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How to Make an App like Pandora: A Complete Guide for 2024

How to Make an App like Pandora: A Complete Guide for 2024

Want to create a Pandora-like app? Find out the technical specifications and unique features that make Pandora one of the most popular online music streaming and radio services.

The music industry has undoubtedly flourished in recent years. The music app development, once dominated by record labels and their performers, is now accessible to anyone with a clever concept.

Pandora is one of the most popular internet radio and music streaming services, with over 90 million monthly listeners. Founded in 2000 by Will Glaser, Jon Kraft, and Tim Westergren, the company currently generates $447 million in quarterly sales. Pandora has achieved remarkable achievements. This blog examines what makes Pandora unique and the technological needs to develop apps like Pandora.

Considering the worldwide market, it is important to mention that the United States is anticipated to yield the most revenue, amounting to US$15.69 billion in 2023.

What is Pandora App?

An application that allows users to search for songs by their favorite musicians is known as a music streaming app. The music will play on the app based on your preferences, with comparable genre tracks playing next. Create music NFT marketplaces such as Pandora that determine your musical preferences and curate playlists based on them.

It creates a playlist that you will enjoy by removing and adding songs based on your input and song preferences. Users of the Pandora radio app can enjoy a customized listening experience that adapts to their tastes over time.

You can use your preferred songs, musicians, or genres to create a playlist; look for recommended stations or browse through them. These are determined by your current emotional or physical state and find podcasts that resonate with you.

How Does Pandora Differ From Other Music Apps Like Spotify?

The way Spotify and Pandora offer music is one of their key distinctions. Since Spotify is an on-demand service, customers can select any music to listen to at any moment. Pandora, on the other hand, is a radio service that plays music according to the artist or genre that the user has chosen. This implies that Pandora offers a more tailored experience, but Spotify gives the customer greater discretion over what they listen to.

The degree of personalization provided by both platforms is another important distinction. With the help of its sophisticated algorithm, Spotify builds customized playlists for each user based on their listening habits. These playlists, which combine new and old songs depending on various criteria, comprise Discover Weekly, Daily Mixes, and Release Radar.

On the other hand, Pandora adjusts its recommendations based on user feedback. Users can give a song a thumbs up or down to let Pandora better understand what kind of music they like.

Another social feature of Spotify is missing from Pandora. With Spotify’s feature of playlist sharing and mutual following, it’s simple to find new music and connect with friends who share your taste in music. Users may also share their current playlists with friends and followers thanks to Spotify’s connection with social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Lastly, the two platforms’ prices differ from one another. Spotify’s premium subscription costs more than Pandora’s premium subscription, even though both provide free versions with advertisements.

But Spotify’s premium membership also comes with extra features like unlimited skips, better audio quality, and offline playback.

Both apps mix a freemium model with an advertising approach as part of their common monetization plan. They split the income differently, though. Pandora is more dependent on advertisements than other apps; only 20% of revenue comes from Premium accounts. The only benefit of a paid account in this mode is the lack of advertisements. Furthermore, at just $4,99, Premium is comparatively inexpensive when compared to Spotify. However, Spotify’s free account is less useful because it depends more on its premium account. Only 10% of the app’s revenue comes from advertising; the other 90% comes from users. For $9,99, you can purchase the complete functionality here.

music streaming app like Pandora

How to Make a Music App like Pandora?

1. Licensing

The licensing aspect is what you need to take care of before you even begin the development process. Strict copyright and licensing regulations and intense competition characterize the music business. As such, it will likely be the largest financial commitment you make while creating a Spotify-like music streaming app.

Nearly half of Pandora’s overall income is allocated to licensing. It cost the business $734.35 million in 2016. The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers or Broadcast Music Incorporated are the organizations to contact if you wish to conduct business in the US. Please get in touch with the European Stage Authors and Composers if you plan to sell in Europe.

2. Choose Your Region of Work

Operating in every country on the earth is nearly impossible, regardless of size. Not even businesses like Pandora are global in their operations. So, research the area in which you wish to introduce your service and make your decision. After that, you can gradually broaden your scope of business.

3. Select the Streaming Technology That You Wish to Employ

You may wish to choose the kind of technology you want to use to stream music before starting your own music-streaming business. The following are some methods for streaming music via the Internet:

  • Installing the broadcast center on a virtual server and streaming music directly to users from the cloud is the first method.
  • The second alternative uses a distribution server to transmit content straight from the studio. It is the server’s responsibility to make it accessible to app users.
  • Let’s now examine the common technologies utilized in the production of Pandora clones. While there are other protocols available, WebRTC and RTMP continue to be the most widely used options.

