Digital Technology Trends for you

Why Code Audits are Essential and What Purpose Does It Serve?

In childhood, all of us have seen our teachers to rectify our writing mistakes and in higher education and professional training, we never missed those red marks on the answer sheets marking our mistakes. So, auditing is part of our.... Keep Reading

Progressive Web Apps: The New Promise For The Future of eCommerce

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) as the new technology infusing web and mobile user experience came into the picture in 2015 and since then it continued to become popular among web developers. Too many leading brands already took advantage of the.... Keep Reading

How to Boost the Speed and Performance of Your WordPress Website?

According to most studies, the attention span of humans are constantly decreasing and hence loading speed for any digital content is increasingly getting critical for the user engagement and overall user satisfaction. For any website, this easily translates into the.... Keep Reading

Key Considerations For Carrying Out End-to-End (E2E) Testing Of ASP.NET Core Applications

Since ASP.NET Core Applications are continuing to remain popular for enterprises, we need to explain the much-appreciated E2E or end to end testing protocol to ensure optimum quality of such software. If you are interested to update new skills and.... Keep Reading

Key Considerations for Building a Peer to Peer Fundraising Business

Peer-to-peer fundraising has emerged as an effective strategy when you need to raise funds for a cause. Though the idea looks promising with a lot of advantages, it is important to know how it works and the way you can.... Keep Reading