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12 Best Trending Stock Market API for Financial Products

12 Best Trending Stock Market API for Financial Products

Monitoring your stock holdings is important for your long-term success. Having real-time access to data like stock prices, trading volume, and other metrics with the help of the best stock market api may help investors make better, more timely choices.

Stock APIs are designed to streamline communication, access, and financial transactions. Information about the company’s finances can be retrieved on demand, and it can be shared among application programming interfaces (APIs) used by customers, vendors, partners, and suppliers. What’s more, these APIs make it simple to synchronize information between programmes.

You can keep an eye on your investments from any location thanks to the best stock market api that provides you access to data sets from several organizations.

12 Best Stock Market API

Best Stock Market API

Keep reading to find out more about the top APIs for accessing live stock information.

Alpha Vantage

Investors have made Alpha Vantage one of the most used real-time data APIs. Alpha Vantage’s massive data index contains more than a billion data points, allowing you to access a wide variety of market data, including those for commodities, currency, stocks, and more.

Alpha Vantage provides information on both the most popular stocks traded on U.S. exchanges and the most popular stocks traded on exchanges throughout the world.

API users get access to real-time data on stock prices, volume, and other metrics including open, high, low, and close. There are no fees associated with using this API; nonetheless, its functionality is restricted.

The standard plan limits users to 10 queries per second and access to data from just three exchanges simultaneously. Extra data and improved API access are two of the features exclusive to the Alpha Vantage premium subscription.

IEX Cloud

The IEX Cloud API makes it simple to get and use reliable market data, making it the best stock market api for the development and scalability of financial products. Share vetted information on fundamentals, foreign stocks, ownership, mutual funds, and more with your developers at the institutional level.

The 95k+ securities, 100+ currencies, and 20+ exchanges provide comprehensive coverage of the US market. You can get to the data quickly, letting you devote your whole attention to building an API that people will love.

IEX Cloud’s pricing plan is adaptable and adjustable, so you only pay for what you need. There is no minimum commitment period or large up-front costs. Don’t reinvent the wheel by starting from scratch with a new way; instead, include the API into the tools you’re currently using.

Google Finance

Google Finance, like Yahoo! Finance, is a popular API for accessing real-time stock data. FINVIZ, a stock analysis tool, is the engine behind this API and may be used to research potential investments and monitor your portfolio. If you want to use Google Finance, you’ll have to join up for FINVIZ first.

After doing so, you may use your FINVIZ account to get access to Google Finance and see real-time stock data from more than 7,000 exchanges across the globe. You should know that Google Finance requires you to provide the stock’s full name, the exchange it trades on, and the nation the exchange is situated in.


More than 6,000 global exchanges’ data is made available via Xignite, a financial data API. If you want to create an app that monitors a wide variety of financial data, not simply stock prices, Xignite is a great choice.

Xignite’s free tier provides users with access to data from 6 different exchanges and 5,000 records from each. Data from 100 exchanges and 50,000 records per exchange are included in their regular package.

The Enterprise Plan of Xignite provides you with all the features of the Standard Plan and more, including access to support at any time. Investors who want real-time data may be disappointed by the 10-second lag in Xignite’s data. provides real-time stock data through an API, with information sourced directly from the New York Stock Exchange. All the equities traded on the NYSE are available for intraday data and information via

The API may be used without registering or logging in, making it ideal for casual users.’s API makes it easy to get real-time stock information in JSON format. The query string options allow you to provide the symbols for which you would need real-time data.


Another API for real-time stock data that provides access to New York Stock Exchange information is Tradier. The API provided by Tradier does not need authentication or registration from its users. Tradier makes it easy to access real-time data by simply submitting an API request with the stock symbol you’re interested in monitoring financial app development.


Data from the NASDAQ and Helsinki Exchanges may be accessed via Finnhub, a real-time data API. Finnhub’s API Explorer will guide you through the process of constructing a request, testing API calls, and retrieving sample data from a variety of exchanges. To learn how to receive real-time data with Finnhub, try out some API requests using API Explorer.


Alpaca is an application programming interface (API) that enables automated stock trading and real-time stock pricing. Github, Slack, and other communities are vital to the API integration services success.

