Digital Technology Trends for you

How To Integrate Spreedly In Web Application

Online buyers  transact through systems ranging from ACH to PayPal to Dwolla to Bitcoin trades, and request to have the ability to pay for products how and when they please. With the number of consumer payment options increasing, how can... Keep Reading

The Hidden Mystery Of UX Behind A Successful E-Commerce Site

The reason traditional businesses are rising as an E-Commerce business is to gain wider-reach and generate sales. Yes! Their purpose is simple – to generate more sales.But the endeavors & techniques involved in producing sales are mystified. The pricing, goods,... Keep Reading

How To Implement IDX In WordPress Website

In the today’s hyper-connected world, a website is not just a reflection of your business, but also an integral part, and the most happening place of your business. If you are a realtor, it’s no less than your sales office.... Keep Reading

How Mobile Technology Will Change Retail in 5 years

Retail is the fastest growing industry with its definite set of multifaceted and varied business processes and requirements. Today, the ever-changing era in retail has emerged the challenge of addressing various disruptive technologies and ‘the digital customer’ who always demands... Keep Reading

How a CEO can create wonders with Out Of The Box Thinking

“Striving Hard Is Essential, But Thinking Hard Is Your First Step” The statement ringing a bell in your ears? Well, let’s understand it with an example. *When we look back in the 1990s, there were a group of people called... Keep Reading