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A Comprehensive Guide on Integrating Monoova Payment Gateway in Your Mobile App

A Comprehensive Guide on Integrating Monoova Payment Gateway in Your Mobile App

Every business understands the benefits that user-friendly and seamless mobile applications can bring, which is why they invest in professional development services. But, in today’s world of huge internet traffic, it is quite possible that the included APIs might not work; and a lot of businesses have also experienced this – their payment gateway having outages.

This is true even for big payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe; so, you must ensure that your development team integrates a powerful payment API that helps you avoid these issues and we have found just what you need – Monoova Payment Gateway.

The Monoova Payment Gateway is a powerful API-based solution that allows business owners like you to automate financial transactions and services quite easily; and, the best part of the Monoova Payment Gateway is that it supports both domestic and international payments, meaning you don’t need to use different payment gateways and can rely on Monoova.

But, why do you need to integrate a payment gateway in your mobile app and will it even help your business? Well, payment gateways act as a middleman that allows websites and stores to communicate with banks/financial institutions and vice-versa. Another reason why most businesses prefer using payment gateways is that they offer great security and ensure that any data exchange occurring between the involved parties is protected.

Now that you are aware of why businesses integrate payment gateways and have a great payment gateway option available, we must move on to the next step – integrating Monoova Payment gateway. Although the integration process sounds simple and only takes a few seconds, it includes numerous steps and there are several processes happening in the backend. But, to simplify the complete process of integrating Monoova Payment gateway, we have curated this article. Here, we will take you through the complete process of integrating Monoova Payment Gateway in your mobile app and will discuss the prerequisites and other considerations you might need to make.

Understanding Monoova Payment Gateway – Brief Description and Rundown of Features

Understanding Monoova Payment Gateway

When you perform Monoova payment gateway API integration, you can enable seamless domestic and global transactions that help your customers and business; unlike other API payment solutions available, you can enjoy the convenience of seamless transactions and reduced admin responsibilities with Monoova’s payment gateway and API services. Not only can customers initiate payment, but also, the power lies in your hands – you can customize the API to ensure that the payment gateway is in line with how your business settles and disburses payments!

If you are still hesitant about integrating Monoova payment gateway with your mobile app, check the features of Monoova payment integration (listed below) to understand why it is the best payment API you will find in today’s industry:-

1. Security

One of the prime reasons why a lot of businesses look to integrate popular payment APIs is because these have great security protocols in place; and with Monoova including numerous security measures, you must undoubtedly look for expert Monoova API integration services. Monoova’s payment platform is encrypted and protects your business’s payment flows; additionally, the platform also keeps your business and customer data safe using these security measures:-

  • The platform includes multi-factor authentications that are quite advanced and prevent you from fraud and also helps add an extra security layer to your application.
  • Monoova’s payment API follows the RESTful architecture which adds to the overall application security and stability.
  • The payment API and other payment solutions offered by Monoova are under the AFSL or the Australian Financial Services License.

2. Reduced Costs

Integrating Monoova payment gateway in your mobile application can help you reduce overall business costs while ensuring efficient and seamless transactions; after all, Monoova’s payment gateway allows businesses to receive payments and disburse funds in real time, ensuring that funds are always clear and available at your disposal.

Another great advantage is that you get access to real-time reports on your payment transactions and do not need to rely on payment records that are not up-to-date. Hence, a lot of businesses invest in app monetization with Monoova and choose it as their app’s payment API provider!

3. Highly Scalable

The main issue with payment gateways is that a lot of them run into issues when there is a huge demand or high payment influx; hence, developers always prefer to use APIs and solutions that are scalable and can manage varied app needs and customer demands. Monoova’s payment gateway and API solutions are highly scalable, adaptable, and automatic and can easily integrate with different mobile applications.

Integrating Monoova payment gateway in your mobile app will allow you to receive, pay, and manage your funds in AUD in Australia; another advantage is that it helps reduce overall operational costs, risks, and effort that is associated with complex transactions. When a professional mobile app development company integrates Monoova’s payment gateway in your app, you ensure that your transactions go through in real-time and can easily move money.

4. Stable

A lot of businesses invest in integrating Monoova Payment Gateway in their mobile app because they prefer powering their payments via a stable platform; additionally, Monoova allows developers to integrate multiple payment rails – this helps prevent platform and industry outages while ensuring that your business’ payment gateway is up and running. The platform also offers local support and easy-to-use developer tools that help ensure seamless Monoova API integration.

5. Added Control

A huge problem that businesses face with other payment gateways is that these are often not customizable and do not allow them to be in charge of payments; but, Monoova offers clear and automated visibility with all incoming and outgoing transactions which allows you to ensure you have control over the complete payment cycle.

Now that you have seen Monoova’s features, you surely understand the numerous benefits you can reap after integrating Monoova payment gateway; but, the best part is that – Monoova’s payment gateway is highly compatible with mobile applications. So, you can simply hire mobile app developers to develop your business’s mobile applications and get them to integrate the Monoova payment gateway in it.

Prerequisites for a Successful Monoova Payment Gateway Integration

Now, let us discuss the prerequisites that you must fulfill to ensure that you perform successful Monoova payment gateway integration; after all, your system and app must be updated and must support the Monoova payment gateway to ensure a seamless user experience.

