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Authorize.Net SDK integration with iOS Mobile App

Authorize.Net SDK integration with iOS Mobile App

Payment processing plays a fundamental role in every eCommerce business solution and there are a lot of factors to be taken care of while integrating a payment processing gateway with a mobile application. Authorize.Net simplifies this process by providing a secure, reliable and fast payment gateway service and makes integration to mobile application easier by masking the complex backend processes. Integrating Authorize.Net with a mobile app not only enables the merchant to collect payments from customers through credit card or an e-check processing but also securely manages customer transactions, handles account settings like viewing statements getting periodic reports and much more.

The Authorize.Net SDK offers an easy approach to collect payments over the mobile devices. This provides a fast and easy way for developers to integrate mobile payments without having to write the boilerplate code themselves which is necessary to communicate with the Authorize.Net gateway. The platform’s Customer Information Manager (CIM) enables the users to tokenize and store their customers’ sensitive payment information on Authorize.Net’s secure servers, simplifying the PCI DSS compliance as well as the payments process for repeat customers and recurring transactions. There is also an Advanced Fraud Detection Suite that identifies, manages and prevents suspicious fraudulent transactions.

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This allows mobile developers to provide credit card payment functionality within the iOS applications, without having to pass sensitive card data to the application backend servers. At the time of enrolment, Authorize.Net replaces the cardholder’s card number with a token that can be used with the merchant’s application for payment processing enhancing security.

Steps to Integrate Authorize.Net Accept SDK with iOS

Download the Authorize.Net Accept SDK for integrating it into your iPhone Mobile Application

To integrate Accept SDK Using Cocoa Pods into your project you need to run:

pod 'AuthorizeNetAccept'

If you want to install Accept SDK manually you need to follow below-mentioned steps:

  1. Download SDK from:
  2. Include the framework in the application.
  3. In the “General” section of the project’s properties, scroll down to “Embedded Binaries”, press the plus sign (+), and select the framework.
  4. Once included, make sure in “Build Settings” tab, in section “Search Paths”, the path to these frameworks are added correctly

For testing purpose, provides sandbox environment. Hence, you need to create a Sandbox Account, get required credentials such as AppID, Transaction Key and Client Public key in

After Creating Account in Sandbox Implement SDK in your project by the following code:

#import <AcceptSDK/AcceptSDK.h>

After that, it generates token to encrypt credit card details as a string by the following code.

Now Call API in JSON format for making payment as below. In the given code your generated token (encrypted credit card and details) will be set as a value of parameter “dataValue” of above request. You have to pass AppID and Transaction key of the merchant as a value of “name” and “TransactionKey” parameter of above request.

Authorize.Net provides an innovative approach to allowing merchants to integrate eCommerce into their mobile platforms and helps to secure mobile payments & cardholder data. Authorize.Net has helped merchants to accept payments securely, providing a reliable environment, scalability and numerous value-added services to assist merchants in managing their businesses and protecting themselves from fraud. Merchants can also manage their transactions, configure account settings, view account statements, generate reports and other tasks using the platform for easy & secure the business handling.

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