• WooCommerce_Infographics

    Infographics: WooCommerce 3.0 Facts


    Customers are is now very tech savvy & have multiple channels to explore before making a purchase decision. In such scenario it is imperative for any business to enhance visibility to their customers. eCommerce would allow you to go to your customer instead of them reaching out to you. With higher reach and ease of accessibility, your […] Read More

  • Infographics Magento Security Patches

    Infographics Magento Security Patch

        Magento Development  

    There has been increasing threat to online business in terms of malware, frauds, hacking and several other security challenges. eCommerce is booming at unprecedented rate making it preferred target for hackers. Since Magento is a leading eCommerce platform, it is a natural target for hackers to exploit. Keeping on top of the security of your […] Read More

  • How to make site multilingual in Angular

    How to make MultiLingual web applications in Angular

        Angular JS  

    As internet continues to become the prime medium for information and services, organizations are additionally trying to upgrade their potential on the international stage to ensure flexibility and adaptability to customer prerequisites. Many organizations run their websites / web applications with multiple languages in order to serve diverse user base across the globe. As multilingual website design […] Read More

  • How to Implement Image Cropper in Android

    How to implement image cropper in Android mobile app

        Android App Development  

    In Digital ecosystem images have enhanced user experience as well as user engagement. They make content really appealing and have being an essential part of application design. Images can be used to separate large chunks of text and create a richer user experience. Studies show that content with images are 150% more attractive than those without […] Read More

  • Grid-Style-Sheet

    Know more about Grid Style Sheet (GSS)

        Website Design  

    CSS has been amazingly fruitful in last decade due to its simplicity, and often in spite of its quirks and the browser implementations. The evolution from document-based content with straightforward organizing and design necessities have advanced to the point where the web has a good claim to being the most pervasive app platform available. CSS allows […] Read More