Digital Technology Trends for you

What’s New In Android 9.0 Pie?

Google has been releasing an enhanced version of Android consistently, yet this time it has locked in to make the difference. Google has named its Android OS updates after sweet treats, and in alphabetical order and, after Android Oreo, it... Keep Reading

Google Map API is Paid Now

There is no doubt that Google has come to dominate the Internet landscape since its creation. As entwined as this organization has become in the day-to-day lives of people, a significant number of its most popular products remain free to... Keep Reading

Mobile Only World Is Becoming A Reality

The ever flourishing market of smartphones along with the emerging innovative apps that run on them is perhaps amongst the biggest significant technical phenomena in the recent times. In these days, users have resorted to mobile phones & apps as... Keep Reading

Hit The Bullseye Of Website Development With Efficient UI/UX Design Process

Technology is taking us to new areas and pushing the envelope for what we can do. Yet, regardless of how incredible new programming or a new device can be, it's about the user experience. With the technological advancement, everyone needs... Keep Reading

Is Voice Search On The Cusp Of Revitalizing E-Commerce Business?

*Year 2000* Shopping was the term-limited to street shops with few products left for choice. For anything and everything you want to buy, you had to invest a few hours roaming around, till the time you found something you like.... Keep Reading