Offshore Product Development

CMARIX has a close association with startup community across the globe. We have worked with very successful startups from San Francisco, London, Tel Aviv, Rotterdam, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Berlin, Oslo, Stockholm, Tokyo and Bangalore.

At CMARIX we provide best fit working model like lean startup approach which suits for bootstrap approach. Whether your business needs a minimal viable product (MVP) or a full scale enterprise solution, offshore product development at CMARIX is ideal option for you.

Offshore Product Development

Why Startups choose offshore product development?

    • Flexibility: Startups are technology driven. Technology changes very fast. By having offshore collaboration with CMARIX they have the flexibility of scaling up and down the team size based on the technology and business needs.
    • Expertise: Startups are passionate about bring something new to this world, creating innovation and adding value. We at CMARIX have experience of several thousand software project implementation and this saves several hours of investment in terms of knowledge and learning.
    • Cost-Effectiveness: CMARIX provides excellent technology services at very good price. Infact we can assure you with upto 60% of cost reduction as compared to your local option with better quality. Our communication approach and time has been praised by our customer and we are very pro-active.
    • Complete Control: CMARIX provides facility to scale up the project to a Global Delivery Model whereby we can have our Project Manager visit you on regular basis. This provides the benefit of local contact as well as offshore pricing. Furthermore, we welcome our clients to visit our office and stay locally for few days to see our team working on their project. We provide complete transparency and control over the offshore software development.

With startup ecosystem flourishing across the globe and several VCs, Angels and investors actively funding more and more, we have an ideal ecosystem of implementing a great idea into amazing software product with CMARIX.

Let’s brings idea into reality and change the world by having Product Development done at CMARIX.

Product Development

We provide turkney solution for custom product development as per your business needs. We have implemented custom software products across different technologies and business domains.

Startup Mentoring

We love Startups. We have great deal of experience of working with startups across the globe. We provide mentoring & consulting in terms of architecture,technology, business analytics and intelligence.

Global Outlook

We work with clients across 36 countries globally. Our inhouse employees very are multi-cultural well travelled. We understand and implement international quality service standards in our communication, work and results.

Security and Compliance

We have worked with clients from industries such as finance, safety, education and healthcare and we will propose solutions that adhere to the regulations unique to your industry.

Budget & Time

We assess your requirements and proposr realistic estimate of the budget and time required to complete the project.

Process Focus

Experienced project managers who follow the agile software development processes lead our project management practice.

Industry Served