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How to Make Use of JMeter tool for API Testing in Mobile App Development?

In an era when technology is the driving force, mobile apps are at the forefront across all walks of life. There is an increasing significance of mobile applications and this makes carrying out performance testing of the mobile applications more.... Keep Reading

Key Considerations for Building a Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Marketplace

Leading e-commerce stores or online businesses are basically multi-vendor online marketplaces. When you look around for leading e-commerce stores the names like Amazon, Airbnb, Walmart, eBay, etc will instantly pop up in your mind. In spite of having diverse business.... Keep Reading

Why Should Mobile App Startups Find Flutter As Ideal Solution?

Either you build a native app or cross-platform app. These are the two basic choices that every mobile app developer needs to make. While building platform-specific apps for the single platform at a time has a lot of advantages, often.... Keep Reading

Vue Storefront vs Magento PWA Studio: Choosing The Ideal Solution for Your E-Commerce Store

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Why Your Startup Should Invest in UX

Startups are fledgling entities, and from a business perspective – there is more to be done to convince the market, sway hearts, and minds to make more sales. There is a business case to ensure that the target audience knows.... Keep Reading