Web-Based Real-Time Communication (WebRTC)

This protocol uses point-to-point technology to transfer files between programs or browsers. Its primary purpose is to provide voice and visual communication between users.

Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP)

RTMP is a broadcast protocol developed by Adobe that utilizes the company’s Flash Player. It means that ActionScript must be the foundation of the server.

4. Design of User Interface/User Experience

The most important part of the program is the UI and UX design. Ensure that the user interface is clear, easy to use, and has the necessary functions at your fingertips. Hire mobile app developers with expertise in UI/UX to get assistance in creating visually appealing software that is akin to Pandora radio in no time.

Idea Usher provides services for developing music streaming apps. Applications that function in comparable areas as Pandora radio should have user interfaces. Make careful you review the portfolios of potential UI/UX developers before selecting one.

5. Select the Layout

You can select from a variety of formats. However, once more, the format you choose will rely on the functionality of your app.

Similar to Spotify, these apps let users curate and choose their playlists of songs. Users can also share existing playlists with their friends and select from pre-generated ones according to the business.

Users of other programs, such as TuneIn, are unable to select songs from a list. Alternatively, you can tune in to their list of radio stations just as you would any other radio station.

Apple Music is the result of combining the aforementioned file types. With it, users may make their playlists or listen to radio stations that resemble TuneIn.

6. Monetization Plan

Choose your income-generating strategy before you begin developing the radio app. The majority of apps combine subscription-based services with advertising. Verify that they fit the model of your application.

7. Algorithm of Recommendations

Radios that resemble Pandora employ one of two widely used models for content recommendation. The first is Spotify’s use of the co-filtering algorithm. It suggests albums or songs to the user based on what’s popular or what they typically listen to.

Conversely, Pandora has an algorithm focused on content. It functions by making song recommendations based on the user’s past and interests.

Dual filtering

In recent years, a new kind of recommendation algorithm has surfaced. This technique is an adaptation of the content-based filtering approach. It makes suggestions to the user based on their likes and dislikes and listening preferences using artificial intelligence.

For instance, the system assists user B in exploring items that user A likes if user A and user B share comparable interests. When big databases are involved, such as in music streaming services, it is typically utilized.

8. Verify That the Business You Choose Has a Track Record of Success

Make sure you get the assistance of a well-known mobile app development company so they can assist you in realizing your dream. Several specialists are needed on the squad, including:

Manager of Projects

The development team will receive information from you, the client, through the project manager, who will also be in charge of overseeing everything.

UI/UX Programmers

The most crucial component of the software is the UI/UX. Skilled UI/UX developers will guarantee that your program is visually appealing and simple to use.


You can work with a variety of developers to create a music app similar to Pandora. To see how good the company is at what they do, make sure you check through their portfolio.

Key Features That Pandora Application Should Have

Key Features That Pandora Application Should Have

Now that we know how Pandora functions, you might be wondering what constitutes a positive user experience for a music app. Here are some guidelines to adhere to while creating a Pandora-like app.

It Needs to Be Simple to Navigate

Every smartphone app’s navigation and user-friendly layout are its most crucial features. Customers are known to dislike having to invest time in learning how to use an app. There should always be a search box on your preferred music app if you’re looking for new music.

Multiple Language Support Should Be Included

An app’s minimum viable product may be released with English as the only supported language. Nevertheless, music software ought to be multilingual.

Minimal use Interaction

An important metric is how many buttons the user has to press before the music starts. Most people hate having to record music more than once to hear it. As such, you ought to take action to lessen the same.

Two of the most popular music apps, Spotify and Deezer, have this down to a science. Spotify will begin playing the last song you listened to when you first started the app if it is open. The “Play” button on the app allows users to start using it right away. It only takes a single touch to get where you want to go.

Visually Consistent

Assume for a moment that you have access to a pre-built app library. After that, the radio app needs to follow the guidelines for app design language.

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How Much Does It Cost to Create a Pandora App?

The final cost of a radio station app development is determined by the complexity of the selected technology and the range of services needed.

If you want a mobile application, the cost will also go up. The development team must carefully analyze the technical requirements and determine how long it will take to complete each work before negotiating the exact amount.

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