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The Hidden Mystery Of UX Behind A Successful E-Commerce Site

The Hidden Mystery Of UX Behind A Successful E-Commerce Site

The reason traditional businesses are rising as an E-Commerce business is to gain wider-reach and generate sales. Yes! Their purpose is simple – to generate more sales.But the endeavors & techniques involved in producing sales are mystified. The pricing, goods, content, shipping policies, navigation, returns and other different aspects could define the status of success or failure of an e-commerce site.

Here comes the term “Shopping cart abandonment” into the picture.

Shopping cart abandonment refers to the situation when visitors leave your website without making a purchase. It turns out to be an impactful bugbear for any eCommerce business as it drops the potential conversion numbers. We agree, you have nothing to do with the circumstances like, when people who aren’t fascinated with the products, or the people who have just come to know about your brand, leave your website. But why other people are leaving? Probably the navigation of the website is weak, or no proper payment methods are intrigued, or the site errors and crashes piss them off and it convinces them to choose the competitors website.

In simpler terms, such disruptive technicalities don’t allow them to buy easily, and this makes them reluctant to buy at all. So when we take the curtains of solution away, we can find the most crucial concept of e-commerce website – UX (user experience). UX in eCommerce development should be so powerful enough to guide users through their entire purchasing B2B/ B2C journey. When a survey was conducted in Hubspot, 76% of the users told an essential factor in an e-commerce site is “the site should make it easy for us to find what we look for”.

When asked to the head of our Design Team, Kapil Antala about the importance of UX in eCommerce, he conveyed,

A brand’s user experience is an absolute set of expectations, memories, stories, flexibilities, and relationships, and when taken together it accounts for a customer’s decision to select one product over another.

Happy Customer is good user experience
  • The Story Of UI Behind UX

    UX goes hand in hand with User Interface (UI). Indeed, UI is one component of UX. The purpose of UI is to pay attention on different buttons, pages, and other tangible aspects of a website’s interface, while the work of UX is to consider user’s every potential touch point and an absolute customer journey.

    The UI empowers the users to get the desired products easily. In a simple context, the user should easily find and sort the best product with the e-commerce search engine, product categories and listings, and other different ways. The UI even works on ease of payment methods, making sure that customers check out securely and easily.

    An intuitive and robust UI curtails the number of clicks and takes customers to purchase page easily & quickly. In the list of top 100 eCommerce websites, the majority click-to-purchase are 6 or less. Along with user interface, customer service, products, packaging, marketing and communications will have major impact of UX. Whenever and wherever a customer is interacting with a brand, UX will be considered.


  • Going Beyond UI to Create An Exquisite UX Story

    UX is more than an impactful UI. Wondering how? UX is responsible for an entire customer journey and yes a UI defines most of its journey, but there are few unsung aspects that are not paid attention to. For example, product selection, pricing the complaints and more. Working on these elements will help eCommerce websites to create profitable stories with customers.

    The product prices can be a factor for success of eCommerce. It’s tempting to witness that, the low price of world’s preeminent e-commerce leader, Amazon has driven to its success.

    What’s more in the list? Convenience? While for the purchase of groceries, the idea of local groceries come because of the convenience of time. Amazon’s fastest delivery methods provide convenience and even the flexibility of push buttons – making ordering easy. Probably the reason Amazon is an eCommerce leader now.

  • Customer Relationships Is Main Focus Of UX

    It’s easy to focus on most tangible aspects of UX like design, products and more. However, the intangible components like customer relationships are more important. Having a powerful website, great UX, quick shipping and, low prices may make an eCommerce brand perfect, but without a great customer service, it won’t even stand in the success zone.

    Customer service is now considered a part of user experience. Today, the technologies demand to have chat programs integrated into websites and social media accounts rather than to ask a customer to call an 1800 number. With this easy approach, you can resolve issues within minutes while building trust and customer satisfaction.

    UX improvement is a must for every eCommerce business. Right from the beginning when you choose an eCommerce development company, ensure they consider each and every element of UX improvement mentioned above.

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Written by Jeegnasa Mudsa

Jeegnasa Mudsa is Executive Director at CMARIX InfoTech. a leading eCommerce development company with 15+ years experience. A blend of true Engineer and HR power house to run the Company Operations. Creative Director with in-depth experience of Technology and Human Resource domain. A people person and a compassionate Mother.

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