Digital Technology Trends for you

Essential Mobile App Testing Practices Every QA Should Follow

With the number of mobile apps increasing in leaps and bounds across mobile app stores and marketplaces, the competition is reaching a stifling proportion. This tremendous competition is altogether making the job of app testing mission critical for the success... Keep Reading

Important Tips to Build Faster Backend Using Asp.Net Core

The performance is the single most important aspect to ensure success of a web app. For performance, the backend of a web app plays a mission-critical role. Most web development services agree that building the fast-paced backend for a web... Keep Reading

PWAMP: A Lethal Combination for a Never-before High-Speed Web Experience

Web app development is becoming increasingly competitive and challenging. While every business is turning to the web, the audience across all niches are increasingly getting hectic and impatient in their web browsing behaviour. The users now want their web contents... Keep Reading

UX/UI Design Trends: What’s In Store for Us in 2019?

Every beginning of a year we need to engage in this exercise of looking back at the standout UI and UX trends from the previous year and the probable trends that are going to dominate the development and design scene... Keep Reading

Optimising UX for Ecommerce Store: Key Tips to Consider

Ecommerce websites primarily thrive because of increasing traffic and conversion of that traffic flow into tangible business. Naturally, any ecommerce website cannot take the visitors for granted. They need to deliver an engaging interface that can turn visitor footfall and... Keep Reading