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Ghanda, an authentic Aussie surf and streetwear brand, has been outfitting Aussies in comfortable, stylish attire for over 20 years, perfect for leading an active lifestyle. With a strong commitment to sustainability, Ghanda uses recycled and organic materials in their products.

As an inclusive brand, Ghanda designs clothes for all ages, sizes, and genders. Ghanda believe that everyone should feel comfortable and confident in their own skin, and committed to creating a positive and welcoming environment for everyone, a transformation achieved in collaboration with CMARIX.

  • Fashion eCommerce
  • Australian Market
  • Web Users
  • Magento
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Why Ghanda?

Decoding the Challenges that Sparked an Aussie Streetwear Revolution

In the crowded Australian fashion scene, Ghanda identified two key opportunities: the demand for comfortable, stylish attire suited to active lifestyles, and the rising consumer concern for sustainable practices. These insights inspired Ghanda's commitment to create clothing from recycled and organic materials and design for all ages, sizes, and genders.

Collaborating with CMARIX was a critical step in this journey. CMARIX, with deep understanding of Ghanda's vision, played a pivotal consulting role. We re-discovered Ghanda's website to reflect the brand's values and enhance the user experience. With CMARIX's expert guidance and implementation of advanced eCommerce features, Ghanda was able to extend their inclusive and sustainable ethos to the digital space, thereby reaching a wider audience.

Cutting-Edge Features

The Heart of Ghanda's Success
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    Custom Filter

    CMARIX implemented a custom filter functionality, enhancing the core functionality of Magento 2. This feature allows customers to filter products based on their preferences, providing a more personalized shopping experience.

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    Additional Imagery

    CMARIX included extra images between category products on the product listing page. This visual enhancement gives customers a better understanding of the product variety and helps them make informed decisions.

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    Instagram Feed

    An Instagram feed was integrated into the website, allowing Ghanda to showcase their latest styles and updates in a dynamic and engaging way.

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    Custom Checkout and Shipping

    CMARIX developed a custom checkout page and a custom shipping method based on promo codes. This unique feature provides customers with a smooth and efficient checkout process.

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    Size Chart Functionality

    Understanding that a correct fit is crucial for online clothing purchases, CMARIX implemented size chart functionality. This feature helps customers choose the right size, reducing the need for returns and exchanges.

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    Advanced Product Listing

    An advanced product listing feature was incorporated into the website, providing customers with detailed information about each product.

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    Social Sharing

    CMARIX included social sharing features, allowing customers to share their favorite products with their social networks. This also helps Ghanda to increase their reach and visibility.

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    Store Locator Functionality

    CMARIX added an advanced store locator functionality, enabling customers to find physical Ghanda stores easily

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Instagram Feed
Custom Search
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Shipping method based on promo code
shipping method based on promo code
Store Locator
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Design Style Guide

  • #1A1919
  • #B8D5C2
  • #E8B4FD
  • #41518B
Regular Medium Bold

Latest Trends

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Behind the Screens

The Tech Stack Powering Ghanda's Success
  • development environment
    Development Environment Magento 2
  • device supported
    OS Supported iPad/Tab
  • technology
    Technology PWA
  • payment gateway
    Payment Gateway English
  • server
    Server Cloudflare

Third party Library, Plugin & Tools

Third party Plugin is a technical plugin for your better writing code. Interception Plugin is referred to a little third party extension that allows editing the behavior of any public class or method by intercepting a function call and running code either before or after or around the function call.
  • tool-icon-gift
    Amasty Gift Card Extension

    This extension was used to implement gift card functionality on the website.

  • tool-icon-shopping-cart
    Welt Pixel Quick Cart Extension

    This extension was used to enhance the shopping cart functionality.

  • tool-icon-zoom
    Magic Toolbox Magic Zoom Plus

    This plugin was used to add image zoom functionality on product pages.

  • tool-icon-code
    Welt Pixel Layered Navigation Extension

    This extension was used for adding a carousel slider on the website.

  • tool-icon-navigation
    Web Shop Apps Matrix Rate Extension

    This extension was used to implement a flexible shipping rate system.

  • tool-icon-computer
    Welt Pixel Layered Navigation Extension

    This extension was used to enhance the website's navigation functionality.

  • tool-icon-locator
    Mage plaza Store Locator Extension

    This extension was used to help customers find physical store locations.

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