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7 Mobile App Development Trends For 2016

7 Mobile App Development Trends For 2016

In the last few years the usage of the smartphone has increased tremendously and so the Mobile App has flamed up. The effective combination of smartphone and mobile apps has created a new digital sphere which is the mobility ecosystem. With the increasing fame of technology for mobile development, 2016 can be known as “Mobile App Revolution Decade”. According to reports, there would be billions of mobile phone user worldwide in 2016, and this figure represents that mobile application development would stand out amongst the most captivating things to witness. Indeed, mobile app development is in trend and will continue to revolutionize the way of our living. In this post, we would see the top 6 mobile application trends for this year.

Swift – The New Programming Language

Swift, the high-end open-source programming language by Apple, is proving its strength in the development process. It is comprised of modern compiler infrastructure and gives developers a chance to write more reliable and solid code right from scratch. iOS app development using swift will definitely compound during 2016.

Enterprise Apps Will Continue To Grow

As per Gartner research, by 2017, the market demand for Enterprise Mobile App will outrun the IT Organization’s capacity to deliver them by five to one.

There are 1.6 million+ apps in the App Store and Play Store respectively and enterprise applications are the most utilized application among all. This shows a change in enterprise application stores that includes inside application ratings, permitting organizations to dispose of applications that are not being used and reserve huge amount of expenses. Numerous enterprise application stores coordinate with open stores that outcome into the more extensive approach. Along with these, application developers will get a chance to work on applications for the developing mobile enterprise market. This trend will be on the go in the coming year. It is predicted that almost 35 % of corporate companies will have their own mobile app development by 2016.

Cloud-Driven App

Cloud technology is an important part of the enhancement of mobile application development. With the help of cloud compatibility, users can synchronize their applications across multiple devices. Most of the data can be stored on the cloud, thereby keeping the application size down. Developers are encouraged with complete apparatus chains for making an application, integration, testing until their application is submitted to the stores. This leads to a faster development process without having detailed technical knowledge of those essential activities. Cloud makes it possible to have anything anywhere implementation.

App Security

Security is and always will be among the most important aspect of any technology platform. With apps becoming more versatile and data centric further importance has been given to App security. Also, when mobile applications access enterprise data, documents and unstructured information are often stored on the device. Many apps aren’t able to pass the basic security tests against hacking. So, if you want your mobile app to rule the stores effectively, then you don’t overlook the security defects. If the programs do not follow out strict security protocols, then the highly sensitive information of users or bank details become open for hacking, and this is a major concern for the developers.

It is very important that developers take the security issues effectively like unintended leakage of data, broken cryptography, insecure data storage & others. So, security is still a huge challenge in mobile applications development.

User Experience

As the usage of tablets and advanced mobile phones is increasing day by day, user experience for application is turning out to be more important than ever. It seems to be highly challenging when in-app purchases and advertisements need a balanced effort. Here, data analytics becomes a prime component that offers application developers to bring enhancement to the user experience. Presently organizations request direct insight into real-time data that helps them with their customer’s decision-making process and behavior. In fact, app analytics results in efficient business processes and improves user experience.

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The Internet of Things (IoT)

IOT is getting immense popularity with its new advancement and usage, which provide a new source of information. Some key services of IOT have developed a new standard for multi-sensor support and M2M automation, Vertical IOT service and many more services related to Security and privacy concerns. These trends clearly indicate a boom around the Internet of Things, which will prompt an expanded adoption of related products and a development of the required ecosystem. Some organizations are still thinking regarding the impact of IoT on their business sector and business processes, though it is highly recommended that they should measure this impact on their business goals. Regardless of what’s in store, it’s sure to play a huge role in business and our daily lives.

It is predicted that the internet of things will be the largest device market in the world and it is the right time for any company to prepare and make the consistent mobile experience for their customers.

Beacon Technology

Retail domain has benefited a lot with the technology revolution. Retail website & mobile apps development has affected every area of business. Right from the purchase experience, it provides to the customers to the logistic control and optimum supply chain management. Beacon technology will be playing a vital role during 2016 in Mobile App development across diverse business domains.

iBeacon based App development has been the core technology offering for some very interest start-ups.

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