Yes! We know you love this game so much and incase you haven’t tried it yet, you are missing out on lots of fun.  Chasing Pokémon has become a hobby for most users and obsession for few. In the recent week, Pokémon Go has become a global event; it is a mobile game app deriving its influence from TV episodes of Pokémon, followed by classic computer game and other card games. Pokémon Go is disrupting mobile gaming having a perfect blend of augmented reality (AR) and GPS taking the user through the journey to find these colorful creatures – Pokémon. According to a recent research, the game has more than 21 million daily active users in the USA, and users spend an average of 33 minutes each day playing the game. It promptly turned into the number one downloaded game in the USA upon launch.

Pokémon Go is a free location-based application created by Niantic for both iOS and Android mobile platforms. It encourages users to investigate their surroundings by using augmented reality while at the same time trying to capture as many Pokémon as possible. The fundamental presentation of the game is a map based on your surroundings that showcase PokéStops which are created by the game development community based on the city landmarks. Users will be able to find and correlate the Pokémon to its habitat they are found in. For an instance, if a user is exploring a watery territory it will give them a better chance of catching a Pokémon that lives in that sort of habitat.

Core Mechanics of Pokémon Go

Fascinating Gameplay

Pokémon Go players have infinite opportunity to hog over the game with no time restrictions. They can play a session as long as they wish. The game’s concept is based on the need to travel, keeping in mind the end goal to catch all the Pokémon. For this the users must explore the surroundings early and regularly. This factor keeps on motivating the user to return to the game as often as possible and also for long sessions at one go. In addition, each capture of a Pokémon is unique and individual, and every user session is different in which you catch different Pokémon, walk in various routes or meet different people etc. This keeps intact the freshness in the gameplay that most other games loose over.


Pokémon Go is a free to-play title. During the game, the various power upgrades can be accommodated through digital cash which can be bought using the local currency, for e.g. If you are running out of Pokéballs to catch your favourite Pokémon, you can buy 100 coins for a dollar which can be used to buy the Pokéballs in the game. Built over the same platform as other games, Niantic added enough grinding to the gameplay giving open doors for adaptation, however not disappointing users. Acquiring virtual currency can just accelerate your progress in the game. Going ahead, players may see ads in the game at sponsored locations. This is a huge opportunity for the company.


One of the purposes behind Pokemon Go booming is the combination of Gamification and Geoinformatics. It is the use of the game thinking in non-gamer background to engage users and to expand users’ self-contributions. While Geoinformatics is the technology which develops and uses information science infrastructure to address the queries of geography and locations.


This game is exceptionally unique in terms of using augmented reality (AR) within the game, using GPS to decide when the trainer is near the PokéStops, and requiring real-world movement on the request of tens, if not hundreds, of km/miles to legitimately progress in the game.

 Social Benefits

The game encourages interaction by uniting users together at common regions to catch Pokémon. In this way, users have a common interest and will probably interact with each other while attempting to get the Pokémon. People who generally prefer being away from extensive group or social interaction are being acquired right in the middle of it in a fun and interesting way. People are building more connections & more confidence as they explore the world surrounding them.

Pokémon Go can possibly turn into an enduring Social phenomenon. Sitting atop the earning graphs, the game as of now has incremental revenue every day. While the craze may appear somewhat confusing and even perilous to a few, the fun element in playing this game is at par. The very expected and amazingly immersive new Pokémon Go is ready to take Smartphone gaming Application to an incredibly new level and setting new bench-marking standards for mobile app  gaming industry and definitely a positive outlook for global startup community.