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9 Key Things to Consider for Fixing An Unsuccessful Mobile App Project

9 Key Things to Consider for Fixing An Unsuccessful Mobile App Project

We all know that among the millions of mobile apps across multiple platforms only a handful in every niche really makes it among the most successful. While there are a number of factors behind the failure of mobile apps, there are some disastrous mistakes and blunders that contribute to the app failure in most cases. Here we would like to inquire about these negative factors and the key ways to fix them.

Key Reasons Behind the App Failure

There is obviously no single answer to this question as there are quite a few reasons behind the failure if the vast majority of failed app projects. But fortunately, many of these readings and factors can be addressed and they remain completely within the control of the development company. Whether you hire an Android app development company or a company for building an iOS app, these reasons will stay relevant.

  • Choosing the Wrong Platform

Since Android and iOS remain to be the two most popular and sought-after mobile app platforms today, you don’t have a lot of choices to consider. You can start with anyone of them or can build a cross-platform app that works on both platforms. The choice should depend on your target market and respective audience. For example, the US has a considerable iOS user population while the South East Asia market is dominated by Android. On the other hand, if you target a global audience you should opt for cross-platform development or else, you can go for one platform at a time.

  • Under-Optimized User Experience (UX)

The biggest reason behind the failure of many mobile apps is the absence of intuitive, engaging and easy user experience. The delight of user experience quickly resonates among the audience and help to make an app popular in a quick time. Apart from ensuring optimum loading speed and fluid performance of functions and features, users should be able to access the content and features as easily and effortlessly as possible.

  • Absence of Priorities and Focus Areas

It is rightly said that no person can take care of all the tasks at a given moment. This is why your app Project should also have priorities and particular focus areas that need to be attended first. If your app marketing depends heavily on seasonal demand based on events, you need to set a goal of rolling out the app at the right time.

  • Not Giving Importance to Market Analysis

You may wish your new app to grow and prosper as a brand in California, but how can you be sure about the present competition and market dynamics? Well, this is why to ensure the success of your app project you need to research well and access all the relevant data and statistics.

  • Not Doing Enough Testing

Releasing an app without enough testing and evaluation can also prove to be disastrous to the fate of the app. Bugs, errors and coding issues that can easily pull down the app performance can have serious implications on the success quotient of the app.

How Can You Address Your Mobile App Project Shortcomings?

As of now, we have come to know about the key issues and shortcomings of mobile app projects contributing to their failure. Now, it is time to get deeper into these shortcomings and find ways to address them. Here are some of the time-tested and effective ways to mitigate the woes of a mobile app.

  • Research Extensively on App Ideas

Your new app idea may sound really breathtaking and revolutionary at the first perception but it can be impractical from the development and business point of view. Apps are fun as long as they gave demands and they can fetch business. First of all, know the audience your app is going to cater to and their preferences, needs, and motivations behind using the app. Now, consider the credible and relevant ways the new app can address these shortcomings.

After doing this basic research, you need to do research on the competitor apps and the key ways you can add value to the user experience over and above the existing apps. You should not deliver an app that looks and feels every bit like a close of another app.

  • Not Following Design Practices Such As MindMapping and Wireframing

The app design is an important aspect of the app development process and it is often the key responsible factor for great user experience. Successful apps follow the design process involving some time-tested techniques and methodologies like MindMapping and Wireframing. By following these procedures the design gets more optimized for user engagement.

  • Not Following MVP Development Protocol

MVP or Minimum Viable Product is an app development protocol that basically focuses on building an app with basic and elementary features and developing it further over time with repeated value additions after getting market feedback. This helps to build the app faster and at a low budget while keeping the options open for further value additions. The best part is, with the MVP development approach you can actually validate the app among your target audience and can rectify issues and bring changes with subsequent updates.

  • Hiring the Right Developer Talents

It is not the job of every businessman or professional to build an app. If you want to make your presence felt with a sophisticated and highly competitive mobile app, you can always hire skilled, certified and market-validated developers or development companies with a solid track record of building similar successful apps in your niche. When you hire Android app developer or iOS developer for your new app project, always make sure that the developers have prior experience in similar and successful app projects.


The key considerations for fixing a failed mobile app project as we mentioned above mainly focuses on the user experience, market competitiveness, and utilization of resources. When you do these things perfectly, the rest of the things just fall in their place automatically.

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Written by Atman Rathod

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