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Revolutionizing E-Commerce In Greece

A Collaborative Endeavor Between Komvos And CMARIX

Komvos, A Burgeoning Ecommerce Platform In Greece, Sought To Redefine The Traditional Buyer-Seller Relationship In The Online Marketplace. To Achieve This Ambitious Vision, Komvos Partnered With CMARIX, A Global Technology Company Renowned For Its Expertise In Web Design And Development. Together, They Embarked On A Journey To Create A Custom-Designed, Magento-Based Ecommerce Platform That Not Only Enhances User Experience But Also Addresses The Unique Challenges Of The Greek Market. From Tackling Intricate Payment Integrations To Implementing Cutting-Edge UI/UX Designs, CMARIX Played A Pivotal Role In Transforming Komvos Into A State-Of-The-Art Ecommerce Platform.

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  • Technology Magento 2.3.5
  • Industry E-Commerce
  • Built ForWeb & Mobile Users
  • Access Greece

Crafting A Digital Marketplace

CMARIX's Ingenious Design And Development Solutions For Komvos

Consultation and Strategy:

Requirement Analysis: CMARIX initiated the project with a comprehensive requirement analysis to understand the unique challenges and needs of the Greek eCommerce market.

Market Research: Conducted market research to identify gaps and opportunities in the Greek eCommerce landscape.

Technology Stack Consultation: Recommended the use of Magento 2.3.5 based on the project's requirements and scalability needs.



Custom Magento Development: Utilized the flexibility of Magento to develop custom features tailored to Komvos' needs.

Payment Gateway Integration: Conducted Addressed the complex payment landscape in Greece by integrating multiple payment gateways.

Website Speed Optimization: Implemented various speed optimization techniques to improve site performance.

CDN Implementation: Utilized Content Delivery Network (CDN) to ensure fast and reliable access to the website globally.



UI/UX Design: Created an intuitive and user-friendly interface to enhance customer engagement.

Wireframing and Prototyping: Developed wireframes and prototypes to visualize the end product and make necessary adjustments.


Quality Assurance:

Testing: Conducted rigorous testing to ensure the platform's reliability, security, and scalability.

Code Review: Ensured code quality and maintainability through periodic code reviews.


Deployment and Maintenance:

Cloud Deployment: Utilized cloud services for scalable and reliable hosting.

Ongoing Support: Provided continuous updates, security patches, and feature enhancements to keep the platform up-to-date.


Training and Handover:

Staff Training: Trained Komvos staff on how to manage the platform effectively.

Documentation: Provided comprehensive documentation for future reference and updates.

Engineering A User-Centric Experience

CMARIX's Front-End Development For Komvos

User Interface (UI):

Responsive Design: Implemented a responsive design using CSS frameworks like Bootstrap to ensure a seamless experience across devices.

Dynamic Content Loading: Utilized AJAX for dynamic content loading, enhancing user experience without reloading the entire page.

User Experience (UX):

Lazy Loading: Integrated lazy loading techniques to optimize image and video loading times.

Real-time Search: Implemented real-time search functionality using Elasticsearch for quick and accurate product searches.


Mega Menu: Developed a mega menu for easier navigation through categories and subcategories.

Breadcrumb Navigation: Implemented breadcrumb navigation for better user orientation within the site.

Product Display:

Interactive Product Sliders: Utilized JavaScript libraries (Slick.js) for creating interactive product sliders.

Product View: Integrated a product view feature for a more interactive shopping experience.

Cart and Checkout:

One-Click Add-to-Cart: Implemented a one-click add-to-cart functionality for a streamlined shopping experience.

Progressive Checkout: Designed a multi-step, progressive checkout process to simplify the user journey.


User Profiles: Developed comprehensive user profiles with features like order history, wish lists, and personalized recommendations.

Geo-Targeting: Integrated geo-targeting features to display content and offers based on the user's location.


Front-end Optimization: Minified CSS and JavaScript files for faster page load times.

Asynchronous Loading: Implemented asynchronous loading of scripts to improve page speed.


Data Validation: Implemented front-end data validation to ensure that only valid data is submitted.

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Protection: Added security measures to protect against XSS attacks.

