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Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Food Delivery App Like EatClub

Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Food Delivery App Like EatClub

Mobile applications have experienced significant growth in recent years, with more and more people using smartphones and tablets to access the internet and use apps for various purposes. You can also start your business. All you need is to brainstorm your idea and hire a dedicated developer to work on this!

The number of mobile app downloads worldwide was expected to reach over 258 billion in 2022, up from over 178 billion in 2017. This represents a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 8.3%.

Food delivery apps have experienced significant growth in recent years as more and more people use their smartphones to order food from their favorite restaurants and have it delivered to their doorstep. The global food delivery market is expected to reach $17.2 billion in 2022, up from $8.7 billion in 2017, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 16.1%.

There are several factors that have contributed to the growth of food delivery apps. One major factor is the increasing demand for convenience, as more people lead busy lives and don’t have time to cook or go out to eat.

Food delivery apps allow people to order food from the comfort of their own homes, without having to worry about cooking or driving to a restaurant. Another factor is the increasing availability of high-speed mobile internet, which has made it easier for people to use food delivery apps and track the status of their orders.

EatClub is arguably the most popular food-delivery app in the world. If you are also looking to venture into the food delivery industry and make an app like EatClub, we will help you know how you can do it.

What is EatClub?

EatClub is a food delivery app that allows users to order food from local restaurants and deliver it to their doorstep. EatClub was founded in 2011 and is available in various cities across the United States.

It offers a wide range of restaurant options and allows users to track and pay for their orders through the app. EatClub also provides a platform for restaurants to manage their online orders and deliveries.

Let’s scroll down to learn how to make an app like EatClub.

EatClub Revenue Model

EatClub likely generates revenue through a combination of sources, including:

  • Delivery fees: EatClub may charge users a fee for delivery service. This fee may vary based on the distance of the delivery or the size of the order.
  • Service fees: In addition to delivery fees, EatClub may charge a service fee to cover the cost of operating the app and providing customer service.
  • Restaurant commissions: EatClub may charge restaurants a commission on each order placed through the app. This commission may be a percentage of the order total.
  • Advertising: EatClub may display ads on its app or website and generate revenue from companies that pay to advertise their products or services.
  • Partnerships and promotions: EatClub may also generate revenue through partnerships with restaurants and other food-related businesses or by promoting special deals and promotions to its users.

If you also want to grow your food delivery business, many expert food delivery app development services are available to assist you.

Steps to build a Food Delivery App Like EatClub:

Here are the general steps you can follow to make a food delivery app like EatClub:

  • Research and plan: Research the market and your competition, and create a plan for your app that outlines its features, target audience, and revenue model. Conducting research and creating a plan is an important step in making a food delivery app because it helps to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the market and your competition and a roadmap to guide the development of your app. A well-developed plan can help you set realistic goals for your app, allocate resources, and set milestones accordingly. A well-written plan can help you communicate your vision for the app to your team and stakeholders and align everyone with a common goal. Overall, researching the market can help you to identify opportunities for your app to differentiate itself from competitors and meet the needs of your target audience.
  • Design and develop the app: Work with an expert mobile app development service provider to create the app. They will help you design and develop a powerful user interface and back-end systems. Designing and developing the app is an important step in making a food delivery app because it is the foundation upon which the app is built. A well-designed app is intuitive and easy to use, which can improve the overall user experience and increase engagement. Design is important because a visually appealing app can help attract and retain users and differentiate your app from competitors.
  • Test and debug the app: Thoroughly test it to ensure it is stable and free of bugs. Testing and debugging the app is an important step in making a food delivery app because it helps ensure that the app is stable, reliable, and free of defects. Testing the app can help identify and fix defects, which can improve the app’s reliability and reduce the risk of problems for users. By identifying and fixing defects, testing can help improve the app’s overall user experience, which can increase engagement and satisfaction.
  • Launch the app: Once it is complete, launch it on the App Store or Google Play, and promote it through marketing and advertising. You can hire dedicated developers to ensure that the app is launched hassle-free.
  • Monitor and improve the app: Continuously monitor the app’s performance, gather feedback from users, and make updates and improvements as needed. The mobile app design services also look after the performance of the app once it’s developed. Make sure to regularly monitor and improve the app with the help of professionals.
  • Partner with restaurants: Partner with local restaurants and food establishments to offer a diverse selection of menu items to your users. You should do it as one of the first steps while developing your food delivery app to ensure that you have a variety to offer your customers.
  • Build a network of drivers: Recruit and onboard a network of drivers to pick up and deliver orders to customers. Mobile app development experts will help you with this to make an app like EatClub.
  • Provide excellent customer service: Respond promptly to customer inquiries and complaints, and work to resolve any issues quickly and effectively. Providing excellent customer service is important for any business, including a food delivery app, because it helps build customer trust and loyalty. Providing prompt and helpful customer service can help build customer loyalty, which can lead to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Key Features To Add To The Food Delivery App