The first step to integrating Monoova payment gateway in your mobile app is – signing on to Monoova’s developer portal; now, once you are logged in, navigate to Manage and then Accounts to find your sandbox API key after which you must follow the authentication process. Some Sandbox authentication credentials that we recommend you keep at hand are as follows:-

UsernameThis is the API key that you obtained from the Developer Portal (as mentioned above)
PasswordWhen you use the API key, keep it blank; this is because Monoova will provide a password for OneShotSecurityToken
Base URL

For live authentication credentials, you will be provided with these by Monoova once the team has successfully completed a technical review:-

UsernameThe API key that you obtain from the Production portal; you will also use the production credentials that will be supplied by Monoova
PasswordThis field is to be left blank when using the API key, while the OneShotSecurityToken will be supplied by Monoova
Base URL

If you are using the LIVE engine, you will get a maximum of five attempts to authenticate your credentials; but, in case of five failures, your sign-in account gets locked for an hour and the returned data indicates the account is locked and the time when your account will get unlocked. You will need to connect with a Monoova representative to get your account unlocked on the LIVE system, but the account will only be unlocked at their discretion.

Elevate Your Payment Processing Experience With Monoova

Step-by-Step Integration Guide to Help You Successfully Integrating Monoova Payment Gateway

To ensure that you are successfully integrating Monoova Payment Gateway in your mobile app, we have built a step-by-step guide; this will help ensure that you can enjoy the benefits of Monoova API integration without any problems:-

1. Set Up Monoova in the Mobile Application Environment

The first step to integrating Monoova payment gateway in your mobile application is to ensure that your mAccount is properly configured and once you are done, you must keep your API keys, usernames, and passwords on hand. The next step is to download the mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) that you must install; then, clone the Merchant SDK repository which also offers a list of tools that help you initiate a Monoova session. You will also find detailed instructions on how to use the SDK and integrate it in the SDK itself to ensure you are successfully integrating Monoova payment gateway.

2. Configure All API Calls and Endpoints

Next, you must find out the authentication for the API that is handled in Auth0; also, the access to the APIs are based on the Bearer token and your customers should be registered in a portal to access the services. Use the API endpoint to ensure BASIC authentication is available ; then, generate a client session and can filter the Get transactions based on multiple conditions.

3. Handle Errors and Other Troubleshooting Tips

In case of errors, you will be presented with a Monoova error code and you can easily refer to the error list to find out the meaning. This will help you easily find out the error your application is running into and allows you to easily troubleshoot. You can also get in touch with Monoova’s customer support team to easily troubleshoot your application and ensure you can handle errors.

Testing and Quality Assurance Offered by the Monoova Payment Gateway

Testing is an essential part of ensuring that you have successfully integrated Monoova Payment gateway in your mobile app; and, to help you do that, Monoova allows developers to try all of their features and test them out via the Developer Portal. So, before you use any feature for your app, you can simply test it out to check how it works and then integrate it.

Monoova also has numerous features and benefits and operates on great strategies that allow developers to ensure that your mobile app offers the best experience. However, we recommend you follow the steps listed and mentioned in the SDK repo offered by Monoova to ensure that your users can have the best experience. The most valuable advice we can give: employ mobile developers proficient in Monoova payment gateway; this will guarantee meticulous testing and development – a crucial factor for success.

Security Considerations for Integrating Monoova Payment Gateway

Monoova’s payment gateway has numerous security measures in place which are listed as follows:-

  • The platform we employ leverages cutting-edge, multi-factor authentication and authorization technology: this not only thwarts fraud-it also boosts security with an additional layer of protection.
  • We use RESTful architecture to build our Monoova API; this empowers developers – ensuring that your application can accommodate a myriad of user needs.
  • Operating under all applicable licenses, our platform ensures the protection of your business and data by adhering to stringent industry regulations and standards.

Examples – How Businesses Are Integrating Monoova Payment Gateway to Succeed

Recognizing the potential unlocked by integrating Monoova payment gateway into your mobile application can help you enjoy better business benefits; so, we must examine some real-time examples of how this platform has facilitated business success.

  1. Insurance – Monoova’s gateway in Insurance enables businesses to transfer emergency claims and funds to their customers 24/7.
  2. Property – Today, many companies are trying not to rely on bank cheques but on Monoova’s gateway for property settlements.
  3. Government Agencies – Monoova’s payment services actively support Australian government agencies; and, they help facilitate urgent and real-time welfare payments which helps uplift user and citizen experience.

Future Development and Updates

Monoova’s team commits to leading the financial industry, guaranteeing customers integrate their API and can enjoy advanced mobile app payment solutions. Expect future developments and updates with ease and rely on prompt release. Stay tuned to this space for staying updated and ensuring quick access to these features – follow Monoova’s Blog as well. We recommend that you check for updates regularly, ensuring your app’s payment integration remains current; this guarantees users enjoy premium financial services and seamless transactions.


With so many features and benefits to look forward to, we recommend you consider integrating Monoova payment gateway in your mobile app at the earliest. After all, seamless payments not only help ensure that your online business does not come to a standstill, but also allows you to ensure great user experiences. So, quickly hire professional mobile app developers and get started with integrating Monoova payment gateway in your mobile app.

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