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From Concept to Creation CMARIX's Journey with Monsterbass

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Collaborative Ideation

CMARIX began with a series of brainstorming sessions with the Fish Measurement team, ensuring that the vision and goals of the project were aligned.


User-Centric Design

Recognizing the diverse user base, CMARIX prioritized a user-friendly interface, ensuring ease of use for both novices and professionals.


Agile Development

Adopting an agile methodology, CMARIX ensured that the development process was iterative, allowing for feedback and refinements at every stage.


Integration of Advanced Technologies

CMARIX harnessed cutting-edge technologies to ensure precise fish measurements, incorporating features like image recognition and data analytics.


Global Standards Adherence

Keeping in mind the worldwide challenges, CMARIX ensured that the app adhered to global standards for fish measurement.


Feedback Loops

Throughout the development process, CMARIX maintained a continuous feedback loop with the Fish Measurement team, ensuring that the app met all requirements and expectations.


Quality Assurance

Rigorous testing was conducted to ensure the app's functionality, accuracy, and reliability, ensuring that users received a flawless experience.


Continuous Support & Updates

Post-launch, CMARIX provided continuous support, ensuring that the app remained updated with the latest technologies and features.


Technical Blueprint

A detailed technical architecture was laid out, focusing on scalability, robustness, and integration capabilities.

Swift In Action The Backbone of the Fish Measurement App

fish measurement

Swift-centric Development

Leveraging the power and efficiency of Swift, CMARIX ensured a seamless and high-performance experience for iOS users.

Modular Architecture

Adopted a modular architecture approach, allowing for easy scalability and feature additions in the future.

Image Recognition

Integrated advanced image recognition algorithms to accurately measure fish from user-uploaded images.

Data Synchronization

Implemented real-time data synchronization, ensuring that user data is consistently updated across devices.

Interactive UI/UX

Utilized Swift's rich UI libraries to create an interactive and intuitive user interface, enhancing user engagement.

fishing leader board

Secure Authentication

Integrated robust authentication mechanisms, including biometric authentication and OAuth, ensuring user data security.

Push Notifications

Integrated push notification services to keep users informed about challenges, updates, and other relevant information.

Offline Capabilities

Developed features that allow users to measure fish and save data offline, which gets synchronized when online.

Custom Animations

Utilized Swift's animation libraries to create custom animations, enhancing the app's visual appeal.

Error Handling & Debugging

Implemented advanced error handling mechanisms to ensure the app's stability and reduce crashes.

Third-party API Integrations

Seamlessly integrated third-party APIs for additional functionalities, such as weather updates, location services, and social media sharing.

Structuring Aquatic Metrics The Technical Foundation of Fish Measurement

  • fishing feed
  • fishing feed details
  • remark page
  • fish gallery

MVC Design Pattern

CMARIX adopted the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern, ensuring a clear separation of concerns, enhancing code reusability, and simplifying maintenance.

Database Management

Integrated a relational database system, ensuring data integrity, consistency and efficient query processing. This supports features like user profiles, fish records, and challenge data.

Security Layers

Adopted multi-layered security protocols, including SSL/TLS encryption, secure API endpoints, and token-based authentication to safeguard user data.

Caching Mechanisms

Implemented caching mechanisms to enhance app performance, reduce server load, and provide users with faster access to frequently used data.

Modular Codebase

The codebase is structured modularly, allowing for easy feature additions, updates, and maintenance without disrupting the app's core functionalities.

Localization & Internationalization

Given the app's global user base, provisions were made for localization and internationalization, ensuring that the app caters to users from different regions and languages.

Image Processing Engine

Integrated an advanced image processing engine to analyze and measure fish from user-uploaded images with high precision.

Scalability Provisions

The architecture is designed with scalability in mind, allowing for easy expansion as the user base grows and new features are added.

Error Handling Framework

Developed a robust error handling framework to identify, log, and address potential issues, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Anatomy of the Fish Measurement App CMARIX's Technical Brilliance

  • monsterbass fish app
  • monsterbass app
  • fish profile app
  • fishing work

AI-Powered Fish Recognition

Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, the app can accurately identify various fish species from user-uploaded images.

Augmented Reality Measurements

Users can utilize AR to measure the length and weight of the fish, ensuring precision and reducing manual errors.

Real-Time Data Synchronization

Ensures that user data, including measurements and records, are consistently updated across devices and platforms.

Interactive Dashboard

A user-friendly dashboard that provides a snapshot of the user's activities, achievements, and records.

Social Integration

Users can share their achievements, records, and fish measurements on various social media platforms directly from the app.

Location-Based Services

Integrated GPS functionalities allow users to mark their fishing spots, view popular fishing locations, and get location-based insights.

Weather Integration

Provides real-time weather updates, helping users plan their fishing activities based on weather conditions.

Personalized User Profiles

Users can create and customize their profiles, showcasing their achievements, records, and favorite fishing spots.

Challenge & Trophy System

Gamification elements where users can participate in challenges, earn trophies, and rank on leaderboards.

Community & Networking

A built-in community platform where users can connect with other fishing enthusiasts, share experiences, and learn from each other.

Resource Library

A repository of articles, tutorials, and guides related to fishing, equipment, techniques, and best practices.

Security & Privacy

Robust security protocols to safeguard user data, with features like biometric authentication and encrypted data storage.

Multilingual Support

Catering to a global audience, the app offers support in multiple languages, ensuring a seamless experience for users worldwide.

Feedback & Support

An integrated system where users can provide feedback, report issues, and seek support directly from the app.

Notifications & Alerts

Real-time notifications about challenges, community updates, and app enhancements.

How it Works

Step 1

Open up the camera and move the lens until it is focused on the fish.

Step 2

Once you are ready to measure, line the circle up with the very head of the fish and click on the orange plus icon. Then, drag the line towards the tip of the tail and click the orange plus icon again to capture the measurement.

Step 3

Ensure that the measurement is accurate. If it is, click on the orange arrow to go to the next screen and save your catch. If you need to remeasure, hit the back arrow or "clear" to start over.



  • Light Aa
  • Regular Aa
  • Medium Aa
  • Semibold Aa

Used Color

  • #F26829
  • #131E29

Tech Stack

  • Programming Language


  • Image Recognition

    Amazon Rekognition

  • Augmented Reality

    ARKit (for iOS)

  • Weather Data

    OpenWeatherMap API

  • Push Notifications

    Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)

  • Analytics

    Google Analytics for Mobile

  • Feedback & Support

    Zendesk API

  • Translation & Localization

    Google Cloud Translation API

  • Location Services

    Google Maps API (for mapping, geolocation, and geofencing)

  • Social Media Integration

    Facebook Graph API, Twitter API (for sharing and social features)

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