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React vs Vue: Which Is The Ideal Framework For WordPress Development?

React vs Vue: Which Is The Ideal Framework For WordPress Development?

For some time the evolution of WordPress took pace thanks to the new components from the latest development frameworks being incorporated continuously. While this added to the delights of WordPress developers, there has also been a serious discussion about the goodness of each framework and tool for delivering more sophisticated user experience.

As part of the new Gutenberg system, a lot of new components of React framework are being incorporated into the WordPress ecosystem. Obviously, it is being welcomed by the seasoned WordPress developers as these components are adding a lot of value to their work. On the other hand, there are many WordPress developers who consider VueJS to be the most efficient and developer-friendly framework for building robust WordPress websites. While ReactJS is a top framework for web and mobile app development, VueJS came with a lot of competitive value for the modern web and mobile app developers.

The Role Of VueJS In WordPress

VueJS In WordPress

For any JavaScript front-end development company the arrival of VueJS is a soul-lifting piece of news. When the framework is seen in comparison with other JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React, etc. VueJS overshadows most of them in many respects including API, size, performance, learning curve and several other aspects. Most importantly, the framework being quickly popular offers a great community ready to help developers with their inputs. As a frontend framework, it goes well with backend frameworks like Laravel for full stack web development.

Some of the key features that make Vue.js a special framework include the following.

  • Component-based structure
  • Easy learning curve
  • Lean size and extensive core
  • Very flexible, scalable and versatile with robust transition effect system

The Pros Cons of VueJS for WordPress

VueJS has emerged as a great technology alternative to most other JavaScript frameworks that web developers were fond of. But while the framework comes with a lot of pros, there is no dearth of cons for the framework as well. Let us have a look at the pros and cons of VueJS one by one.


VueJS as the leading JavaScript framework has a lot of positive aspects. Let’s have a brief look at them.

  • Lean and lightweight: VueJS comes as a very lightweight and lean framework with just 18kb of size.
  • Easy to integrate: VueJS is very easy to integrate across multiple web development projects including single-page applications and projects with a lot of complexities.
  • Scalable and versatile: VueJS is a highly versatile and scalable framework to help a website accommodate increasing traffic, contents and features.
  • Content-focused: VueJS is an ideal framework to ensure optimum readability and usability of web contents.
  • Easy learning curve: One of the biggest draw for VueJS is its easy learning curve allowing the developers to learn and integrate the framework with ease across different projects.


In spite of so many positive attributes that make VueJS so popular as a JavaScript framework, it has a few downsides as well. Let us have a look at these cons in brief.

  • The scarcity of common plugins: VueJS is a relatively new framework and so it still lacks some common plugins that are available with others.
  • Your VueJS skill can be outdated soon: Among all the JavaScript frameworks VueJS is evolving faster than others and this may make your VueJS skills outdated too soon.
  • Language barrier: VueJS is built by Chinese developers and so, still now many community help and guidelines remain inaccessible to the English speakers.

The Role Of React In WordPress

React In WordPress

From early 2019, WordPress core developer team narrowed down their choice to two major JavaScript frameworks, namely React and Vue for using with the core capabilities of WordPress. Way before this, React was already introduced for WordPress developers through Project Gutenberg. Now, this role of React in WordPress development will be bigger than ever before.

The Pros Cons of React for WordPress

As a leading JavaScript framework React has a lot of positive attributes. React makes an ideal choice for both native and hybrid development as the framework also offers a Native version called React Native. In spite of all these, React comes with a few downsides as well. Let us have a brief look at the pros and cons of the framework for WordPress development.


React is a strong, versatile, scalable and future-ready JavaScript framework that is widely used for all types of website and mobile app development projects. Let’s take a look at the key strengths of React.

  • Easy learning curve: Just when you learned the basics of React syntax, you can readily start coding. As the framework allows you to put all the markup, style and functional elements in one place, this gives extreme ease and ensures modularity with the code.
  • Complete separation of data and presentation: React by completely separating the data with the detailed presentation layer helps to boost performance.
  • A rich library: React is not just a framework but a complete library with a rich set of modular UI components that can be instantly utilized.
  • React Native: React also offers a native version called React Native. The React Native helps developers building platform-specific web apps using JavaScript.
  • Facebook support: React being launched and maintained by Facebook and being utilised across leading apps like Airbnb, Dropbox, Facebook, Netflix, Reddit and several others boasts of a large community and continuous support.


In spite of such overwhelming popularity and reputation among JavaScript frameworks, React has its own share of downsides as well.

  • React doesn’t allow you to start quickly: React is actually not a framework but a library and this is why it is not ready to use. The looseness of the React code needs some time to manoeuvre.
  • It lacks solid conventions: While using React several questions pops up in your mind about structuring the code, handling norms, etc. This happens because of the lack of community conventions or established best practices.
  • WordPress developers need to rewrite a lot: While using React the WordPress developers need to rewrite a lot of code pertaining to Gutenberg or Calypso.

Comparison Based On Features

Now we need to look at a few features that are must for WordPress developers and compare React and Vue in this context.

  • The learning curve for beginners: When it comes to managing the learning curve by beginner developers, Vue is a much easier option than React. React is good only when you know the right way of using it. With Vue, you can start development much earlier.
  • WordPress Gutenberg: While building with Gutenberg, you don’t require coding knowledge and experience pertaining to React but if you have the same, it would be tremendously helpful. You can use VueJS framework with Gutenberg. VueJS also allows you to build a complete app by utilizing Gutenberg as only the data provider.
  • Props and State: With React components comes with both props and state but t doesn’t allow mutating the props directly. With React the state is only defined in the constructor of the component. VueJS works the same way in respect of Props but in Vue, the state is referred to as data.
  • Templating: Both React and VueJS allow you to build HTML code for rendering different functions. Both the framework comes with a native templating system. While Vue templates are HTML like and use two-way data binding, React uses JSX and it is less HTML-like in appearance.

What Should You Use Vuejs or React For WordPress?

Answering this question by choosing one option instantly is not possible. While VueJS is much easier to use it comes with fewer components or development options. React can be a little complex, to begin with, but in the long run with the input of experienced developers, it can deliver far better output. For starters, Vue can offer an extra edge because of its friendliness to the beginners. Obviously, it also depends upon your long-term objective with the project.

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