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Why Its High Time For Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration?

Magento 1 which was widely named as the enterprise-ready eCommerce suite dominated the vast majority of websites and apps for quite some time. With a high level of customisation, flexibility, and versatility, Magento 1 literally became the most adopted CMS... Keep Reading

Lookbook App: The Future of eCommerce Business and Visual Marketing

These days many brands actually depend more on visuals to create impression than any other means. From fashion, garment and accessories to eyewear to personal luggage and baggage, the look of the product depicted through contextual images and videos make... Keep Reading

8 Interesting Ideas For Travel App Development and How to Make Them Successful?

Every business basically starts from an idea. Sometimes a business just banks on the same old idea from another leading business or just tweaks the old idea with new value additions or can start with something fresh and totally new.... Keep Reading

Off-Shelf To Checkout: Tackling the Changes of Retail Industry

The retail industry isn’t what it once was.The unique challenges of retail that are, for the most part, brought on by the economic circumstances in the consumer spending sector of today are not to be trifled with. These circumstances can... Keep Reading

Data Driven Dashboard for Insurance Companies: Key Principles, Metrics and Benefits

Ask any insurance company management about how they take a revision of the team performance and output in the weekly meeting or through day-to-day reports, you will know that most of their team members and field staff often do not... Keep Reading