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How to Hire Offshore Web And Mobile App Developer?

How to Hire Offshore Web And Mobile App Developer?

Do you have an idea? What next? The answer is hiring an offshore software developer. The moment you decide to hire an offshore programmer for your web or mobile app development project, you have invited a lot of benefits for your business. Today, global companies hire a dedicated offshore developer to gain various benefits from cost to productivity for their business. Fundamentals for hiring offshore developer remains the same as hiring your own in-house employee but with several advantages.

Few of the core benefits of hiring offshore developer are:

Cost Effectiveness: Almost 60% of cost saving can be achieved by hiring an offshore developer. There are no additional overheads, for example, HR and infrastructure costs.

Flexibility: In contract to in-house employees, an offshore developer can be hired on weekly, biweekly, monthly or long-term contracts. Based on the current workload companies can add & remove resources as per the business needs.

Leverage: With so many web and mobile technologies out there it is not feasible to have an in-house resource for all of them. This is where companies can hire an offshore developer to meet any of the technical requirements.

There are a few key fundamentals which companies need to specifically look for to ensure they hire the right company and right offshore developer. They can be outlined as below:

Communication: It is of utmost importance to ensure the developer is able to communicate fluently with you in written and verbal way. Lack of communication is among the biggest deal breaker in outsourcing.

Technology Expert: It is very important to ensure that the developer is technically skilled and has hands-on experience in the required technology. You should not be hiring an RoR developer who still follows the PHP coding structure while working in Ruby on Rails. Ensuring that the best practices of corresponding technology are implemented in the right way is very important.

Pro-active: Being pro-active is among the key benchmarking while providing developers on offshore hire at CMARIX. One should ensure that the developer has a bigger vision and is pro-actively communicating and taking ownership of the project and the deliverables. A developer should be able to estimate the time he/she will be taking to implement corresponding features & delivering it. In case, there are any changes in the estimation, ensure you provide complete transparency to the customer.

One should always hire dedicated developers from companies as compared to freelancing websites due to several benefits and peace of mind which companies provide. Today companies have integrity and proper HR processing to which developer abides by providing security for the project that is being worked upon.

Standard best practices like code review, code documentation, code commenting and ensuring the code are clean should be followed by the offshore developer.

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Written by Sunny Patel

Sunny Patel is a versatile IT consultant at CMARIX, a premier web app development company that provides flexible hiring models for dedicated developers. With 11+ years of experience in technology outsourcing, he spends his time understanding different business challenges and providing technology solutions to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

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