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7 Hacks to Increase Mobile App Download

7 Hacks to Increase Mobile App Download

As per recent research mobile application download ratio has now reached 25 billion; following at 1 billion downloads a month. Mobile has recently stirred a lot of buzz within the industry for the rapid development it is amassing. While in the past mobile applications were pleasant to haves, they rapidly have turned into a need for almost all brands regardless of industry. App store has been expanding by over 10,000+ applications every day.

Several business entrepreneurs still assume that the whole application development saga ends with the designing and development. Unfortunately, this is just 50% of the work with regards to mobile applications. In order to generate results for your brand, you have to ensure that it is exceptionally visible to your users so that the probability of downloads is remarkable. Hence it’s essential that you find a way to upgrade your mobile application to appear in ranking charts for the App Store and Google Play.

Following are some creative and efficient approaches to increase the download of your application.

Attractive App Design Elements

The way your application shows up from a visual and design point of view will play a vital role for it’s user perception. Your application icon is the primary thing visible in the application store, so the design you pick is crucial for your app branding. As users look through the application store, your design should standout to capture the attention. Ensure that you utilize a design that serves as a clear representation of your application. It should provide as much of a guide as possible to what users will receive on installing the application.

When it comes to the design of your application, your definitive focus should be on visuals, and additionally a simple-to-use interface. Avoid any functionality that will make your application difficult to navigate and include design aesthetics that are engaging and appealing to the eye.

In-app referrals

Let’s take a look at how an Ola cab & several other companies does it. When you send an invite to your friend for an application download, the message they receive is followed by the link to download the app. When your friend signs up and book a cab for the first time, you receive some cashback in your account, as well.

Such referral programs is beneficial to all associated with the system. You get the incentive for referral as a cashback & ride credits, your friend gets a cashback on being the new user to Ola, and the company gets a new customer. It’s a win-win-win for all.

Press Releases

Regardless of how great your application is, a user can’t tap the install button until the application’s significance is strongly felt. The offer of any item begins with its visibility, and the same goes for Mobile application.

Connect with the domain expert bloggers to review application. Begin by locking the launch date early, and give yourself no less than a month prior before launch date to pitch app reviewers to introduce your app. It is vital for the reviewer as well as your own team for promotion on application stores.

Encourage Reviews or Ratings

Positive reviews from users of your application triggers a significant download. Assertive reviews about the customer experience, are exceptionally important to the ranking of the application within the store. Organic reviews are more profitable to your business than a created ones. If you see recurring commentaries that address one particular function, you derive notion, concerning what components are resonating best with users and which aren’t performing satisfactorily. Offering incentives to the users who leave you a review/rating can also be an approach to raise the amount of individuals who would want to leave a feedback. Whether it is a coupon code, prizes, or redeemable points to be used inside the application, all these can act as an additional push required for your application.

Social Media Outreach

Make conversations and engage with your users using different Social Media platform. Such interactions will help in building relationships with projection of your dedication towards the users and increase downloads as a result. Be sure you’re never infringing upon them while you draw attention to and build loyalty for your application. Use social platforms to tell a story and explain your users what makes your brand extraordinary. Try not to make posts excessively promotional or apparently focused on just driving application downloads. Instead, show the value of your application and what your business has to offer.

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Frequent Updates

Always be searching for ways to enhance your application. This helps assure that your users are provided with a great experience. Updates should be occurring at least once per month to enhance the general ease of use of your mobile app. Doing this also sends a signal to the application stores that your efforts, time and assets are committed to giving an ideal user experience with pro-active measures.

Describe Your App Appropriately

Descriptive visuals demonstrating an inside look of your application should be used for the screenshot section of the application stores. This Includes images that are clear representations with respect to what the user will receive on using the application. By showing as much value as possible establish trust with your brand and pursue users to download & utilise the app. Concentrate on giving guidance on what the users will get after installing the app. Consider the appropriate keywords which you need to concentrate on, and create content that flawlessly incorporates those words into the description.

Mobile application development is a certainly a strong way of securing a presence in your industry. It gives you much closer connection with your customers and can empower your business to provide sales, service and marketing via unified platform. All it requires is a little exertion and the right means to reach, convey & convince the crowd to consider using your application. Developing an application that makes your product or service more favorable for the consumer will not only enhances their experience but also expands your chances for getting repeat business.

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Written by Atman Rathod

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