iOS App Development

iOS Applications has created a whole new technology ecosystem which is worth more than $15 billion a year on itunes. iPhone and iPad applications have made a significant impact in every walk of life whether it is in terms of playing games, going for a jog, purchasing products or exchanging information between friends. There has been tremendous growth in terms of the number of iPhone Apps concepts being released in the market.

By early 2015 Apple has sold more than 900 million iOS devices. Mobile applications have become a necessity for every business. People across the globe are using their smart phones to do range of activities like online shopping, booking movie tickets, restaurant table, measuring the pulse rate while jogging as well as counting the total calorie intake they have had. Mobile Applications are also playing a very vital role in Enterprise segment. Companies are providing iPhone & iPad devices to their employees for sales presentation, automating the work reporting, surveying insurance claims and so on. Mobile apps provide complete flexibility, speed and innovation in terms of how people approach their everyday life.

At CMARIX we have been ahead of time in terms of implementing iPhone App development. Infact it was way back in 2009 when we first developed an iPhone Application. Since then CMARIX has consulted several hundred customers across the globe that had an idea and wanted to have an App for the same. With our inhouse designer and iPhone application developers we have been able to give wings to that idea resulting into successful Application implementation with a healthy return on investment.

At CMARIX we have successful track records of developing iPhone Apps based on iPhone SDK for different versions like iOS5, iOS6, iOS7 and iOS8. We develop Apps which works flawlessly on iPhone 4,5C, 5S, 6 and 6+.

Our custom iPhone and iPad Development services include

  • iPhone Business App Development
  • Real Estate iPhone App Development
  • eCommerce iPhone App Development
  • Location based iPhone App Development
  • NFC based iPhone App Development
  • iBeacon based iPhone App Development
  • OCR based iPhone App Development
  • Social Networking iPhone App Development
  • Hire iPhone Developer

iPhone and iPad Application Development Service from CMARIX

iOS 8 includes over 4,000 new APIs that let you add amazing new features and capabilities to your apps.

Latest Technology Implementation: CMARIX has been ahead of time in terms of implementing latest technologies. We have been implementing multi-touch interface, GPS, accelerometer, proximity sensor, bluetooth, gyroscope, iBeacon and so on.

Various App Extension: iOS 8 comes with several app extensions which when used adds richness to the mobile application. For example usage of Share, Action, Photo Editing, Storage Provider, Today and Custom Keyboard.

Game Development: iOS 8 implementation makes game development more fun. At CMARIX we implement high level framework for ease of development or low-level enhancements to harness the power of GPU.

Add New Capabilities: With CMARX your can leverage iOS development by implementing latest iOS 8 Capabilities like Watchkit, Touch ID, Apple Pay, Photokit, Manual Camera Control, HealthKit, HomeKit, CloudKit and Handoff.