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How to Connect CRM 2016 On-Premise Version With PowerApps

Today, the business world relies heavily on mobile technology. We don’t just work from cubicles, offices and desktop computers; we work from subways and taxis, coffee shops, and basically anywhere that we are. We have the luxury of being able... Keep Reading

Transform Your Grocery Business By Developing Website & App Like Instacart

Due to prevailing mobile solutions, the store businesses are rolling down in the loss. Isn’t it? Even when we talk about the visits to your grocery store, it would have reduced. So how can we get down to business again?... Keep Reading

Attention Entrepreneurs! Are You Interested To Build An Appealing Online Payment App?

Are we moving towards a world without money or in simple terms – are we surging towards a digital economy? The current payment technology evolution indicates ‘a yes’. The methods of payments are constantly advancing at a rapid pace with... Keep Reading

How To Implement Multi Language Functionality Into Yii2 Advanced Application Template

Whether you are building a website or a full-fledged web application, making it accessible to a wider audience often requires it to be available in different languages and locales. Fundamental differences between most human languages make this anything but easy.... Keep Reading

Want To Develop App Like Uber? Top 3 Features You Should Not Miss In Your Taxi App

So you have an idea to improve the existing taxi service and cater it on demand? Yes? Probably, you are the next Uber. However, the reality is heartbreaking, as to develop an app like Uber and cross the set revenue... Keep Reading