Project Overview

Specifications of the project

Our customer had a great idea for an e-commerce platform and wanted to make it a reality. The goal was to improve the website's UI/UX, since this was a phase 2 of this Magento 2 platform. Phase 1 was launched back in 2018 by CMARIX and for eCommerce platforms it is important to keep revamping the user experience with new trends, best practices and optimise the performance.

The client needed an experienced, tech-savvy development team that could put it off.

In essence, we were given the responsibility of completely redesigning an ecommerce website.



Scope of Work

The customer required a Magento 2 professional team to design and create a private label e-commerce with unique integrations.The most difficult challenge was the project's ambiguous scope. It had a lot of moving pieces that necessitated a proper solution. We undertook thorough tech and market research in order to develop and polish each piece. This provided us with additional information that proved to be really useful at a later stage.


Payment Integration

The next major challenge was deciding on the best payment system. We conducted extensive market research and thoroughly examined the majority of regularly used payment solutions. This research provided us with crucial information about the subject. The only viable approach was to combine numerous different payment systems. To determine the best possibilities, we conducted research on payment systems and picked numerous payment systems.

Komvos Web Application


We created a tailored user experience by designing and setting up a Magento 2 store with front-end and back-end customization. Integrations for shipping and payment gateways were completed. We also provided continuing assistance and enhancements to their staff to help them through their growing period.

Technical Executions

Along with new UI/UX for this platform, CMARIX also implemented bug fixes as well as feature enhancements in this Magento portal. Following are few of the many tasks implemented by the team:

  • Payment Gateway Implementation via Virtual POS Credit Card
  • Flipbooks Implementation
  • On Sale Now Products Countdown Slider
  • Create Custom Site Maintenance Page with countdown timer
  • Custom Popup Implementation for Signup, Sign In and Forgot Password feature
  • Custom on hover Popup menus(Promo, Brands, Contact US, Blog) implementation
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • CDN Implementation
  • Reddit Caching Implementation
Furniture & Decorations
Komvos Web Application


Primary Color
Secondary Color
Tertiary Color



Light Regular Medium Semibold Bold
  • Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
  • 123456789/[]@$#%^&*


The concept began as just another eCommerce marketplace with a Contrivance, but it quickly evolved into something truly unique after multiple discussions. For our programming team, it was an opportunity to showcase skill into action and bring results.

At CMARIX, we take great pride in UI/UI revamp work. We believe design is an art that needs to be implemented scientifically to bring commercial results.

Tech Specs


Development Environment

Magento 2.3.5-p2 PHP 7.3

Device Supported

Desktop iPad & Mobiles


Magento 2.3.5





Third party Library, Plugins & tools

Payment Gateway: Sia Virtual POS Credit Card, COD One Step Checkout extension

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