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Top 11 .NET Core Libraries Every Web Developer Should Know

Top 11 .NET Core Libraries Every Web Developer Should Know

The Digital revolution has led the web and mobile app development industry to make hustle in the market. In this digital age, technological advancement has brought rapid changes in all aspects of our lives. The emergence of new technologies and the use of new and innovative tools for reaching the ends of the spectrum have challenged us. The introduction of these new technological tools has allowed us to see the world through different eyes.

In this race, one must not fall behind in learning and exploring new technology and services that can significantly impact the final product. The web building process has undergone a massive change, and when you Hire .Net Core Developer, you cannot miss the beat of .Net technology. One of the biggest concerns every developer faces is to select the right development services and decide which libraries can complete the code. To avoid confusion, here is a list of the top 11 .Net core libraries that can help developers select the best one for their project.

Why Select the Best Library for .Net?

When choosing a programming language for application development, it is essential to consider the application’s needs. To ensure the security and data integrity of the application, it is necessary to develop a logging system. The second important aspect is that the system should be able to provide a graceful error handling mechanism so that the application will be able to continue to run even if there is a bug. The third is that the application should be able to handle exceptions gracefully.

.NET development is a vast field, and in many cases, developers from MVC development company choose the.NET platform because of its ease of use and ease of deployment. Many developers decide to switch from Microsoft.NET to another software development platform because the ‘other’ platform is closer to their hearts. Let’s unfold Pandora’s box of .NET libraries along with ASP.NET Core 3.0: Key Considerations that can help you build your next big project in no time.

Introduction to .NET Core Libraries

The .NET Core is a cross-platform development platform for building production-ready applications on the Microsoft.NET platform. The.NET Core framework allows developers the development of software and applications that will enable developers to design business processes efficiently. It promotes open-source technology and adheres to the.NET Standard 2.0 while being backwards compatible.

Lately, .NET Core’s features have been updated to allow for less code and the deployment of high-performance and incredibly scalable applications. All the improvements have been made to the .Net framework Libraries. Here in this read, we have collected the top 11 .NET Core libraries to help build complex websites and applications to benefit businesses in the longer run.

1. Swashbuckle

Swashbuckle is core library to build beautiful API documentation. It comprises a cross-platform library of styles, code snippets, and documentation. The library is used to create beautiful API documentation by creating a unique style that is easy for others to understand.

What More Does it Offer?

  • Automatic generation of Swagger 2.0
  • Seamless integration with Swagger UI.
  • Reflection-based schema generation
  • Swagger UI extensibility hooks
  • Supports XML comments
  • Offers authentication Implicit OAuth2 scheme and flow, APIKey, and basic authentication

2. Polly

Polly offers.NET core developers a lightweight, fault-tolerant, retry-based, circuit-breaking fallback mechanism that retries on transient errors. It also provides idiomatic ways to build asynchronous or fault-tolerant programs in a way that’s easy to reason about and understand. This includes but is not limited to: retrying on transient errors, handling the case when a retry causes a temporary error and identifying and dealing with transient errors that otherwise would be difficult to detect.

What More Does it Offer?

  • Easy navigation via an unreliable network
  • offers resilient strategies
  • Comes packed with zero-dependency

3. AutoMapper

AutoMapper is core library to manage object-to-object mapping. It maps objects without reflection at runtime. It offers a fluent API, so developers can configure AutoMapper to map between types and ensure that changes in source properties are automatically reflected in the destination. The supports Type Converters, Mappers, KeyedMapping, and many different mapping schemes, including the ability to specify complex mappings to objects with inheritance.

What More Does it Offer?

  • Microsoft DI Extensions
  • IDataReader/Record Extensions
  • Collection Extensions
  • EF6 Extensions
  • Enum Extensions
  • Expression Mapping

4. Sanskrit

Sanskrit is a .Net library used to build Lightweight Services in ASP.NET Core 6. It is a delivery notification framework that allows businesses to send email notifications to users. It gives developers the ability to run their applications on the SaaS model. The library is based on a combination of the.Net Core framework and Microsoft.

What More Does it Offer?

An open-source web framework Supports web app development to manage dynamic relationships between users and content using a Web API A best fit to build SaaS applications.

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5. FluentEmail

It is a .Net library that works with networking protocols like SMTP, SpamAssassin, and others. It also supports the mail.exe protocol, which allows for creating an application that can be used to send mail.

What More Does it Offer?

  • Supports the mail.exe protocol
  • Ease of building an application that can be used to send mail

6. MailKit

MailKit is a cross-platform API client/server library with.Net core technologies. It helps developers make an email client, web server, and messaging system. Its mechanism makes integrating into applications with little or no.Net core experience easier.

What More Does it Offer?

  • Easy Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) process
  • Offers proxy support for SOCKS4/4a, SOCKS, and HTTP
  • SMTP client
  • Pop3 client
  • IMAP4 client
  • Async API and API cancellation

7. CacheManager

CacheManager is a small, high-performance caching abstraction for.Net Core, written in C#, designed to be easy to use, extend, and maintain. It is a .Net core library, allowing developers to map objects to the databases. It simplifies the caching mechanism of.Net core by providing a simple, free-to-use cache abstraction.

What More Does it Offer?

  • core library for cache abstraction in C#
  • C# port of Memcached, supporting .Net Standard 2.0
  • Open-source project on GitHub
  • Uses Bintray package control for deployments

8. Dapper

Dapper’s core library for object mapping and supports high-performance ORM support for SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, SqICE, etc. It is a new, core ORM framework and the first of its kind. It offers a productive and simple programming interface that makes it easy for developers to build core apps.

What More Does it Offer?

  • Build high performance, scalable, and fault-tolerant object database Objects mapping to databases.
  • The rapid development of feature-rich, performance-critical applications.
  • You can extend your IDB connection interface using this NuGen library.

9. Ocelot

Ocelot is an open-source API gateway for running microservices or service-oriented architecture. The functionality is similar to the popular JAX-RS (Java API for RESTful web services) 2.0 standard; all microservice platforms do not support Ocelot. Ocelot can be used with Capistrano, Docker, and other infrastructure.

What More Does it Offer?

  • Useful for routing
  • Request aggregation
  • Load balancing
  • Configuration

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10. NLog

NLog is an open-source logging library. It provides a.NET-based logging framework which is robust, rich, and extensible. NLog is built to be the “universal” logging framework, so whether you’re logging for an ASP.NET MVC app, a Web API, a console app, a Windows Service, or anything in between, NLog can help you. NLog is used by thousands of developers across the world.

What More Does it Offer?

  • Easy configuration
  • Template formation
  • Extensible structure

11. SignalR

SignalR is a client-side library that helps developers add real-time features to their.NET applications using WebSockets and server-sent events. SignalR has built-in support for auto-reconnect on network loss, bi-directional communication, and long-polling. It enables you to quickly build high-end, real-time online applications by decoupling data and functionality with a service-oriented architecture.

What More Does it Offer?

  • Automated connection management
  • Simultaneous client message-sending
  • Scale-up traffic
  • Enables group messages to clients

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That’s all for this post. We hope that the.Net core libraries listed in this post will be useful to you and can be used for your upcoming project.

At CMARIX- A software development company in India, we have an expert team of developers who are well-equipped within and outs of Net Core libraries. We can help you build a relevant web platform for your business needs.

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