Microsoft Corporation was established way back in 1975 and is a leading technology company in terms of its range of software, operating systems, browser, and other product lines. Among the core technology contribution from Microsoft, ASP that stands for Active Server Pages is a leading technology released back in 2000. ASP is a server-side script engine and basically facilitates the dynamic generation of web pages. In 2002 ASP.Net was being introduced by Microsoft which is an open source server-side web application framework with a pure focus on dynamic website sites, applications, and web services.

ASP.Net is being brought about with smartest minds at Microsoft.  ASP.Net implementation comes with diverse benefits whether it is in terms of easy to use Visual Studio based IDE or a comprehensive.Net framework.

Following are key benefits your business can receive using ASP.Net Development

  • Implementation made easy by one of the most user-friendly IDE – Visual Studio
  • Code Re-usability as it provides several components to save time and effort thereby providing leverage for enterprise product development.
  • Most suited to facilitate scalability of application development.
  • Among the most secure web and application development framework. Built-in Windows authentication & pre-application configuration facilitates the same.
  • Optimized for great performance using advanced caching techniques, early binding, just in tie compilation and other features.
  • It provides complete ease for development as the configuration information is already built-in and there is no need to register.
  • It is having robust performance and can easily scale up to the performance of heavy volume of users and traffic.
  • A true server-side programming implementation whereby the code runs on the server prior to the web browser.
  • The DotNet framework is language independent. In other words, one can literally select any languages that are suitable for web application.
  • Suited for performance centric website and enterprise application development.

CMARIX has extensive experience in tailoring enterprise web apps and custom software products with ASP.Net technology implementation. Contact us for consultation for any of your ASP.Net Technology requirements.