Architectural Excellence

The Core Technical Blueprint Of Komvos By CMARIX

Front-End Architecture

Component-Based Design: Modularized UI for easier management and scalability.

State Management: Utilized Vuex for a single source of truth across the application.

Client-Side Routing: Integrated Vue Router for seamless navigation without page reloads.

Back-End Architecture

RESTful API: Facilitated 3rd party API for communication.

Database Design: Optimized MySQL relational database for eCommerce transactions.

Caching Mechanism: Implemented Redis for caching, reducing database load.


Authentication and Authorization: JWT-based authentication and role-based authorization.

Data Validation: Middleware for request validation to ensure data integrity.

DevOps Architecture

Containerization: Docker for consistent environment across development, testing, and production.

CI/CD Pipeline: Jenkins for testing and deployment.

Core Technical Features and Functionalities


Horizontal Scaling: Architecture supports easy addition of more servers.

Load Balancing: Distributes incoming traffic for high availability.


Lazy Loading: Improves page load times for images and media.

CDN: Faster content delivery to global users.


Data Encryption: SSL/TLS for secure data transmission.

Firewall Rules: Protection against unauthorized access and DDoS attacks.

Analytics and Monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring: Integrated Grafana and Kibana for system health.

Error Tracking: Mechanisms to capture and analyze exceptions.

Empowering Ecommerce

How CMARIX Crafted Key Features For Komvos

For End Customers:

Dynamic Search and Filters: users to search for products using various filters like category, price, and brand.

Interactive Product Pages: Detailed product pages with 360-degree views, customer reviews, and related products.

One-Click Checkout: Simplified checkout process with saved addresses and payment methods.

Personalized Recommendations: Algorithms to suggest products based on browsing history and preferences.

Real-Time Order Tracking: Allows customers to track their orders in real-time from the warehouse to their doorstep.

For Super Admin:

Inventory Management: Real-time tracking of stock levels, sales, and returns.

User Analytics Dashboard: Comprehensive analytics for tracking user behavior, sales trends, and website performance.

Payment Gateway Management: Facilitates the integration of multiple payment gateways for a diversified payment experience.

Promotional Tools: Easy-to-use interface for creating and managing promotions, discounts, and coupons.

Customer Service Module: Integrated chat and ticketing system for customer queries and complaints.


Backend Features Developed by CMARIX for Super Admin:

User Management: Allows the admin to add, edit, or deactivate user accounts, both for customers and internal staff.

Product Catalog Management: A comprehensive system to manage product listings, categories, and inventory levels.

Order Processing Dashboard: Real-time view of all orders, with functionalities to update order status, manage returns, and issue refunds.

Payment and Shipping Configuration: Allows the admin to configure multiple payment gateways and shipping options.

SEO Management Tools: Built-in tools for managing meta tags, keywords, and other SEO-related configurations.

Reporting and Analytics: Advanced reporting tools for sales, user activity, and website performance metrics.

Content Management System (CMS): A flexible CMS for updating website content, banners, and promotional materials.

Automated Email Notifications: System to send automated emails for order confirmations, shipping updates, and promotional campaigns.

Security Measures: Role-based access control, data encryption, and regular security audits to protect sensitive information.

System Logs and Audits: Detailed logs for all system activities for auditing and troubleshooting purposes.

Backend Workflow:

Login and Authentication: Secure login for admin with multi-factor authentication.

Dashboard Overview: Quick snapshot of key performance indicators (KPIs) and system health.

Data Management: CRUD operations for products, users, and orders.

Configuration and Settings: Centralized location for all system configurations including payment, shipping, and SEO settings.

Monitoring and Alerts: Real-time system monitoring with automated alerts for any irregular activities or system errors.

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Technology Stack

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    Magento 2.3.5

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    Version Control


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    Monitoring Tools


Potential Third-Party APIs

Product Display

Stripe API

Analytics and Reporting

Google Analytics API

Customer Relationship Management

Salesforce API

Email Services

SendGrid API

Social Media Integration

Facebook Graph API, Twitter API

Search Functionality

Elasticsearch API

Geolocation Services

Google Maps API

Chat and Customer Service

Zendesk API

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Cloud flare API

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