Phonegap App Development

Phonegap is a mobile framework developed by Nitobi, which was later purchased by Adobe Systems in 2011. In mobile application ecosystem iOS, Android, BlackBerry & Windows mobile are the leading operating system. One of the major challenge for consumers is to develop an individual mobile application for each mobile platform which increases the time and cost overheads associated with the same.

CMARIX solves this very problem by using Phonegap which has an advantage as it is cross platform mobile application development framework. In other words an application developed for one platform using Phonegap can be extended to other platforms with a comparatively less efforts as compared to native application development. The core of PhoneGap applications use HTML5 and CSS3 for their rendering, and JavaScript for their logic.

At CMARIX we have been implementing Phonegap based mobile applications for our customers and passing on the benefit of having their applications on multiple platforms at minimal investment. Inhouse mobile experts at CMARIX are fostering the speed of development for cross platform applications using Phonegap. Phonegap applications supports several key features & functionalities like Geo Locations, Accelerometer & offline storage. Phonegap has an AIR simulator which makes testing process easy. Being used by over 450,000 developers Phonegap has been downloaded over 1.1 million times.

Based on our experience we believe the key to success of mobile application is using the right technology of implementation, corresponding platform, sleek user interface as well as optimized performance. Cross platform framework like Phonegap is mostly suitable for small and medium size apps whereby there isn’t heavy utilization of native functionality.

Our Phonegap Mobile Development services include:

  • Custom Mobile Application Development
  • Plugin Development using Phonegap
  • Phonegap Testing Services
  • Multi Platform Mobile Application Development
  • eCommerce Mobile Application Development
  • Social Network Mobile Application Development
  • Business Mobile Application Development
  • Hire Phonegap Developer

Phonegap cross platform mobile application development at CMARIX

Phonegap is a very popular cross platform mobile application development framework widely used of moble applications. At CMARIX we leverage on benefits of the Phonegap framework: