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Is Asp.Net Core Behind The Success Of Enterprise Applications Development?

Is Asp.Net Core Behind The Success Of Enterprise Applications Development?

ASP.NET Core, the cross-platform and open-source framework is developed by Microsoft for building modern, cloud-based, and internet-connected applications. Designed to enable runtime components, APIs, compilers, and languages to evolve quickly, it runs on macOS, Linux, and Windows on the .NET Core or .NET Framework.

To know more about the development cycle of ASP.NET Core and to gain knowledge of its future design directions, we interviewed Kenneth Y. Fukizi, the author of the book ‘Learn ASP.NET Core 3.0, Second edition’, published by Packt Publishing. He has more than 14 years of professional experience and is working as a software engineering contractor/consultant for client organizations based in South Africa, Australia, U.S.A, and Canada.

Kenneth believes that the current performance of ASP.NET Core is a lot more superior than its predecessors and its competitor frameworks. He prefers to use ASP.Net Core to build enterprise web applications due to the flexibility that comes with it. He is also excited that .Net 5 will have more interoperability with other programming languages. When asked about his thoughts on Microsoft supporting the open-source platform Pulumi, Kenneth says it will definitely help developers in building modern cloud applications.

Benefits of Using ASP.NET Core for Enterprise Application Development

  • Performance

The most significant benefit that you can get off using ASP.NET Core for enterprise application development is performance.

It automatically optimizes the code when you compile it, which ensures enhanced performance. The most significant benefit of this is you do not have to make any alterations in the code. With the help of re-compilation, you can directly optimize the code.

As per the study results by TechEmpower, the performance of ASP.NET Core is much quicker than the past performance records. Isn’t that amazing news? It goes to show that developers are much more interested in DotNet web development.

  • Effortless Updates

In terms of updating new changes, it becomes incredibly tricky for any ASP.NET development company to update new changes. As soon as any new change or update comes up, a release of a new framework version is planned.

For example, MVC5 came into the market after the launch of its new attribute – routing.

On the other hand, when it comes to ASP.NET Core development services, every update is managed by the NuGet package. So, whenever a new release of the Nuget package version is expected, new changes can be affected by updating packages.

  • Command Line Application

ASP.NET Core consists of the command line that supports all the major platforms, including Linux, Windows, and Mac. With the help of Command-Line Application, it is possible to create, execute, and host different applications using ASP.NET development services.

  • Effortless Management

As far as ASP.NET coding is concerned, less is more! Since the language does not require more coding, developers can put in more effort into optimizing the coding structure.

This way, they can create the code with limited sentences. Remember, the less the coding, the better it is to maintain!

Always keep yourself updated with the latest improvements happening in the ASP.NET Core programming language. This way, it is possible to increase the maintenance standards.

  • Supports Cross-Platform

The ASP.NET development services for enterprises must support all platforms. Since ASP.NET is cross-platform, it is effortless for developers to effortlessly develop applications that run smoothly on Linux, Windows, and Mac using ASP.NET Core web application development. This way, your business can get more mileage on other platforms.

The amazing benefit of ASP.NET Core in developing cross-platform apps is the fact that you can develop frontend with the same C# code for the backend.

Thanks to the new .NET standard libraries, developers can easily develop cross-platform apps with maximum effectiveness.

  • Supports Cloud-Based Development

In case you are a large organization, ASP.NET Core facilitates the development of cloud-based applications.

You can develop different types of web applications, the Internet of Things (IoT) apps, and mobile backend!

The Easy Integration of MVC & Web API Frameworks

Before ASP.NET Core was introduced, developers were predominantly employing the MVC and Web API frameworks. MVC was customized to develop web applications that ended up with HTML.

On the other hand, Web API was designed with the sole intention of creating RESTful services with the help of XML or JSON.

As far as ASP.NET Core is concerned, both MVC and Web API have been integrated together. There was always something familiar with both these frameworks. The amazing part is, MVC can get JSON data instead of HTML. Integrating them was a great move to simplify the development process.

It has an altogether new feature called Razor pages. These pages are an extension of the MVC framework. They help in encapsulating the controller and model aspects of a page through two-way binding. It replaces WebForms by employing the familiar Razor syntax.

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Protection

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Protection

Security is of paramount importance in this digital age. It assists in ensuring that your application is safe from any attack. CSRF protects your authenticated session from potential hackers by ensuring that the users’ verified session is not employed to perform an action they did not initiate.

For example, you log into your bank account and then shift to another website. If it becomes possible for any person accessing that website to post to your bank website to transfer funds, it can result in a horrible incident.

All this possible in case the online session on the banking website is still valid and the bank does not correctly validate requests.

These kinds of attacks can be prevented by using this feature. The amazing part is ASP.NET Core generates anti-forgery tokens which can be extremely useful in the long run.

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Asp.Net is globally recognized as a robust enterprise-friendly language for building high-quality apps. A plethora of successful enterprise apps across niches provide solid ground for choosing

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