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Which Mobile App Development Techniques Turn App Users From Dormant To Dynamic?

Which Mobile App Development Techniques Turn App Users From Dormant To Dynamic?

Let’s discuss about mobile app development success.

So, what’s mobile app success for you? High download rates? Expected.

People easily assume that the ‘user acquisition’ or ‘high download numbers’ is the reason for mobile app success. However, that’s not the reality. Mobile app engagement (positive & easy interaction) and mobile app retention (active users) are two critical metrics that serve real insight into the success of a mobile application.

Fancy app names and good visual identity will boost the user acquisition, but the real game begins when the mobile app development service convinces users to engage and retain.

The formula for mobile app success is high engagement and retention

The Impact Of Positive Review From An App User

Reviews or ratings from the app users can significantly impact the success or failure of an app. Indeed, the increase from two to four stars can boost the download rate by 540 percent. App users usually intend to share their negative experience rather than a positive one. So out of the numerous negative reasons for which app users turn dormant, let’s focus on few positive reasons of a ‘good app’ that make app users dynamic. But what term good app mean?

What Is A Good App?

It’s simple, a good mobile application is one that is user-centric (one that satisfies the user’s need) and functions effectively and efficiently (convenient user interface and simple navigation). No matter if it focuses on one simple function, but it should be implemented exceptionally well.  The story of good app behind catchy name and attractive visual identity is –

  • Simplicity
  • iOS and Android – Both App Stores Should Be Covered
  • High Performance
  • High Security (Data Confidentiality)
  • Allows Offline Work
  • Based On Trends – Regular Updates

Definitely, increasing engagement and retention will help you to turn the dormant users to dynamic. But what are the techniques?

The following tried and tested methods by our experienced mobile app users will help you to develop a successful mobile app.

  • Poor Performance – Ensure High Quality App

Forget about the app users for a minute, and let’s talk about you. How annoying you feel when an app crashes, has page errors in less visited pages like FAQ, slow loading time, is freezing, has incomplete user-initiated jobs or you face the most silly reason of a sluggish app – memory usage is not optimized? Probably such errors will ask you to never use the app again.

So how can you expect your app users to use it again? Consequently, during testing its importance to analyze the front-end and back-end functionality and identify the flaws in a performance of your app. Moreover, the developers can identify user frustration niches, the key user behavior aspects, know why users will abandon, and work on it effectually.

Once you have developed a quality mobile app, out of the number of techniques you can use to boost the app engagement, we have mentioned top 3 mobile app development techniques you can use are –

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1.  Easy Onboarding

A simple and flawless onboarding experience can significantly diminish the abandonment rates. Too many steps to sign up makes difficult for the users to start using an app and hence the reason user opts the competitor’s app.

The following steps can make your first impression positive and can help you to develop an onboarding process that is intuitive & frictionless app.

  • The account creation and login process should be simple and not complex. (reduce steps, offer different registration options)
  • Don’t ask users to fill all the information and when the users start using an app (a simple UI of what’s what should be shown)

2. Pay Importance To Mobile Personalization

Mobile personalization boosts user experience and the more aligned the experience to user’s need the more the engagement. Personalization boosts the opportunity to be more unique and relevant to user.

Today’s trendy apps no longer deliver uniform experience. For this reason, personalize the user experience with known data like name to display relevant content in the app. With the endeavor of including the user’s name on screens and sending customized push notifications will help you to thrive with conversations.

Users are demanding personalization, therefore you need to serve their needs by customizing the interactions according to location, choices, and individual behaviour.

3. Easy Marketing Methods

Feedback: Encourage a two-way communication by implementing a feedback form. Ask your developer to pop-up a feedback form after every purchase a user does. The benefit of adding a feedback form is that user won’t directly post a negative review after a negative experience. You can use the feedback to improve and mail back to a user about resolving the issue.

Analytics Page For Admin: You can even ask your developer to provide easy methods to track the efforts, like simple analytics graph.

Easy Promotion & Offer Updating Methods: In order to drive better engagement through push notifications and even on your app, ask your experienced mobile developer to provide easy methods to update and add new offers on each product/service for a specific group.

Wrap Up:

Today, the goal of the owners is not just to develop and launch an app to get lost in a sea of competition, instead develop an app that is SUCCESSFUL & lifts the brand loyalty. The above methods can transform the user’s mood from dormant to dynamic and this will help you to significantly improve engagement and retention ratio for gradually growing revenue numbers.

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Written by Atman Rathod

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