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How To Integrate Stripe Payment Gateway In iOS App

How To Integrate Stripe Payment Gateway In iOS App

How can you develop a mobile app that accepts payments? Whether it’s a travel app, restaurant app or an eCommerce, you have to find some ways for accepting electronic payments for products that your customers need to buy. According to several researches, sales through mobile shopping are anticipated to keep rising in coming months. It is fundamental to have a payment gateway that runs smoothly inside your mobile application. It gives a platform to complete a transaction between the customers and the vendors. The kind of payment gateway may likewise be responsible for affecting your visitors’ perception towards your brand, and work as the main reason whether they make purchases or not. For example, if you are maintaining an eCommerce business and if your payment method does not appear to be reliable, then you are likely to lose potential clients just because they are not convinced with the type of payment method. Thus, having a payment gateway is not sufficient, but it should be secure & highly dependable. There are various payment gateways that allow you to process the information of the credit card transaction through their API. Amongst the trending financial transaction ecosystem, Stripe is one of the popular payment gateways.

Stripe is simple-to-use online credit-card-processing solution launched in 2011 by Collison brothers as a developer-friendly payment system. It doesn’t require a merchant account and supports multiple programming languages on the backend. It has been designed with a set of merged APIs and tools that promptly empowers businesses to accept and manage online payments. The API makes it simple for a customer to store card information, validate subscriptions, and direct payouts.

How to Implement Stripe Payment Gateway in iOS

  • Install The Library

    Install the library using CocoaPods which is dependency manager for Objective-C Project.

  • Configure API

    Configure Stripe with your publishable API key. It’s ideal to arrange in your Appdelegate’s method with the goal that it’ll be set for the whole lifecycle your application.

1. setDefaultPublishableKey

  • Add Stripe Control That Accepts User’s Credit Card Information

    To perform a transaction, your application ought to gather the client’s information like Name of the cardholder, Account number, CVV number & others. In the Stripe payment gateway, it is advisable to collect your users’ stored payment information through Apple Pay.

    In order to utilize Apple Pay, you’ll have to include the “Apple Pay” ability to your application in Xcode. This requires making a merchant ID with Apple, once set, you’ll then have to generate a PKPaymentRequest to submit to the Apple server. You’ll have to set the paymentSummaryItems property to an array of PKPaymentSummaryItems.

    After you make the request, check your device to ensure if Apple Pay is accessible. Then you should create and display the payment request viewcontroller.

2. Using Apple Pay 1

You may have seen that ViewController is a PKPaymentAuthorizationViewControllerDelegate. You’ll handle the PKPayment which the payment approval controller returns by utilizing this protocol.

3. Using Apple Pay 1 2

  • Add Code For Token Generation

    After you’ve received a PKPayment, you can convert it into a single-use Stripe token with a basic method call.

4. Using a PKPayment (Apple Pay)

  • Sending The Token To Your Server

    The block you provided for createToken will be called at whatever point Stripe returns with a token. You’ll have to send the token off to your server. This is the last step in which you charge the card from your server-side code and return success or failure information to the application.

5. Sending the token to your server

And you’re done for effectively charging your customers’ credit card for a purchase they made inside your application!

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How stripe is picking up as a good option in iOS App?

  • Easy To Use

    It requires minimal information to begin and allow a merchant to start credit card processing instantly after signing up. The procedure is extremely clear and displayed in a perfect, intuitive way. This takes only a couple of minutes to get your account up and running.

Integrating payment gateways

  • User-Friendly API

    Stripe got immediate popularity due to a perfect, easy to understand and well-documented API. Stripe’s API is quite easy to integrate with the website which is offered in different languages. Furthermore, you can also customize the form to get a design in sync with the Application design.

  • Simple Pricing

    Stripe offers simple & transparent pricing. There is no setup or monthly expense and there are no additional operational changes.

  • Security

    Stripe has consequently implemented a few layers of assurance specifically designed for Web-based financial transactions. For example, Stripe’s client libraries and mobile API meet such industry standards. It is also certified as PCI Service Provider Level 1 & Two-factor validation to encourage, ensure and prevent unauthorized access to your account.

Basically, Stripe offers you a credit card service considering the market demand. You can easily get instant payments from your customers with highly secured payment gateway API integration which transforms your mobile application into a POS terminal. You have everything up and running in a few minutes instead of wasting time in setting up a merchant account and utilizing a customer-confusing payment gateway. Technology is a fundamental component of processing payments & there have been unprecedented changes that are disrupting how the payment is made, how it is processed and overall eCommerce industry. Stripe is definitely adding an attractive option providing good competition to Paypal and something which many iOS App based start-ups are implementing lately.

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