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5 Reasons to use New Relic in software development

5 Reasons to use New Relic in software development

During the development stage of any web or mobile application, storing & running these web and mobile apps repeatedly for the quality assurance can be time-consuming and can affect the performance of your applications. It will be a relief if there is a single platform or tool that you can use in order to monitor your application performances in real time without the hassles of going through a meticulous configuration process in order to accomplish this task. For this requirement of web and mobile app users, the New Relic offers a monitoring technology that will address your needs to have a single platform to manage both your web and mobile applications with a breeze.

New Relic Software helps development, operations and production teams to securely monitor their production software without building or maintaining dedicated infrastructure. New Relic gives programming team data to deliver, emphasize and fix program built to transform customer experiences. With New Relic, developers can easily gather data of all parts of the application and make smart decisions based on this information. From code level transaction times to time spent on database calls, developers can measure the performance of each part of an application. This enables them to spare time in identifying execution issues and use the time saved for advanced development. Additionally, with this developers can monitor real-time application usage metrics, such as page load times, and then fine-tune the customer experience.

Benefits of New Relic

  • Real-time Health Metrics

Decrease MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) with instant connection of both real-time health metrics and configuration change events to know what has changed and its impact on the health of your services and systems. New relic Infrastructure collects and displays health metrics such as CPU, Load, Memory and so on at the host level, and in addition individual Process, Network and Storage level. Moreover, you can apply filters based on tags, metadata and custom attribute that enable you to slice-and-dice into a subset of the infrastructure and view metrics for those. You can monitor your containerized infrastructure in a single view, with the ability to filter by Image, Labels, and host tags.

  • Dashboards and Alerting

Use tags and custom metadata to scale your basic alerts dynamically as hosts change. Create Alerts based on host traits and EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) labels that powerfully get related with hosts in your ever-changing infrastructure. This liberates you from re-configuring your alerts each time you make a change to the hosts in your environments. All your Infrastructure data is accessible in Insights, enabling you to make actionable dashboards for full-stack visibility. You can likewise pin a chart from Infrastructure into an Insights dashboard or run detailed queries to build a customized single pane of glass for a key service or cluster.

  • Update Inventory

It helps you search different hosts and makes it simple to discover vulnerable packages or something similar within seconds. You can see all the changes in your system to determine root cause with a live event feed that includes changes to hosts, services, processes, config files, kernel settings and so on. Narrow down to a specific time-frame and expand the events to see a detailed description of what has changed. New Relic infrastructure’s inventory feature enables you to see the exact picture of what’s installed across your entire infrastructure. This makes it simple to locate an obsolete package within seconds, along with a complete list of the hosts it is installed on.

  • Full Stack Monitoring

When you combine APM and Infrastructure monitoring with the data-analysis capabilities of Insights, you can easily track changes in your infrastructure that could affect your applications. Bring application and infrastructure datasets together to enable you to send and manage stable applications. Associate your application metrics such as throughput, error rate, and response time with your host metrics and change events to get a comprehensive perspective of your entire stack and the interdependencies.

custom software

  • Cloud Native

You can upgrade your cloud infrastructure performance and proficiency to deliver the best experience for your customers. Dissect your hosts by any key AWS attribute that is a role, tier, AZ, datacenter, or any custom EC2 tag to discover the data you need. Automatically, all your EC2 metadata and labels import, with the goal that you can monitor your instances in the same dynamic nature as the hosts in your datacenter.

The benefit of using New Relic is that it provides solutions on how to manage the performance of web applications in real time without delay. These can have a significant impact on business performance, particularly when the business is endeavoring to better associate with their users through the web, social media and mobile devices, thus driving an increase in revenue. With New Relic, you gain access to analytics tools to measure and monitor performance bottlenecks, throughput, network graph, server health and much more in real-time and improve your products or service and keep your customers happy. It saves a huge amount of time, with enhanced customer experience, and enhanced profitability.

CMARIX is a New Relic partner company providing custom solutions to enterprises businesses and you can contact us for New Relic implementation.

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