Digital Technology Trends for you

The Power of React for Design Prototyping: Explaining Key Points

For any frontend developer, the JavaScript library called React has already become a buzzword. For the past several months React continued to get popular with developers. But the promise of React us just not limited to the developers alone, it... Keep Reading

Programming in 2019: 7 Key Trends to Watch Out

Like every year, this is the time of the year to have a look at the most prominent trends in programming. In the past few years, some languages and frameworks enjoyed more popularity than others and we watched the OS... Keep Reading

How Chatbots Instantly Adds Value To The Buying Experience Of Today’s Consumers?

Globally the popularity of chatbot has reached all time high and the estimated market value of chatbots crossed $190 million in 2016 and it is supposed to grow at faster pace in the coming years. So, Chatbots are not only... Keep Reading

Things You Must Know While Expanding a Native App To a Web App

While many of us think that it is normal for businesses to have websites and then transfer their resources to a native or hybrid app to help accessibility for the vast majority of users, it happens the opposite way as... Keep Reading

Laravel vs Symfony: The Differences That Matter For Web Development

When it comes to web development at a fast pace without compromising on the user experience and excellence in user interface, most developers opt for PHP frameworks. These days two frameworks, namely, Laravel and Symfony grabbed the attention of many... Keep Reading