Today, the hospitality industry is one of the fastest developing industry worldwide. As per the statistics, the hotel industry is anticipated to generate more than 550 billion in revenue during 2016. Not just that, out of multiple examples if we consider the revenue generated from the United States in the Hotel Industry is more than $165 billion.

It is a fact that large hotels with their huge marketing budget are leading the race in premium segment at the same time there are several million small and medium-size hotels across the globe who are providing excellent value proposition in terms of quality and pricing. Technology has transformed the ways things were done earlier in every industry & has significantly impacted the hotel industry as well.

It is very important for hotels to have a web presence which depicts their infrastructure, benefits, pricing, location and overall branding. Definitely, technology plays a vital part in brand building. Many hotels come up with their own website which provides easy to use interface for the user to search available room in real time and make the booking. They have also become part of a large affiliate network which showcases the room availability and features via larger online booking platforms like or

Innovation in technology has enabled users to use smart mobile application with which they can search nearby hotels, using the GPS on Google map and find the most suitable deals for hotel booking. Fortunately, the mobile app development endeavor has helped the industries to create growth and ease boom. Creative concepts in home automation like key-less entry using a mobile device, technology implementation is very rapid in the hotel industry.

Moreover, leading Global Distribution systems like Amadeus, Sadre enables automated transactions between third parties and agents to facilitate travel and hotel booking related services to the end consumers.

Another growing segment is entrepreneur coming up with newer concepts of hotel booking platform that uses a third-party application programming interface (API) like Expedia for example. Expedia provides EAN (Expedia Affiliate Network) using which you can integrate their API onto the website & facilitate hotel booking functionality from the website itself without redirecting to any other portal.