We believe in collaboration and mutual growth. We are always open to have more consultants, Agencies, Businesses to be associated with us to provide better than best service to society as a whole. To fulfill this, we do have partnership programs as below where we build a strong strategic alliance.

CMARIX Channel Partnership Program – C2P2

Strategic Partnership

CMARIX TechnoLabs aligns in complimentary business model with companies providing consulting, design & development and marketing services.

With thousands of man hours of company experience, great team of Software Engineers, Analyst and Experts we are able to provide a strong technology powerhouse. This enables you to immensely transform the quality of business that you provide and the quantity of business that your company can deliver.

We aspire to bring competitive advantages, values, efficiency, excellence and of course revenue on board, together. Of course strategic partnership comes with several benefits, synergy and overall growth.

Affiliate Partnership

Most suited for individuals who are working actively into technology business.

With affiliate partnership you can receive a streamlined process, pricing and working model with which you can focus on generating more business and count on us for the complete production process. Of course we will be providing you with complete pre-sales assistance and end to end business life cycle.

We welcome you to be our affiliate and work together to provide more diverse, competitive and qualitative services to your customers.

Reseller Partnership

We respect our brand and have earned the great reputation with the hard work, going an extra mile and focusing on what is most important for our customers. We love working with companies who have similar thought process.

If you have established a marketing channel and want out software services to be used under our brand name, we are interested and we welcome you. We want to be aligned with you for your customer base and provide our service range to them. Because we believe in you and aim to work along with you.

We can always get connected and discuss further!!

Friends – C2P2

It has been complete pleasure working as an affiliate partner for CMARIX. With their multi technology and multi-platform capabilities I have been able to work with clients across different businesses in a growing market place like South America.
– Mr. Jose Luiz, Brazil
I came to CMARIX for a small e-commerce project. Been extremely satisfied with the services I signed up as a partner. This has provided me with significant benefits by merely referring my friends to them who would benefit from their services.
– Mr. David Mckinsey, US