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CMARIX Delivers a Mobile App Concept For Nike’s Self-Lacing Shoes Adapt BB – Bluethers

CMARIX Delivers a Mobile App Concept For Nike’s Self-Lacing Shoes Adapt BB – Bluethers

The quick proliferation into wearable technology cannot be overlooked, as now the evolution is more rigorous and advanced in comparison to what is for mobile in the reigning realm of computers. With the invention of Nike Adapt BB smart shoes, the current era of smartwatches has become the era of the past. Yes, the Nike smart shoes have taken a big leap forward in the evolution era of wearable tech that redefines the tech bounds set for the sneakers. The first ever free-lacing shoes that can be controlled by a mobile app.

Are Mobile Apps The Backbone For Wearable Technology?

Yes, they play a critical role in wearable tech. Right from the rise of wearable technology into the tech industry, it has become a fad, which now is growing as a trend to stay forever. Though, according to Business Insider, the growing popularity of wearables was not possible if mobile apps had not embraced wearable tech. Mobile apps help consumers to access the device’s features prolifically and effectively. They have changed the way we engage with devices. Hence, since then cross-platform integration became more prominent and seem-less.

“Till now, more than 325 million wearable devices have been activated around the world”

The Role of Nike Adapt App In Customizing Chargeable Smart Shoes

Mobile apps are given all kind of tech control these days, isn’t it? The Nike self-lacing sneakers easily pair with iPhone and Android app, known as Nike Adapt App. This app helps in customizing features that enables you to tighten the shoes, choose LED colors that shine outside of the shoe, check battery and more. Yes, now let your hand control your shoes.

Few features on the app:

  • Remotely Adjust Your Fit
  • Save Multiple Fits
  • Customize The Lights
  • Check Your Charge
  • Securely Connect Your Shoes

CMARIX Unveils A New Designed App Concept For Nike Shoes – Bluethers

Fresh ideas and lasting results. Our day begins and ends with this mantra. Creating new concepts and re-designing the existing solutions for better results has helped us to create success for 100+ fortune and startup companies. The recently released smart shoes by Nike, Adapt BB captured our innovative vision and gave us a thought of re-creating the entire concept. We analyzed the concept and watched each screen and recorded the solutions and improvements for better usability.

How We Synthesized Tech And Design To Create A Salient Smart Shoes App

Ease in Usability –

Usability should always be looked beyond ‘ease of use’. Usability is always defined for the parameters like – effective, efficient, engaging, error tolerant, easy to learn. Here with this design, we not just made it easy to learn but even simplified various above-mentioned parameters from navigation to clarity, effectiveness to efficiency.

Impactful UI –

Today, the primary concern for any one of us is the look – the interface. Keeping in mind the users need and the necessity for making the experience satisfying and pleasant, we ensured the design is minimalistic and accessible. For this, we have selected a dark UI here, as most of the sports and workout persons love dark colors. Along with this, dark colors are known to boost performance.

Small animations are used as a smile-inducing element to make the design more versatile and abstract. Animations encouraged an effective and easy representation way for complex tech concepts.

The amazing blend of technology saga with an eye-catchy interface is created to make the usability simplified and effective.

Better Features –

Features are an essential factor falling in the space of app success. In order to take the maximum leverage from the smart tech product, we need to select the right app features that become a boon for the user. Thus, we have selected a few of the most required features that make the app a complete package of workout solutions.

Bluethers App Features

Bluetooth Connectivity –

Connecting your app and device through Bluetooth provides the users with an easy and simplified way of sharing and accessing data.

Shoes Adapt BB

Speakers –

How easy and relaxing it becomes when you don’t have to carry the phone with you, to listen music during the workout. This feature enables you to play your favorite playlist while you are on the run or stadium.


Auto-Tighten Shoes –

The electric adaptable reaction lacing technology available in the shoe makes self-lacing shoes possible-it electronically adjusts the lacing, pressure, and fit of the shoe.

Auto-Tighten Shoes

Now, this feature would definitely question you about the working of the shoes, isn’t it? So let’s understand the working.

The Working Of Nike Smart Shoes

Nike recently brought new first self-lacing basketball shoes into the market, the Adapt BB. These are the shoes that get a life when you step in. It senses you and accordingly adjusts the shoe to the shape of your foot. The new sneakers provide customization based on every basketball player foot size, the company thanks to FitAdapt – the power-lacing system that enables to adjust automatically or with a mobile app.

So wondering, How Does Smart Nike Shoes Work?

Once you step into the shoes, “a custom motor system and gear train senses the tension required by the foot and tightens accordingly to keep the foot snug,” as per the Nike. Moreover, “the tensile strength of the underfoot lacing is able to handle nearby 32 pounds of the force, in order to secure the foot throughout every movement”


Are you on the go? Forgot your way to home? Don’t worry the GPS navigation present in the shoes will guide you with the direction to reach home.


Navigation –

Move right or left? The shoes will help you to know whether to move right or left with the help of snooze. So, when you don’t want to use your phone while you are on the run, you can reach your destination with the help of snooze.


Fitness Tracking –

Here you can set your goals and check your daily fitness scale to sleep better and improve your overall health.

Fitness Tracking

Foot Health –

Your foot strike can have a big impact on your comfort and performance while running. Learn what yours says about your running style and make a major impact on speed, energy consumption, and even risk of injury every time you lace up those sneakers.

Foot Health

Battery Level Indicator –

Know exactly how much power you have left, and get notified when you need to charge your shoes.

Battery Level Indicator


Today, the evaluation of wearable technology is continuously growing from a smartwatch that monitors your health condition to the smart shoes. CMARIX has served industries from healthcare to eCommerce by providing new generation technology well ahead of industry times.

If you have one such revolutionary idea and looking for a mobile app developer to make your app concept worthwhile the tech device used, you can reach us on or contact us.

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