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Mobile Only World Is Becoming A Reality

Mobile Only World Is Becoming A Reality

The ever flourishing market of smartphones along with the emerging innovative apps that run on them is perhaps amongst the biggest significant technical phenomena in the recent times. In these days, users have resorted to mobile phones & apps as such that it has become the remote control of their lives, helping them to do things with a single tap.

Mobile apps are developed and designed to connect, communicate, play games, and explore outlets, read books, recharge phones, book hotels, and much more.

Mobile Apps Global Impact

Let’s look over through few stats and know the reason behind this popularity:

  • The total number of mobile app downloads in 2017 – 197 billion
  • Generated revenue of USD 86 million in 2014

A large proportion of the world is mobile-enabled (75% and more). The ubiquity of the phones, declining prices, fast internet access, with flexible user interfaces has made human lives easy, and hence the growth of mobile phones is a reality today.

The users have convenient access to millions of mobile apps via play stores, and this augments the profitability and use of mobile devices. Along with that, how can we forget about proximity given by mobile apps to a targeted user group? Apps serve the quality customized experience which helps users to spend most of the time using their smartphones.

Fundamentally, the between the line you need to understand for your business is as the use of phone increases the use of apps will increase. An average phone has nearly 17-18 apps which boosts the app usage. Consequently, mobile app/mobile optimization becomes a priority on your enterprise roadmap.

How Profitable is the Mobile App To Different Industries?

Mobile has outpaced desktop users for all day-to-day activities carried out over the web, like shopping, social networking, trading, gaming, social news gathering and more. The mobile application development has shifted business towards a complete new level, and the businesses that need to sustain the position in the market should adopt mobile app.

Currently, different industries globally are leveraging advantage from the mobile application to enhance profitability with efficient use of mobile apps. Few of these industries are:

  • Education

    Undoubtedly, mobile technology has given the easy edge to learning and experimenting with practical things. E-learning & new education technology trends have integrated fun in learning and understanding the subject to the core has become quick and easy. The university and school staff have started using educational apps to offer students a personalized experience to each subject.

  • eCommerce Industry

    The retail industry is considerably growing every year and eCommerce mobile apps are one of the sole reason for booming this growth. The convenience is at the door, right from purchasing the product with a click to accessing the variety of products from one place from anywhere.

  • Travel & Tourism

    The travel app has made it easy to book a hotel, search for different places in a particular city, book a flight or train tickets, and much more. The tourism apps aim at providing ease to nomad’s while providing accurate and quick service to travelers at their figure touch. For ease, the tourism industry asks to a mobile app development company india to enhance the growth and provide convenience to their clients.

  • Manufacturing Industry

    With tech advent, manufacturer companies are looking for new technology solutions like mobile apps to ease their business processes. The mobile apps in the manufacturing industry is used to track employees, prevent wastage, track vehicles and more. Along with this, the mobile apps help them to diminish the redundant activities while enabling collaboration between various units to speed up the process.

  • Logistics & Transportation

    The mobile app has added multiple things to the benefits basket like tracking mileage on the go, better management with the back-end system, easy scheduling, and routing, inventory management, materials supply, assessing materials loaded and unloaded has become effortless with a mobile app, empowering the industry to perform efficiently.

  • Banking & Finance

    Banking mobile apps have not just made the transaction easy but opening an account to dealing with the detailed transaction list is accessed just from a finger touch. Moreover, it even helps to enhance the customer engagement rate, inform customers about new financial schemes, products and more. Mobile apps for finance and banking is indeed offering unsurpassed benefit to customers.

  • Food Industry

    People today, know how the ‘yummy in the tummy’ can make their day. Food industry is now obviously a flourishing industry with technology lease. The technology helps to make the restaurant’s process, business and delivery endeavors smooth. Restaurant mobile apps are developed to make the reservations, order takeout and other facilities required by user simple.

    The thriving growth of mobile apps is something you cannot miss for your business growth. Large number of apps are getting developed and downloaded for different needs of individuals.

So, ready to jump in the bandwagon?

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