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How to Implement In-App Purchase into a Flutter App Using Adapty?

How to Implement In-App Purchase into a Flutter App Using Adapty?

Nowadays, there is a growing demand among businesses to integrate premium features into their business app. One such thing is adding a payment gateway to an app. It is not as simple as it seems from the surface, instead it is a big hassle. But, still, there is the easiest way to integrate a payment gateway in an app including a Flutter app. You can add In-App Purchases into a Flutter app simply from the App Store on iOS and Google Play on Android.

There are mainly three ways to integrate in-app purchases in your Flutter app: in_app_purchase, flutter_inapp_purchase, and purchases_flutter. Each package comes with unique features and unique ways to install and use a Flutter app. Here comes the role of experienced Flutter app developers who have enough knowledge of the Dart programming language and previously built a Flutter application in both iOS and Android applications.

Before we dive deep into the topic of how to implement in-app purchases into a Flutter app, it is better to have deep knowledge of Flutter App Development Services.

A Brief Overview of Flutter App Development Services:

Flutter App Development Services

Flutter is an open-source web and mobile app SDK that supports both iOS and Android platforms helping businesses build dynamic feature-loaded apps for mobile, web, and desktop using a single codebase. Hiring a professional Flutter app development company that is specialized in crafting solutions for both iOS and Android applications, will help you build beautiful functionally-rich native apps in record time. Flutter comes with a complete set of rich widgets, frameworks, and tools. This is the reason why Flutter app developers are now becoming an excellent choice for building rich and beautiful native applications for different verticals like m-commerce, healthcare, travel, news, banking, and many more.

It takes meticulous setup of the App and Play Stores, verification of the purchase, and giving of the appropriate permissions, such as subscription perks, in order to add in-app purchases to a Flutter app. A professional Flutter app development service provider can offer you to add all three types of in-app purchases to your Flutter app. It will enable you to offer your customers three different purchase options such as a reputable purchase option for 2000 Dashes at once, a one-time upgrade purchase to make the old style Dash into a modern style Dash, and a subscription that doubles the automatically generated clicks.

What Is In-App Purchase?

In_app_purchase is a Flutter plugin that is designed to support in-app purchases through the App Store, and Google Play Store for iOS and Android respectively. It works for displaying products no matter whether it is consumables, non-consumables, or subscriptions available for sale from the stores. It also transfers the user to a store for purchasing products.

Again there is another plugin namely Flutter_inapp_Purchase that also handles in-app purchases. Unlike the previous option, it works mainly for an open-source project. This particular plugin offers better performance in the application because of the greater availability of the methods.

When it comes to purchases_flutter, it requires a little more effort to set up the functionalities to make it work with Google Play and the App Store. Once you set it up, it provides simple and easy functions making it effortless to query products and perform purchases.

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Why Use Adapty Flutter SDK to Add In-App Purchases into a Flutter App?

Adapty SDK is a 100% open-source, native and lightweight framework that helps fast and easy implement in-app subscriptions to Flutter apps. When it comes to installing SDK for growing subscriptions, there are a few steps involved such as:

  • Price testing for paywalls on the fly to test different prices, durations, offers, messages, and designs all at the same time without new app releases.
  • Getting payment history of your customers to explore user’s payment events from the very start, trial, subscription to the cancellation or billing issues.
  • Forwarding in-app purchase events by sending subscription events to 3rd party analytics, attribution, and ad services without a single coding.
  • Implementing in-app purchases without any server code. In simple words, In-app purchases with server-side receipt validation in minutes.
  • Analyzing real-time metrics of your app with advanced filters such as ad network, ad campaign, country, A/B test, and many more.
Flutter App Development

Advantages of Using Adapty SDK for Integrating In-App Purchase into Flutter App:

Simply put, Adapty can handle everything from the very beginning to the end of adding in-app purchases into a Flutter app. The steps include:

  • Fast & Easy IAPs Integration Without Server Coding: Adapty offers free trials, upgrades, downgrades, crossgrades, family sharing, renewals, promo offers, intro offers, promo codes, and more everything with a single line of code. Moreover, it offers easy subscription management with both one-time purchase and lifetime subscription support across iOS, Android, and the Web.
  • Price Testing for In-App Purchases on Flutter Without App Releases: Adapty offers optimizing in-app subscriptions with the paywall A/B testing that includes conversions, trials, revenue, cancellations, and everything that comes under it. Moreover, you can change images, colors, layouts, etc with a custom JSON. It will enable you configuration with different price models, trial periods, promo offers, and more using Adapty without app releases.
  • Paywall A/B Testing on Flutter App: With Adapty, you can seamlessly integrate both Price testing and A/B testing for any platform.
  • Real-Time Analytics for Your Flutter App: Adapty SDK helps manage the subscription’s state with 99.5% accurate App Store Connect without even managing transactions. It will enable you to view and analyze data by attributes including status, channels, campaigns, and many more.
  • Mobile App Monetization’s Largest Community: Adapty SDK has the largest community that will enable you to ask questions, and participate in discussions no matter whether you are an app developer or a marketer.

How to Set Up for In-App Purchases?

How to Set Up for In-App Purchases?

There is a significant amount of setup required for successfully integrating in-app purchases in the Flutter app including registering new app IDs and store entries to use for testing for both Play Developer Console and In App Store Connect for both Google Play and App Store. But both these stores have extensive documentation on how to do this. So, if you are planning to build a feature-rich Flutter app, make sure to hire a leading Flutter app development company treasured with expert developers who can help you integrate different types of in-app purchases in your Flutter app including:

  • Consumables: They can be purchased several times.
  • Non-Consumables: It can be purchased for a single time.
  • Subscriptions: You can allow customers to make purchases using this kind of in-app purchase for a set period of time on both iOS and Android. To have it published to the App Store while setting up for iOS, you must first create an Apple IOS developer programme account. Again, in order to publish the application to the Play Store for Android, you must create a Google Developer Account.

Summing It Up with How to Setup All Three Flutter Plugins:

Here is a brief about How to Implement In-App Purchase in your Flutter app.

All three applications require the setup of in-app purchasing differently. In_app_purchase, being the official plugin for in-app purchases in Flutter applications is backed with functions and methods. But still, it demands writing a substantial amount of code to verify an application and store information.

Flutter_inapp_purchase provides more functions making it more accessible. It also requires writing to implement verification and some other functions while using the solution.

Purchases_flutter, being a third-party plugin is easy to implement especially when you are trying to implement in-app purchases using Adapty.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • People can download an app for free, but it demands a fee through in-app purchases no matter whether you are an App Store or Google Play user. It can ask for a cost for some additional features, games add-ons, or simply for subscriptions. If you are an iPhone owner, you can purchase extra content-free iPhone apps.
  • In-app purchases are the foundation element of mobile free-to-play ecosystems. It can work differently for iOS and Android. When it comes to preparing in-app purchases for iOS, developers need to configure each app to be compatible with App Store Connect. Again, for preparing app-purchase for Android, developers need to include specific backend APIs to manage payment features.
  • The price of in-app purchases is rapidly growing which may correspond with the growing consumer comfort with paying for premium content at a specific time of the year.

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