Digital Technology Trends for you

Magento 2 Microsoft Dynamics Integration: Key Benefits and Tools

Leading eCommerce CMS platform Magento 2 now is allowing the online stores to get the power of another leading ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365. The Magento 2 websites can easily integrate this powerful suite of ERP tools that comes loaded... Keep Reading

O2O: The New Retail Business Model that Ecommerce Stores Are Running After

After a decade of overwhelming success, eCommerce stores are now seen in a new role. The online shops are working hand in hand with offline stores to deliver a comprehensive online to offline (O2O) shopping experience. Yes, no longer the... Keep Reading

The Promise of Live Streaming Apps for Gaming and Other Industries

You may still remain glued to the television screen watching live sports matches, but such craze over live television programs has already been over. Thanks to the live streaming mobile apps, your large screen handheld device can now be converted... Keep Reading

Shopify API Integration Development A Must for eCommerce Business

Anyone want to build a website in just minutes can actually do it now. Similarly, anyone wants to build a fully equipped eCommerce store can actually build it in less than an hour. All these are possible because the development... Keep Reading

PHP 7.4: What Promises It Has in Store for The PHP Developers?

Does PHP, or Hypertext Preprocessor need any introduction? After reigning for more than a decade as the most popular web language that has been integral to the development of many world-famous CMS solutions, PHP is almost everywhere, in every nook... Keep Reading