors are used to create a minimalist, user- friendly interface that draws the eye to important functions and tools.

Key Challenges

A great software platform can be defined as an idea designed for maximum impact’. Our main target, while developing this product, is to strike the right chord with the target audience. When it comes to developing a successful web and mobile application there are a number of factors defining that success.

There are four biggest challenges that web application creation entails.

  • Real-time chatting between mobile and web platforms.
  • Real-time messaging read/unread counts.
  • Real-time message, reporting an issue, booking etc. notifications to mobile apps.
  • Real-time locations of road workers from mobile and display into the web.

Key Results

After completing our competitive development process we have successfully delivered the expected platform with fulfilling all the requirements especially booking management, Real-time chat, Real-time road worker locations, and real-time notifications to the mobile application.

Wireframe design

Custom Dashboard

Mobile App Design

Tech Specs

  • .NET Core 2.2

  • MySql

  • Linux & Apache

  • English

  • All device supported

Third Party & Pulgin Tools

Google Location APIs For displaying road worker real time location on google map and address location suggestion dropdowns.

Firebase For real time chatting between road worker and control room admin and sending real time notifications to the mobile device.

Highcharts For creating several graph analytics for the Super Admin.