The API only works with US equities, and traders from outside the US are not permitted to use it. The Alpaca API provides access to real-time and historical stock data for US equities going back as far as six years.

The API has a limit of 200 requests per minute and is available at no cost. Both the free and premium versions support the IEX exchange, however the subscription version allows for an unlimited number of requests and access to more exchanges in the United States.


Marketstack is a best api for stock trading. It works with more than 70 markets across the world and has access to stock information going back more than three decades. With it, you may track more than 750 market indexes and 170,000 stock tickers.

It also provides intraday stock price, which isn’t provided by many APIs. A total of 200 API calls per month are included in the free tier, while the subscription tier provides limitless API access.

Barchart OnDemand

Add more stock market intelligence to your goods with Barchart OnDemand. It offers you cloud-based, adaptable APIs that may improve your processes, items, and software. Barchart is a platform that provides interactive charts of both past and current market data.

Data integration into a website is straightforward, and the information gained from doing so might inform your current approach to doing business. Plus, it’s easy to create interactive programmes and tools.

The cloud’s inherent scalability allows you to speed up your processes. To guarantee the highest levels of data redundancy and dependability, Barchart employs Amazon Web Services (AWS) to run its data centers in the United States.

API Integration Services


Tiingo may be used to power financial products created by anybody from a single developer to a large technological banking software development company with hedge funds.

It employs a custom error-checking architecture to ensure accurate closing prices. As a bonus, this framework aids in the creation of duplicated feeds and the handling of missing events. Cryptocurrency trading data, both historical and intraday, is available from a number of different exchanges through Tiingo’s API.

Separating markets and currencies into subsets allows for more efficient data use. Trading foreign currencies and foreign exchange via a feed gives you access to the same liquidity options that large financial institutions have.


Financial product developers may use Intrinio’s end-of-day, historical, intraday, and real-time data. There is a wide selection of market data subscriptions available from Intrinio that may be used for planning investment strategies and developing software.

You may access valuation information on various asset types, along with financial statement data and analysis, forecasts, and ratings. You also have access to economic, industrial, and aggregated statistics. The holdings, information, and analytics of ETFs may all be obtained here.

However, Intrinio also includes capabilities for those who simply need to download historical market data once to fuel backtesting hypotheses or machine learning algorithms.

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What financial statistics may be derived from stock market information?

In this case, application programming interfaces for the stock market are quite helpful, as they take the previously unmanageable task of sifting through massive amounts of raw market data and offer the results in a clear and concise style.

Building financial products like a trading prediction software may benefit greatly from access to a stock trading API. Financial instruments such as stocks, currencies, fixed-income securities, and more may all be tracked with the use of these application programming interfaces (APIs) to learn their current market value and examine their past performance.

It is crucial to be aware of current market conditions in order to maximize opportunities and minimize dangers. The most up-to-date bid, exchange code, trading venue, and instrument identification are all essential pieces of market data for any given instrument.

Additional information like offer sizes, trading volume, and so on may be included. Stock APIs provide access to this real-time information, allowing you to make more informed decisions as you develop your financial offerings.

All APIs do not function the same way, thus there are certain risks involved.

Final Thoughts

Each of these API comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks; choose the one that works best for you. Google Finance is a solid option if you require access to both historic and real-time market data.

IEX Cloud or Alpha Vantage are better choices if you want more granular information. The APIs that were discussed before come in useful to satisfy this demand and mold your financial goods in the manner that you have intended.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you’re looking for a reliable investing website, Google Finance is a top choice. Stock quotations, charts, stock screeners, top gainers and losers, information and statistics regarding mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), cryptocurrencies, futures, and options are all available.
  • Customers of online brokerages will have access to both real-time and historical quotation data, whereas non-customers will often have very restricted access to this information.
  • With Robinhood, investors can purchase and sell stocks and ETFs without incurring any commission fees. It’s a marketplace that has yet to release its formal application programming interface.
  • The Yahoo Finance API is a RESTful application programming interface that gives users access to many types of financial data. It is not necessary to have an API key in order to access the API since it is completely free.
  • For investors, Alpha Vantage is now a go-to real-time data API.

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