Product Auditing

CMARIX believes in quality software development. We firmly believe that software products must be very high quality in terms of functionality, design, security, performance, flexibility and scalability. We have worked individuals and companies who have had a product made with their local or offshore partner and it has take twice the time and thrice the investment to get there and still the product isn’t working as it should have.

Software auditing is a very important part of any product lifecycle and is an inevitable element for success of software product whether it is website, mobile application or enterprise custom software.

Product Auditing

CMARIX Product Auditing is a risk management and progressive action based service whereby we provide auditing in terms of following part

  • Software Architecture Audting
  • Code Review Audting
  • Quality Test Auditing
  • Performance Auditing
  • Security Auditing
  • Usability Auditing
  • Documentation Auditing

We have also worked with several startups whereby they need a complete technology roadmap of their software based on the current development which they have in place. Such checkpoints are life savers in technology business as it knows the approach and direction is very important for technology execution.

CMARIX is closely associated with several startups and funding partners across the globe and have immense experience of the challenges startups face on day to day basis. We are a proven technology partner that provides turnkey solution and services to any business that needs technology solution.

Why Software Audit at CMARIX?

  • Abundance of technology experience. We are a core technology company
  • Startup specialist. We have worked succesfully with several startups
  • Diverse expertise. We work across several web, desktop and mobile technologies
  • We know you. We work across 36+ countries globally
  • Trusted Reputation. We have proven track record of success and making an impact


Business & Risk Analysis

We understand the goals of your business and the gravity of the challenges you are attempting to solve. We outline the proposed solutions as well as the risks and threats involved.

Startup Mentoring

We love Startups. We have great deal of experience of working with startups across the globe. We provide mentoring & consulting in terms of architecture,technology, business analytics and intelligence.

Global Outlook

We work with clients across 36 countries globally. Our inhouse employees very are multi-cultural well travelled. We understand and implement international quality service standards in our communication, work and results.

Security and Compliance

We have worked with clients from industries such as finance, safety, education and healthcare and we will propose solutions that adhere to the regulations unique to your industry.

Budget & Time

We assess your requirements and proposr realistic estimate of the budget and time required to complete the project.

Process Focus

Experienced project managers who follow the agile software development processes lead our project management practice.

Industry Served