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9 Key Advantages of Laravel Application Development

9 Key Advantages of Laravel Application Development

Laravel is a popular PHP framework having simple, expressive and elegant syntax that helps in creating a wonderful application. Laravel eases the development process by simplifying repetitive tasks used in developing most of the web applications, including but not limited to routing, authentication, caching and sessions. Laravel provides some amazing features like fast extension ability, development speed, scalability, and quick institution along with this it provides better programming results as compared to other programming tools and so it is highly preferred by the PHP developers.

Following are 9 benefits of developing an application in Laravel framework:

1. Template Engine:

Laravel framework has in-built lightweight templates with which one can create amazing layouts with dynamic content seeding. It has many widgets including JS and CSS code with solid structures. The templates of these frameworks are designed to build a simple layout with different sections.

2. Artisan:

A developer has to usually interact with the Laravel framework using a command line that creates and handles the Laravel project environment. Laravel provides built-in tool for command-line called Artisan. This tool allows us to perform the majority of those repetitive and tedious programming tasks that most of the developers avoid to perform manually.

Artisan can be utilized to create a skeleton code, the database structure and build their migration which becomes very easy to manage the database system. It can also be engaged to generate the basic MVC files right away through the command-line and manage those assets and their respective configurations. Artisan even lets us create our own commands and do convenient things. Lastly, we can also perform Unit tests for our application through this.

3. Eloquent ORM (Object-Relational Mapping):

Laravel provides the Eloquent ORM which includes a simple PHP ActiveRecord implementation which lets the developer issue database queries with PHP syntax instead of writing SQL code. Every table in the database possesses a corresponding Model through which the developer interacts with said table. An ORM is relatively faster than all other PHP frameworks.

4. Libraries:

It has Object Oriented libraries and many other pre-installed libraries, which are not found in any other popular PHP frameworks. One of the pre – installed library is an Authentication library. Although it is easy to implement, it has many advanced features, such as Bcrypt hashing, checking active users, CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) protection, password reset, and encryption.

5. Modular:

Laravel framework is built on more than 20 different libraries and is itself divided into individual modules. It adopts modern PHP principles, which allows developers to build modular, responsive and handy web apps.

6. MVC Architecture Support:

Laravel follows the MVC pattern, ensuring clarity between logic and presentation. This architecture helps in improving the performance, allows better documentation, and has multiple built-in functions.

7. Migration System for Databases:

In the Laravel, Migration helps to expand the database structure of the application without having it re-create every time we make a change. With the help of this, there are no chances to lose your development data. Laravel Migration not only provides the facility to change the structure of database but it lets us do so using PHP code instead of SQL. The Laravel Schema Builder allows us to create database tables and inserts columns or indices quickly. One can consider it as version control for your databases.

8. Unit-Testing:

Many programmers love Laravel due to the way it facilitates Unit testing. It runs hundreds of tests to ensure that new changes done by developers don’t unexpectedly break anything in the application. Laravel is generally considered to have some of the most stable releases in the industry as it is careful of the known failures. It also makes it easy to write unit-tests for own code.

9. Security:

While developing an application everyone has to use some or the other ways too make the application secure. Laravel takes care of the security within its framework. It uses salted and hashed password, which means that the password would never save as the plain text in database. It uses Bcrypt hashing algorithm for generating encrypted representation of a password. Laravel uses prepared SQL statements which make injection attacks unimaginable. Along with this, Laravel provides a simple way to escape user input to avoid user injection of <script> tag.

All these amazing benefits help in easy and fast Laravel development . This type of framework is mostly beneficial in enterprise application development. It is a promising framework and has a bright future ahead in development.

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