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Most Time-Tested Practices for Build a Web Store with Net Core

Most Time-Tested Practices for Build a Web Store with Net Core

Net Core is a widely acclaimed and open-source cross-platform language from Microsoft which has become particularly popular in recent times for building enterprise and commercial web apps, eCommerce stores, mobile apps, desktop apps, and also a variety of IoT apps. In case you are already into .net development, you probably know about the power of the language. This is why it would be better to explain the benefits of the language. If you are going to hire any of the professional development services for developing a web store, knowing these advantages can help you in making the choice.

Principal Benefits of Using .Net Core for Your Web Store Projects

Net Core is a great language for building highly sophisticated, feature-rich and versatile applications for various user segments and business niches. Particularly, for building web store .Net Core is an ideal framework for many reasons. Let us have a quick look at some of the key advantages of using Net Core or .Net for building modern web stores.

  • Because it is completely open-source and free, it has several natural advantages over other encapsulated and proprietary languages. As a free and open-source language, it helps your web store to present across a multitude of platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.
  • .Net Core coming as a redesigned language of the old ASP.Net 4.x platform comes with great cloud compatibility. As the language allows storing everything in the cloud, it helps the modern web stores with additional advantages in terms of accessibility and storage.
  • In spite of the fact this framework is very lightweight, Web stores built with this framework can always expect high-level performance.
  • A crucial advantage of this framework is that it requires far less coding while you don’t need to compromise on security and feature set. Because of lesser code .Net Core-based web stores are also easier to maintain.
  • One of the niches where the Net Core framework comes as a truly handy option for eCommerce development services. Since the highly competitive eCommerce industry requires a fast-paced website and optimum scalability to accommodate expanding catalog, .Net Core framework just fits in as an ideal option.
  • .Net Core framework comes as a versatile platform which gets continuous inputs from the Microsoft developers spread all over the globe. A robust community ready to come to your aid is another great advantage you get from this framework while developing a web store.

Best Practices for Build a Web Store with Net Core

Build a Web Store with Net Core

Now that we have understood the importance of the .Net Core framework for building web store, let us explain some of the time-tested practices that developers should follow for utilizing the language to the optimum benefit of their web store project. When you hire Asp.NET developer for your upcoming web store, having a comprehensive idea about these best practices is very important.

  • Keeping the Framework Updated

For any software ranging from the operating system of your phone to your computer to the CMS software of your website, keeping them updated to the latest version is important both for ensuring optimum performance and security. By keeping the .Net framework updated to the latest version, the developers of a web store can ensure faster-loading speed, unmatched performance, optimum security and a great boost to the efficiency. Always use the latest updated version of the .Net framework for your web store project.

  • Ensuring Caching

Caching or collecting caches helps users to get faster access to a web page that has already been opened or accessed earlier. Caching is very necessary to make sure that the web server needs to process comparatively lesser requests from the client-server or the proxy server. Thanks to caching, web servers don’t need to work very hard to fetch responses for the user from the server and this makes the web store load items quickly.

  • Maintain Less Interactions with Datastore

More calls for retrieving data actually makes way for longer processing time on the part of the server. That means simply by reducing the server-side interactions lower, the processing speed for an app gets a solid boost. Follow the best practices to maintain easy access to data and reduce less data requests from the server.

  • Boost Code Areas Used Frequently

Certain features, functions or modules within a web page happen to attract more interactions than others. By optimizing these code paths, the user experience of these apps can gain a significant boost. For example, you can always make certain modules like user authentication and registration, the home page, checkout page, etc better by optimizing the code oaths of these modules.

  • Reduce the Client Assets

An app often takes a longer duration to load because of the initial load it needs to handle. By reducing the client assets to a minimum the loading time can be improved to a great extent. Client-side assets like comments and white space can be reduced by using some third-party tools for faster loading speed.

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Preventing SQL Injection

Preventing SQL Injection

Another crucial and widely recommended Net core development practice is to prevent unauthorized users from injecting malicious SQL code that can infect the app database and can help the attackers to mess with the data security.

Here are some time-tested measures to prevent SQL Injection.

  • Validate inputs
  • Use stored procedures
  • Use parameterized queries
  • Use Entity Framework or any other ORM
  • Use least-privileged DB access
  • Store encrypted data

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Net Core remained to be one of the dominant frameworks for building modern web stores equipped with all state of the art features and performance attributes. The above-mentioned practices will further help developers to get the best output from the framework for web shoppers.

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