CMS Development Services

PHP provides wide range of Open Source content management systems (CMS). With CMS, we can develop data rich, manageable, responsive and creative websites and web development. There are several business domains and markets where users or administrators needs a back-end from where they can change the contents as well as look and feel of their websites, as dynamicity is the necessity in today’s world.

CMARIX is a leading CMS web development company in India. We believe in providing our customers solutions which they can easily manage and CMS implementation brings about this solution. At CMARIX our in house PHP team has hands on expertise in CMS development for different domains and solutions. Closely working with each CMS community they are also improvising themselves day by day and applying their knowledge base in every project they take up.

Benefits of Content Management System

  • Complete control over the website content. Easy to change.
  • Provides advanced Web based administration
  • Serves as Centralized repository for data access and archiving
  • Provides search engine friendly content
  • Streamlines content publishing process
  • Flexible, Modular and Secure Architecture
  • Streamlines Scheduling
  • Improves site Maintenance
  • Provides complete control to website owner

CMARIX CMS Development Service includes

  • WordPress Website Development
  • Drupal CMS Development
  • Joomla Website Development

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