Food Delivery App

Here are some key features that you may want to consider including in your food delivery app:

  • User accounts: Allow users to create and manage their accounts, including the ability to save their delivery and payment information for faster ordering in the future.
  • Menu and restaurant listings: Provide a list of available restaurants and their menus, including photos, descriptions, and prices.
  • Ordering and payment: Allow users to place orders and make payments directly through the app, using various payment methods such as credit cards or mobile payments.
  • Real time tracking: Provide users with real-time updates on the status of their order, including the location of their delivery driver.
  • Push notifications: Use push notifications to keep users informed about their order status or to alert them to new deals and promotions.
  • Customer reviews and ratings: Allow users to leave reviews and ratings for restaurants and menu items to help other users make informed decisions.
  • Customer service: Provide users with a way to contact customer service if they have any issues or questions about their order.
  • Loyalty programs: Offer loyalty programs or rewards to incentivize repeat business and increase customer retention.

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Food Delivery App Development Cost Breakdown

The cost of developing a food delivery app will depend on several factors, including its complexity, the development team, its location, and the platform (iOS, Android, or both). Here is a rough breakdown of the costs you might expect to incur when developing a food delivery app:


App design refers to creating the visual and interactive elements of a mobile or web application. This includes the layout, color scheme, typography, and overall user experience of the app. A well-designed app is intuitive, easy to use, and visually appealing, which can help to attract and retain users.

Front-end development

Front-end development, also known as client-side development, refers to creating a web or mobile application’s user interface (UI). This includes the app’s layout, visual design, and interactivity and is the part of the app that users interact with directly.

Front-end developers use programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build the UI of an app and make it function as intended. They also work closely with designers to ensure that the app’s visual design is implemented correctly.

Back-end development

Back-end development, also known as server-side development, refers to developing behind-the-scenes systems that power a web or mobile application. This includes server-side logic, database management, and third-party APIs or services integration.

Back-end developers use programming languages such as PHP, Python, and Ruby to build and maintain the back end of an app. They are responsible for ensuring that the app is stable, scalable, performs well, and integrates the app’s front end with the back-end systems.


App testing evaluates a mobile or web application to determine whether it meets the specified requirements and functions as intended. Testing is an important step in the development process, as it helps to ensure that the app is stable, reliable, and free of defects.

Testing can be performed manually or with the use of automated testing tools. It is typically performed at various stages of the development process and may be repeated as needed to ensure the app’s quality.

Project management

Project management is the process of planning, organizing, and controlling the resources needed to complete a specific project. In software development, project management involves coordinating the development team’s work, setting project milestones, and ensuring that the project is completed on time and within budget.

Total cost

The total cost of a project will depend on various factors, including the project’s scope, the work’s complexity, and the team you are working with.

Remember that these are rough estimates, and the cost of developing a food delivery app could be higher or lower depending on your specific requirements and the team you work with. It’s also worth noting that these costs are just for the initial development of the app, and you’ll also need to budget for ongoing maintenance and updates. So now you are all set to make an app like EatClub. Get Set, Go!

Food Delivery App Development

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