Startup Consulting

There has been tremendous momentum in startup ecosystem across the globe. Right from San Francisco, Miami, London, Paris, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Sydney and several other cities entrepreneurs are coming up with great ideas and innovative approach for doing new things or doing things in newer way.

CMARIX is actively supporting startups and entrepreneurs across the globe. We love startup and believe we are ideal technology partner that can add immense value to any startup.

IT Consulting Services

Startups have many common questions for example

  • How can I keep my idea secure?
  • How much will my idea cost?
  • How should I do marketing?
  • What should be my marketing budget?
  • Which technology would be good fit for our product?
  • How can I get funding?
  • How will the software maintenance and support take care?
  • What would be ideal product architecture?
  • Will I have complete ownership of the Intellectual Property?

CMARIX provides turnkey solutions to startup as follows

  • We pro-active consult you on your business concept based on our domain expertise
  • We recommend you most suitable technology solution and product architecture based on your business needs
  • We provide you with options like prototyping or wireframes to help you receive the funding
  • We provide turnkey product development in terms of design, development, testing, deployment and maintenance for the product
  • We provide complete assistance in marketing and branding of the product
  • We connect the dots and also help you find a good investor for the product

We are living in one of the most dynamic era where startups ecosystem is progressing very fast and things are changing like never before.

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Product Development

We provide turkney solution for custom product development as per your business needs. We have implemented custom software products across different technologies and business domains.

Startup Mentoring

We love Startups. We have great deal of experience of working with startups across the globe. We provide mentoring & consulting in terms of architecture,technology, business analytics and intelligence.

Custom vs. Off-the-shelf Software

Our consultants guide you on whether custom software or out-of-the-box solution is suitable for your business needs.

Security and Compliance

We have worked with clients from industries such as finance, safety, education and healthcare and we will propose solutions that adhere to the regulations unique to your industry.

Budget & Time

We assess your requirements and proposr realistic estimate of the budget and time required to complete the project.

Process Focus

Experienced project managers who follow the agile software development processes lead our project management practice.

Industry Served