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B2B Sellers Discover The New Growth Engine, Your eShop

B2B Sellers Discover The New Growth Engine, Your eShop

With the birth of digital era, the growth formula for B2B sellers has turned easy and simple. Isn’t it? Wondering how?

Okay, for a moment look back to the growth shadow of B2B sellers from the year 2008. In 2008, the buyers of Boomer generation worked in a team of few members – to take a purchasing decision for their companies. The buyer had limited information and ultimately they had to rely on the B2B sales team to create various solution options.

The picture today for B2B sellers is convenient due to the unending love between buyers & B2B eCommerce websites. The story of B2B sellers has evolved significantly in last few years as the B2B buyers now belong to the digitally-enabled millennial cohort. Now the power of sales is entirely in the hands of buyers – as conveyed by Forrester “Age of the Customer”.

Meet The New Digitally-Empowered B2B Buyer

B2B Sellers Discover The New Growth Engine

B2B buyers today are the most remunerative and even the most demanding customers you can witness. They are much like rational beings who plan ahead, create their own plan, take their initiative, and solve the problems on their own, unlike stereotypical teens. Yes! They visit you with a prepared mind having far better research included in their purchases.

Most of the B2B buyers start with a Google search for the products they are looking for instead of directly contacting a particular seller. Obviously, they are shopping to grow a business and thus to have particular needs and budget is apparent.

As a seller, you can work on various aspects to attract B2B buyers, like flawlessly displaying product images and videos with detailed information, answering their questions immediately, as they are on a schedule. With this technological innovation and instant availability of information has turned the B2B buyers into an independent informed, experienced-driven buyer.

This probably convinces you to have a website, right?

Apparently, “Everyone today wants a slice of million growth cake. But, before getting weathered with the processes the first step towards this mammoth revolution is understanding the benefits you will leverage.”

The study of B2B buyer’s process journey conveys how easily B2B selling website can benefit the buyers & sellers the most. The activities from research to evaluation, from the selection of products to minimal time check-out process can benefit the buyers easily with eCommerce site development.

The Unheard Myths Of B2B eCommerce Website Development

B2B Sellers are usually reluctant to take their physical store to an eCommerce site, as they have following misconceptions –

  • The sellers believe, “B2B buyers are not interested to shop online”
  • The sellers assume that B2B merchants can’t sell like B2C.
  • The traditional processes like showing prices only to clients, developing a long-term relationship, price change for bulk orders, custom ordering and more are not possible with a website.

Myths prevent progression, don’t believe them. Everything impossible fact according to you is possible with the eCommerce site. The accessibility of logins, customer groups, online chat, personalized email and different product options, B2B buyers can leverage a lot from a B2B seller website.

The Bright Side Of eCommerce Website For B2B Sellers

eCommerce Website For B2B Sellers

We have explained the importance of B2B eCommerce website development with the help of following three questions:

What’s the main reason B2B business should consider to be the part of this growing digital era?

We would explain the importance of a storyline –

“As the Cinderella has now found her Prince, the pumpkin chariot now reincarnates to a magic chariot known as the website – the chariot (eCommerce website) in this digital world will drive organizations with the fruit of growth. The growth word is subjective to many aspects like new customers, productivity (as it streamlines the process, bringing automation to manual work), and convenience to both seller and buyer”

In simple terms, the eshop lays the red carpet for convenience, efficiency and streamline the business process in this e-era.

hire eCommerce developers

What the sellers will miss if they are not having a B2B website?

If you are the one who is trapped in the myths shared above, definitely you will question what I will risk if I don’t have one. Didn’t you think about it?

Well, in simple answer – “You are losing out on a vast number of an audience”

Your brand will look unsophisticated and out of trend for not keeping up with competitions who create and upgrade their eCommerce site on regular basis. Hire Magento developers to ensure that you don’t provide an inferior experience to new customers who will analyze and evaluate everything for their buying criteria.

Adopt a platform that’s not just perfect to make a purchase, but turns out to be the most reliable platform for an inbound lead generation.

What are the main benefits of developing eCommerce website?

Okay, till now we understood why we should have a B2B digital platform and what we miss if we don’t have one. But then again, thought what you will gain with an eCommerce website development?

A business who acknowledges the value of eCommerce platform and launches one will witness an amazing velocity of orders with existing customers because of convenience in processes and avail the opportunity to market online while bringing great traffic to boost revenue. Moreover, now with a digital platform, you can set your sales team free from processing emails, calls, and faxes to new customers.

Other benefits are:

  • Speed and Sophistication
  • Staying Ahead of Buying Trends
  • Reach Today’s Buyers Who are Online-First
  • Convenience is Key
  • Reach New Markets
  • Gain and Preserve Sales, and Understand More About Buyers

Therefore, whether you are into a B2C business or have a B2B business, an online store

Whether you sell business-to-customer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B), an online store works as a magic spell upon the problems of a B2B seller, while being a great benefit for a company.

CMARIX can be your eCommerce development partner – helping you to launch your presence in this digital realm. Consult us any clock for your eCommerce development requirements.

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